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Frog Lure

Updated on March 24, 2011

Frog lures are great when catching bass or pike.Frog lures are one of the best freshwater lure types.These lures are very cool way to catch fish, because when the fish encloses your lure, you will see a wave closing in to your lure and will come out of water and bite your lure.And then if you are lucky enough you will get a huge pike or some other fish that you want to catch.As you may understand frog lures are good topwater lures, but as with any other fishing lure type, you have to know which frog lure use and which color to use, that´s what i´m going to tell you about in this article.So just take a cup of coffee or tea and start reading, hope you already have different frog lures, but if you don´t i´m going to give you some info about good and very good and about not so good different frog lures.

Optimum Baits 3-Inch Poppin Furbit, Midnight
Optimum Baits 3-Inch Poppin Furbit, Midnight

If You want to use this lure in spring, i strongly recommend that you choose color Sunshine Blush


Now, let us start with spring.In spring, maybe frog lure is not the best choice, but still, if you wont do use some frog lures at spring, use something red and with aggressive play, also something bright would to the job.So i have one recommendation for you on the right.The color that i recommend may seem stupid and not very normal, but it will work.

In summer, the song sings itself. - W.C.Williams.. Sadly or gladly fish can´t and probably wouldn´t catch themselves, in summer you can use all the frog lures you have, but you can always use all the lures you have, so which one brings in more fish.The answer isn´t simple, it depends where do you catch your fish, it depends on the weather, it depends on ecosystem of your water reservoir.

TIP: Put Your SPRO frog lure into water and squeeze, then your frog fishing lure will get full of water and now when you throw it, it will sink, and that may save the day when all the fish are in the deeper layers of your lake, river,pond etc.

In autumn I would recommend more contrast colors and lurewith more lazy play, alltough popper lures are also quite great, but in autumn drag them slower than you normaly drag them.
Good luck!

If You have any comments/suggestions please leave a comment.


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    • CYBERSUPE profile image

      CYBERSUPE 7 years ago from MALVERN, PENNSYLVANIA, U.S.A.

      Interesting frog lure hub. Informative and a must lure to put in my tackle box. Thanks!