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HGH and Bodybuilding: HGH as Bodybuilding Enhancement Supplement

Updated on August 31, 2009

HGH as Bodybuilding Enhancement Supplement

The human growth hormone or HGH is now very popular for bodybuilders as a physical enhancement supplement. The direct connection of HGH and bodybuilding has been established for many years. It has been well-publicized to help build lean muscle mass and increase energy. Using HGH in supplement or injectable form has become more and more popular in athletic and body building. 

If you want to avoid the use of illegal anabolic steroids, using growth hormone in conjunction with a strict, vigorous work-out routine is a very effective way that you can build muscle cells. As you probably know, weight lifting and other related activities can put undue stress to your muscle and can cause tiny tears. The relationship between HGH and bodybuilding comes from the fact that HGH boosts the rate by which cells reproduce and repair muscle or tissue damage. Thus, HGH can repair the damaged muscles and help make it larger and stronger.  

HGH and Bodybuilding: The Speed Factor

Because the muscles repair themselves at a much faster rate, HGH also reduces the time needed for resting and healing after a workout. This effect can be noticed fast once you take HGH. In addition to these benefits, the positive effects of HGH extend further to the whole body. Your bone density increases, your joints toughen and you have more energy to perform your work-outs. This also means that you have lesser chances of injury since your body is toughened in many aspects. 

Studies have also revealed that HGH can speed up metabolism. With HGH, you burn calories a lot more quickly so that they do not get stored as fat. This is not only beneficial for controlling body fat, but is also useful for energy. Low levels of HGH slows down metabolism and result to the opposite effect. In addition, HGH can help the occurrence muscle loss during your off periods   

The side effects of using HGH as a bodybuilding supplements are minimal and rare. In fact, no adverse side effect has ever been reported with the use of HGH. There have been some myths surrounding the negative side effects of HGH. One says that HGH can cause an extended belly. However, this side effect is not caused by HGH itself, but caused by taking HGH too frequently in very high levels. This side effect will not be a problem if HGH is taken as directed. As is true with other supplements, not following the recommended dosage can lead to detrimental results. Moreover, there have been some reports on the danger of using HGH. The risks are only associated with the use of HGH injections without doctor's prescription and supervision.

HGH and Bodybuilding: The Summary

To summarize, what is the connection between HGH and bodybuilding? As a bodybuilding drug or supplement, HGH has the ability to increase lean body muscle mass, shorten recovery and healing time in between workouts and enhance overall athletic performance with lesser risks of detection compared to anabolic steroids. Bodybuilders attest to their effectiveness, and claim to achieve the desired results without any negative side effects. 


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    • profile image

      ArnoldBlack 7 years ago

      Sadly I am of the opinion that all so called hgh releasing products are a trick and do nothing. If people want the results that HGH gives they need to buy the real thing and inject it.