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Outside? What Does It Have to Offer?

Updated on April 8, 2021

by Terri Mackinnon

I would have never considered writing an article about fishing ten years ago, let alone speak about any benefits that it might possess. I really had no use for the "Great Outdoors" or understanding of what kind of advantages that it would possess to my health. Continually I found myself challenged as to finding the real use for the outdoors outside of getting from one place to the next by car.

Warmer days allowed us to go back outside again. It was also good to be able to put away the heavy clothing, but short lived before the air conditioners were put on high and we had to go back to wearing warmer clothes now for the indoors. It was a vicious circle but I had no reason to want to venture to the real outdoors... indoors was just fine.

Since that time I have found out that the "Great Outdoors" is actually just that. It holds "Great" beauty, abundance and remarkable offerings and who knew but it was just outside of my homes closed doors and windows. Winter was a wonderland and the Summer was filled with amazing moments that I had been missing most of my life.

Taking the plunge and heading out my back door I was able to also discover that having four seasons meant four different opportunities to explore and enjoy. I was surprised to find that there was also a small group of people who were also taking advantage of the discovery and more surprising each one seemed to be totally content in their lives.

I noticed one of the things that seemed fairly common amongst them... Stress, it seemed to be far more in control in their lives. Mine was crazy and out of control. I had no where to release it and yet they were able to find a place to find solitude. What was I missing all of those years.

Getting off my butt and heading out doors was my first step to discovering what actually existed. I was introduced to fishing and realized that it also offered many benefits that I was totally unaware of and even though I first thought that I would not enjoy the experience... it was all about opening up my mind to new experiences.

Fishing and the outdoors offer several different advantages to individuals. Relaxation along with socialization and mental stimulation are provided to those that venture into the outdoors with a fishing rod in hand. Fishing also offers some of the most exciting moments you will ever have in your life what ever you do make sure you don't forget your camera.

Please take precaution outdoors

I have recently been diagnosed with Meningitis and possible West Nile or Lymes Disease... just a quick note to remind you to play safe in the outdoors. Follow the rule of covering up and also using repellents to avoid this terrible diseases. Stay Safe!

Memories.. .they just can't be duplicated.

Now who says you can't have fun?

Fishing doesn't have to be a one man sport, it offers the opportunity for solace if you wanted it but it's just as enjoyable bringing your buddies or family with you.

Fishing also offers great opportunities to learn and explore from others while sharing stories and secrets of great success.

Families and friends are given an opportunity to talk together, share and reminisce, to actually learn from each other while sitting on a shoreline or in a boat. Children and adults are given the opportunity to create memories that they will never forget and speak of for many years. Experiencing from their very first fish they catch and to each one after they will now have a story to brag to friends and family. Fishing ranks as high up on the memories chart as getting married and having children in your life (ask anyone that has experienced fishing and they will be more then willing to share the story of their biggest catch and the even bigger fish that got away.)

Making cherished memories was once seen as the backbone of families but now it has been forgotten. Our grandparents shared their knowledge, our parents sometimes passed it on and yet we have not taken the time out of our busy lives to share it with the next generation.

Fishing has been utilized since the beginning of mankind it provided food and nutrition, and thus was essential for survival. It also bound a village together as they shared not only the experience but the meal together. In the same way that spear fishing has evolved into such technological advances as motorized reels, the purpose of fishing has also changed.

Although there are many people that make their living off of fishing, the majority of the people who fish do so for the sheer sport enjoyment of the experience.

Social fishing is generally not used for the sake of providing food and it has become a topic of ethical concern and controversy. Catch and release programs are helping to restock and maintain the fisheries. Education is now high on the ranks of those in the Ministries as they also balance off the need for the industry's survival.

There are standards of conduct that fishermen are required to follow. Each state or province dictates the rules that govern their waterways. It is imperative that you check the rules before you venture out with the family.

To quickly find out what the rules are in your area, visit the local tackle shops close to the lake or stream you plan on fishing. Tackle stores are almost always willing to share what restrictions exists and also help to explain what baits are working best on the surrounding lakes. If you are going to enjoy the day on the water then why not be armed with some baits that will catch some fish and make great memories. Knowing and understanding what types of fish actually are found in the waterways is essential for using the correct baits.

Take in and breathe deep, enjoy the environment around you. Allow the outdoors to provide to all of your senses. Don't miss the opportunity and memories that are just outside of your home. Get outdoors and see what you can discover.


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