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Bow and Arrow For Kids-The Best Archery Sets For kids

Updated on February 4, 2012

Introducing Your Child to Archery

Most kids love to shoot a bow and arrow. I want to help you find the best archery sets for your kids. A lot of parents want to introduce their kids to archery but just aren't quite sure what to look for or what size of bow your child is ready for. I hope this article will clear up any questions you may have conserning the proper bow for your child.

I feel that introducing youth to the joys of outdoor sports is the best gift you can give them. Studies show that a much higher percentage of kids that grow up learning to hunt, fish, trap or shoot for recreation are less likely to get into trouble in those later teenage years.

Buying a bow that your child can grow with not only helps them grow their shooting skills it will save you a lot of money in the end. You should look at bows with a lot of draw length adjustment and a lot of draw weight adjustment. Also look at the ease of adjustment, you don't want to have to take the bow to an archery shop for adjustment every time your child grows a couple of inches. There are several bows on the market that can be easily adjusted at home with just a few tools.

Measuring Your Draw Length

Unlike a traditional recurve bow that can be drawn back to virtually any length, a compound bow will draw back only a specific distance before it stops (the wall). Compound bows are designed to be shot from the full-draw position. If a compound bow is set for a 29" draw length, it should always be shot from the full 29" draw position. But the bow cannot be over-drawn, say to 30" or 31", without modifying the setup on the bow. So the draw length on your compound bow must be set to match your particular size. When we setup your bow, we will adjust the bow for your precise draw length.

To measure your draw length, determine the length of your arm-span in inches. Stand with your arms out and palms facing forward. Don't stretch when measuring. Just stand naturally. Have someone else help you, and measure from the tip of one middle finger to the other. Then simply divide that number by 2.5. The quotient is your proper draw length (in inches) for your body size.

The majority of compound bow owners set their bows for too much draw length, which results in poor shooting form,inaccuracy and string slap on the forearm. If in doubt choose a little less draw length, you will be more accurate and enjoy shooting a lot more.

Figuring Your Childs Draw Weight

A childs draw weight will increase rapidly after learning proper shooting techniques so don't set the bow up very heavy to start. Even for a strong stocky kid drawing a bow with very much weight may be difficult. The muscles we use when drawing a bow are not used very often in a drawing motion. This is why a thin, not very muscular man that has been shooting a bow for a few years can draw a 70 lb. bow back with ease and a much bigger, stronger muscular man that has never shot a bow may struggle with the same draw weight.

As a general rule, if you can't set in a chair with your feet flat on the floor and draw your bow then you need to adjust the draw weight down until you can draw your bow from the chair.

Keep in mind also that to much weight will make your child tire quickly and they will be less likely to stick with it. Adjust the draw weight up slowly and over time and less bad shooting habits will form.

Below is a chart for typical draw weights and can be used as a starting point.

Small child 50-70 lbs 10-15 lbs

Child 70-100 lbs 15-25 lbs

Most women, boys from 100 - 130 lbs 30-40 lbs

Women above average strength; youth boys 130 - 150 lbs 40-50 lbs

Most men 150-180 lbs 55-65 lbs

Muscular young men and larger men 180 lbs and up 60-70 lbs

Does My Child Need a Left or Right Hand Bow

Left or Right Eye Dominant

Figuring out if your child needs a left or right hand bow is the first thing you need to do. We all have a dominant eye and deciding if your child needs a left or right hand bow determines which eye is their dominant eye.

The Dominant Eye Test

Have your child face a wall standing 10 or so feet back.

With both arms extended completely overlap hands to make a peephole as shown in picture.

Tell them to keep both eyes open and find an object on the wall such as a clock or a picture and put it in the peep hole.

Now have them bring their hands back slowly until they touch their face while constantly keeping the object visible in the peep hole.

The eye that is now looking through the peep hole is their dominant

Picking The Perfect Bow For Your Child

Ready to start picking the perfect bow for your child? First you need to look at your childs age and what your childs skill level is. Don't go out and spend a bunch of money on a top of the line hunting bow to find out that your child is not as interested in archery as you thought they were. If you do spend a lot of money getting your child set up and they do lose interest, don't get to upset because good youth bows that have been taken care of hold their value very well.

A first bow can be fairly inexpensive and will help teach your child all the basics. Once they learn the basics and are still interested in archery, whether it be for hunting or just target practice, they will probably need a better more expensive bow with a wide range in draw length and draw weight adjustments. This style of bow can be adjusted as your child grows and becomes stronger.

Good Beginner Archery Sets

As a rule of thumb, for a child ages 4-8 years old keep the draw weight at 25 lbs. or less. Especially for a beginner.

