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Unique Golf Gift Ideas

Updated on December 15, 2015

What was the last gift you bought your Golf Fan?

What was the last gift you bought your Golf Fan

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Unique Golf gift ideas for the golf fan in your life

My dad loves playing golf, and he's played all his life, but finding him a father's day gift, Christmas gift, or birthday gift is hard. There are a lot of things about golf that are really personal and shouldn't be on a gift list like shoes, clubs, balls, and bags. However, there are a lot of gifts that don't affect his swing and make him realize that he is special.

Finding unique gifts for dad, a golf outing, bachelor party is easy. Fun gifts come in all shapes and sizes and includes shirts, club head covers, towels, tees, hats, and other toys and gadgets.

Gift ideas also come from the movies and include the movies themselves like Caddyshack, Happy Gilmore, Tin Cup, or the Legends of Bagger Vance. Who wouldn't want a hockey stick putter from their favorite team, or any one of the gadgets in Tin Cup to make you a better golfer.

Bottom line, golfing is fun. Finding the perfect gift for the golfer in your life is easy.

Photo credit: jDevaun / Foter / CC BY-ND

Awesome Golf Gift - Vegas Golf Chips - Golf game for an actual golf course

I've heard this golf game called badges, as each "badge" is assigned to something that can happen on the course, a 3-putt, ball in a sandtrap, hit a tree, etc. A company has capitalized on this golf game and created each of these "badges" as poker chips which you pass around during your round of golf. And the chips also has positive circumstances like a sand save, a 1 putt, or a birdie.

Additional chips can be added to the original set by going to the Vegas Golf Game website

  • The Beer Chip - used to determine who buys the next round each time the beer cart comes around.
  • The Pink Lady Chip - used in men's foursomes when a drive doesn't go past the women's tee.
  • The Putt Off Chip - when someone putts off the green.
  • The Skull Chip - When you get that nice smiley face on your golf ball.
  • The Frustration / Cursing Chip - When someone curses, throws a club, or slams the club into the ground.
  • The 3 Pars in a Row Chip
  • The Eagle Chip
  • The Hole in One Chip

Potty Putting Matt - Golf Gifts for Men

Unique golf gifts don't have to be for the golf course. Something for the bathroom, den, or for a bachelor party will probably get the reaction you are looking for.

I don't think we are going to try and find a video that shows how to use this product.

Golf Ball Water Globe - hours of fun when you can't play outside

Everyone has one of these, I know, but its still a great gift to get the golfer in your family. When they can't go to the golf course, at least they can sit there and think about it as the globe frustrates them, just like they were on the course.

Solving the Golf Ball Globe - One of the best puzzles today is solved

I know I've had problems trying to get the ball back on the globe. So when you buy your golf ball globe gift, make sure you know how to solve it by watching the videos below.

Golf GPS - Gift idea for the serious golfer

Don't rely on those out of date yardage markers to tell you how far the green is, you need a Golf GPS unit to help you. The GPS helps you determine exactly how far you are from the hole and shows you hidden obstacles that you should avoid. Keep track of scores and how you did the previous round at the same course.

A Trunk Organizer for Golfers

Whether you use this in your car trunk or as your suitcase for golf trips. Golf Trunk Organizers are great for keeping everything related to your golf game together. A few clean golf shirts, golf balls, golf tees, golf shoes, all can comfortably fit into a Golf Trunk Organizer.

Smuggling Beverages onto a Golf Course

As most golfers know, golf courses want you to buy their beer and soda because they mark them up to an unreasonable price. In order to save on this expense going to the golf course, you need to be creative and bring your own, however, you can't just lug a cooler onto the course. You want something that will go into your golf bag undetected but not get your clubs all wet. If you have a tubeless golf bag, this is the product for you, the insulated tube cooler by Ensign Peak.

Golf Knife and Golf Tools

Every golfer needs a ball marker and a divot tool. The plastic ones are lost easily, however, having one that your golf fan can carry around with him at all times is a must. Check out the great golf knives and divot tools below.

Golf Ball Tricks and Pranks

When you are with a group of golfers that are a little less serious about golfing or are able to take a joke, there are many types of trick balls you can purchase that will bring a little enjoyment to that round of golf. You'll have to be clever in switching the ball, as most golfers know when they are being had.

The Exploding Golf Ball - Just as the name apears, give this to one of your buddies about to tee off and when they hit it, it explodes into a big mess.

The Unputtable Golf Ball - This ball is so off center, no one could get it in the hole. Well maybe Tiger Woods after he practiced with it for a while.

The Radio Controlled Golf Ball - Never want to miss a putt, try out the radio controlled golf ball. Now when you are 30 yards away and everyone is watching the ball, pull out the remote and guide the ball to the hole, everytime.

The Jet Streamer Golf Ball - The Jet Streamer ejects a ribbon or other object when hit. Your buddies will never know its coming.

Ball Marking Stencil - Gift for the golfer who has everything

When you are looking for a lost ball and you are not sure if it is yours. Or maybe a wayward golfer is looking for his ball and comes across yours. If you have stenciled your ball with a unique design, you can easily identify that it is yours or not yours. There are many stencils to choose from.

Golf Ball Sweet Spot Finder

Every golf ball has a sweet spot, and it's not where you think it is. If your golf fan is looking for that extra edge when playing the game, the Golf Ball Sweet Spot finder will help place the ball to get the true roll during a putt, or the true flight of the ball during a drive.

Talking Golf Headcovers - If you like the singing bass, you'll love talkig headcovers

This is a must have for any golf outing or just to have some fun on the golf course with your foursome or league. Many styles to choose from, the most popular now are Brian, since they killed him off in 2013, and Ted, from the movie Ted.

Golf Pen Desktop Set

A great gift for a golf partner, something they can put on their desk at work. These are pen holders that are in the shape of golf backs that hold pens in the shape of golf clubs.

Golf Window Decals

Car window decals are great golf gifts. The car decals are more sophisticated than the days of the bumper sticker and much easier to get off when you want to sell your car.

Remote Control Golf Cart

I saw this and knew I had to add it as a great gift for that golfer in your life. Something that allows you to walk and not carry your golf clubs, plus you would no longer have to pay cart rental fees. What could be better.


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