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Going Freshwater Fishing Offshore

Updated on September 26, 2014
Personal photo -- my fishing spot
Personal photo -- my fishing spot | Source
Personal Photo
Personal Photo | Source

Whether it is spending some time with the family or just taking in some time to be by yourself, going freshwater fishing is a great way to have a great time outdoors. There are a lot of reasons to go, but if you want to go, you will need to plan ahead. Now I know this can tend to be a pain sometimes, but I have some tips that just might help you be able to plan ahead and enjoy you fishing trip.

Check The Weather

The first thing I would recommend doing is checking the weather. You will want to do this for a few reasons. The first reason would be to see what the temperature would be like for that day. This is important to find out so that you can make sure that you have what you will need for that day. For example, if it is going to be hot, you will want to pack plenty of hydrating fluids. If it is going to be cold, you will want to dress in layers. It is better to be safe than sorry. Besides if you get too hot, you can always shed some layers. Just remember the temp will drop later on in the day.

Remember even though you are surrounded by fresh water, it is not safe to drink most of the time. Even if it is a public drinking supply, it still has to be filtered. Where there is water, there is a high possibility that something microscopic is living in it.

Another reason you will want to take a look at the weather is that the fish are going to be affected a lot by what is going on weather wise. For example, if the sun is out and it is going to be hot, some fish tend to head deeper and shut off. If it is cool and cloudy, some fish tend to hit really well. Knowing what is going on with the weather can also help you figure out what you will use for bait and what you will be targeting for fish that day.

Pack The Night Before

The next thing that I will recommend doing is packing the night before. Now the stuff that you will pack depends on what the fishing spot will allow you to bring.

  • If it is a small spot and you are spending a short time fishing, you might only want to bring one or two rods and pack light so that there is less of a chance of losing your gear in the water.
  • If it is an open area and you are going to be spending all day then you might want to consider bringing a bucket and something to sit on.
  • If it is a spot that is really going to expose you to the sun, you will want to bring a hat or find some way to keep out of the sun.

Make sure that if you are packing any food that it won’t go bad. Packing things like juice, water, bread, crackers and anything that the sun won’t spoil is a really good idea. Another thing that works great is to have an ice pack or something to keep the food cool. If you are taking a kid fishing, it is a really good idea to have some food so that you can try and keep them from complaining too much.

Packing the night before will also help not forget anything. It can be a bummer when you find out that you forgot something especially if it is a rod or something that you needed for the trip. Trust me, it is not fun to have to turn around and then lose that spot that you just had!

Scope Out The Place

That brings me to my next tip: Go to the pond, lake, stream, or wherever the spot is that you are going to be fishing at and scout out a good spot. This can be done by going down and seeing if you can spot any fish jumping out of the water or swimming around in the water. That can be a good sign that that is a good spot to fish.

Another thing that you can try doing is to ask the local fishermen what they like for fishing spots in that area. Now I know it’s a fifty-fifty shot when doing that. Some fishermen are very protective over their special fishing hole and spot, but it never hurts to ask. Who knows? You might learn some good tips to go with learning where to fish.

The first time you try a new spot, it can be a challenge to catch the fish. I recommend looking up what kind of fish live in that body of water so that you can give yourself the upperhand when it comes to hooking up with a fish.

Bring Some Company

The final tip that I am going to leave you with is to bring a kid with you when you go fishing. Now I know some of you are probably saying no way and I can see why. The thing is they are the future fishermen.

Taking them out and passing your knowledge of fishing to them can be a great way to educate them on the sport. It is a great way to bond with your son or daughter as well. I remember my first fish was a rainbow trout and I was around five years old. It is still one of the greatest memories that I have to this day.

So the next time you are looking for that perfect fishing partner, try and consider the child next to you. A good bait to bring when taking a child fishing is some type of worm like night crawlers or meal worms. Just be careful if they handle the mealworms, they do tend to pinch.

Ending Thoughts

I hope these tips to help you get ready for your next freshwater fishing trip. I hope that they help when it comes to planning you next fishing trip. If the fishing is slow, just keep in mind that a day spent with nature is a lot better than a day spent stuck indoors.


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