Bear Archery 1st Shot Youth Bow Set – Hunter Green
Bear Archery 1st Shot Youth Bow Set – Hunter Green

Bear® Archery 1st Shot bow set

Suggested Age Range: 4-7 years

Durable composite limbs

Bow Length: 36"

Draw Length: 14-16"

Barnett Outdoors Team Realtree Banshee Quad Junior Compound Bow Archery Set
Barnett Outdoors Team Realtree Banshee Quad Junior Compound Bow Archery Set

Ideal compound bow set for introducing archery to children

Ambidextrous reinforced handle, soft-touch grip for excellent handling

25-pound draw; 24- to 26-inch draw length

Includes multi-color target and 2 target arrows

This item is not for sale in some specific zip codes

Bear Archery Scout Youth Bow Set – Hunter Green
Bear Archery Scout Youth Bow Set – Hunter Green

Bow set includes two safety glass arrows, Armguard, arrow quiver, finger tab, and pin sight

33-inch bow features durable composite limbs

16 to 24-inch draw length; 8 to 13 pound draw weight

Suitable for right or left hand use

Suggested for children from 4 to 7 years old


Hunting Bows For The More Advanced Little Archer

These bows are set up and ready to hunt. They have a wide range of draw length and draw weight adjustments to accommodate your little archer.

These bows are not toys, they are the real deal and are perfectly capable of taking deer size game.

Bear Archery Apprentice 2 Ready-to-Hunt Bow Package (Realtree APG Camo, LEFT Hand)
Bear Archery Apprentice 2 Ready-to-Hunt Bow Package (Realtree APG Camo, LEFT Hand)

Draw Weight 20 to 60lbs

Draw Length 15in to 27in

Let Off 70%

Weight 2.9lbs

Realtree APG Camo

Bear Archery Apprentice Ready to Hunt Compound Bow Package Right Hand, PINK
Bear Archery Apprentice Ready to Hunt Compound Bow Package Right Hand, PINK

FPS: 265

Brace Height: 6"

Peak Draw Weight: 20-50 lbs

Axle to Axle: 27.5"

Let-Off: 70%

Youth's Ready - to - Shoot PSE Chaos One Camo Right Hand Compound Bow Package
Youth's Ready - to - Shoot PSE Chaos One Camo Right Hand Compound Bow Package

Draw Length Draw Weight

24''-28'' 15-29 lbs.

24''-28'' 30-45 lbs.

PSE 40-Pound Mini Burner Bow Package
PSE 40-Pound Mini Burner Bow Package

The new PSE FC Cam System is versatile and easy to adjust. You can maintain the draw weight regardless of draw length setting. You can also adjust the cam so the draw weight ncreases as the draw length gets longer or draw weight decreases as the draw length gets shorter. New Mini SF Technology limb, up to 20 lb. draw weight adjustment depending on the peak weight. Available in BreakUp Infinity limbs with a Black riser. Weight 2.5 lbs., Let Off 70 percent. This right hand package Includes, Factory installed Gemini Sight, Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit, Mongoose Quiver, and Wheel Peep and Nock Set.


Genesis Target Bows-Fun For The Whole Family - It's the perfect introduction to the sport of archery for young and old alike.

Kids can't outgrow it - because there is no specific draw length requirement.

It's simple to buy - no need to measure and fit for draw length.

It's easy to shoot- because the draw length is always right, the beginning archer won't develop bad habits caused by an ill-fitting bow.

Great for families - everybody in the family can shoot the same bow.

Perfect for schools, clubs, organizations - no need to worry about draw length.

Built to last - durable and tough, these bows can take the punishment that multiple shooters can dish out.

Genesis Pro Bow - RH Black/Chrome
Genesis Pro Bow - RH Black/Chrome

Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, the riser is engineered to provide optimal balance while being durable and very lightweight.

Composite split-limb design.

Comes with molded competition grip, lower mount stainless steel cable guard, cable slide, and draw stop. No arrow rest included. Riser is drilled and tapped for accessories.

Genesis Kit - RH Camo
Genesis Kit - RH Camo

Adjustable weight: 10-20 pounds

Draw Length: 15 inches to 30 inches

Axle to Axle Length: 35 1/2 inches

Brace Height: 7-5/6 inches

This item is not for sale in some specific zip codes

Genesis Mini Bow - RH Red
Genesis Mini Bow - RH Red

Featuring the same revolutionary technology as the original Genesis bow, the new Mini Genesis is scaled to fit even smaller-framed youngsters. Weighing only 2 pounds, and with adjustable draw weights of 6 to 12 pounds, the new Mini Genesis fits even pre-schoolers who are ready for the unique thrills of archery.


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      I got a Crosman Elkhorn Jr. bow for my kid and it was a perfect choice. Easy to use as well as adjust. Good info!