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Giro Atmos Road Racing Bike Helmet

Updated on July 29, 2013

Featuring - The Giro Atmos Road Cycling Helmet

Giro has been one of the best cycling helmet manufacturers for years. The Giro Atmos helmet is one of the top cycling helmets on the market today!

This helmet is very comfortable and lightweight due to the many vents and internal channeling. They pull in the cool air in the front that moves over your head and then exhausts your generated heat out the back. Giro make some of the safest cycling helmets on the market today. Giro offer their proprietary internal roll cage which provides structural integrity in the event of a crash and helps manage impact.

I know several people that ride everyday and race as often as possible and most of them swear by the Atmos helmet. One of my friends preferred another brand over the Giro brand. My other friends laughed and said "I spent several thousands dollars to get the best road bike so why not get the best helmet". It sounds like this helmet is one that you might want to look at if your are serious about riding a road bike.

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Giro Atmos Cycling Helmet

This is one of the best road cycling helmets on the market today! This helmet is very comfortable to wear and easy to adjust, even while riding.

The Giro Atmos road helmet is very lightweight and has lots of vents to keep your head cool. Keeping cool while riding is very important especially during the hotter months.

Just To Note:

This helmet is very durable. Just read one customer review - "This helmet kept me safe on a crash that threw me 10 feet from my bike".

Giro Atmos Road Bike Helmet

Comments from other cyclists about the Gitmos Atmos helmet:

"Saved my skull! ...I did not suffer even a mild concussion."

"The size adjuster is easy to use, even when riding"

"Helmet saved my husband's life"

"The ventilation works nice, & you can still wear a skull cap underneath for the colder days"

"It worked just as designed. It absorbed 95% of the impact"

Note: Comments are from Amazon Customers and more can be found at: Customer Reviews

Trust those cyclists that have used this helmet before. If you can't trust them, then who can you trust.

Should Cyclists Wear A Helmet?

It may come to a surprise to you to learn that the wearing of helmets by cyclists is a controversial subject.

There was a study conducted in Ontario, Canada that suggests cyclist that do not wear a helmet are three times as likely to die in a cycling accident than those that do wear a helmet. The conclusion of this study was that bicycle helmets save lives. That conclusion was based on data by the Ontario's coroners office. The data reports that 129 accidental cycling deaths took place between January 2006 and December 2010. Among the fatalities on the report, 86% were men and 77% were involved in an accident with an automobile. The ages of those cyclists killed in those accidents with automobiles ranged from 10 to 83.

There are a couple of testing stands for cycling helmets but unfortunately none are required to be completed by the helmet manufacturers. However, there are manufacturers that do test their helmets and do provide data to the industry about the results of those tests.

The advocates against wearing cycling helmets propose that people are less likely to ride a bike if they have to wear a helmet. They say that this can lead to increased obesity because less people are exercising.

Then there are those people that have survived a cycling crash without a severe head injury due to their helmet. These people are strongly pro-helmet and insist that all riders wear a helmet.

It must be said that it is also important to try and prevent cycling accidents with automobiles. This can be done by creating more cycling lanes and educating drivers.

This will be a debate that will probably forever rage on but my philosophy is ...Better Safe Than Sorry! You decide for yourself!

Giro Atmos Road/Racing Bike Helmet

The Giro Atmos Road and Racing helmet will provide you with the ultimate comfort, style and performance you are looking for and need in a cycling helmet. This helmet features the best fit system called the Roc Loc 5 fit system. After years of refinement by Giro, this ground-breaking fit system provides a unique user experience. This fit system can be adjusted will riding and without removing the helmet.

Giro Atmos Road/Racing Bike Helmet

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