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Hockey Haven

Updated on July 9, 2014
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Kim has many hubs on entertainment especially on movies, and actors she wrote for Squidoo and now has her own blog

Drop the Puck! 2014 -2015

I will say I am Admittedly disapointed that there will be a season this year. I wanted there to be none so that maybe Betman & the owners/GMs would learn a lesson (& that the GMs or whoever would kick Commish BUTThead out of office on his head!) but sadly not so.

I 'took to the ice' as a hockey fan March 13, 1994. It was the day of the first game I went to; first sporting event actually.

The game was played in The Hartford Civic Center home of the Hartford Whalers (at the time) vs. The Pittsburgh Penguins.

A friend of mine had invited me to go to the game w/ a few others & tho' sports weren't my thing I thought it was something different to do &

would have some fun. That was all! thousands of dollars spent in memorabillia later....

When I went to that game I knew NOTHING other than a few players names & what a goal was that's all. So I hope to help you out a little bit.

Keep in mind I am also trying to figure out how to add some information as well, They don't always have a way for me to add the stuff the way I have it planned out on paper. (For instance a Playoff tree That I could use for the predictions, or something that has 2 columns)

R.I.P. 1/2 NHL Season 1995, 2005, & 2013

Have a hockey team or some other acheivement here's some Hockey Certificates Just fill out the form of the certificate title, player's name, a subtitle, acheivement, awarded by, team name, date & then pick a boarder!

Lost Hockey

Shake or Stir?

Shake or Stir?
Shake or Stir?

2014-2015 Guides, rules & record books

Interviews & Clips - NHL & the minor leauges

Here's a mash up of Hockey related items Music Videos, Interviews & Clips and whatever else I may run into like how to's

The Sin Bin

is there a book on the lockouts?

Grab a Six pack

Grab  a Six pack
Grab a Six pack

Game On

So you are going to someone's house or invited to an actuall game. (its much more fun in person, tho even for me I have a bad habit of looking around the arena besides looking on the ice.

Some people say its hard to follow the puck, I don't remember ever having this problem & when the NHL's games were showed on FOX, that puck "Fox Trax" used to annoy the he_X_ out of me when someone took a slapshot as all of a sudden it was this Red shooting star across the screen & never noticed who shot it. However the little spotlight on the puck didn't so much esp. sometimes when it would get caught between a few players.

So here, I try to help you learn about hockey (& in the next section explains the penalties, tho' You''ll have to checkout the books to find one with the different referee signals for each penalty.

Here's the first official lesson! The Rink, Dimensions etc

NHL Team logos - 2011-12 season

Doesn't Matter

Doesn't Matter
Doesn't Matter

Body Checks from the Yappers - & stories

Penalties - & how many minutes

Here I'll include the penalties & definitions (as soon as I can find my books to give a proper one) but meanwhile..

The fans also have rule to abide, otherwise you could get thrown out. This is a minor one, but you could get ALOT of people P.O.'ed at you and if you are visiting an arena not your teams..

  1. Slashing (2)
  2. Cross Checking (2)
  3. Tripping (2)
  4. too many men (on the ice) (2)
  5. Fighting (5)
  6. Roughing (2)
  7. Misconduct (10)
  8. If a player who gets a penalty draws blood its a 4 minute major

Fighting - Its a love hate relationship


See results

Boston 'Bruins'

Businessman Charles Adams, the franchise' 1st owner hired Art Ross as the team's 1st GM in 1924 and asked to select a name that exuded qualities of Size, strength, agility, cunning, and ferocity, and related to an untamed animal. Ross' secretary submitted the name "Bruins" derived from the Old English term for Brown Bears.

Our Game

Our Game
Our Game

How a game is won

The 1st period is won by the best technician.

The 2nd period is won by the kid in the best shape.

The 3rd period is won by the kid with the biggest heart

(but what if it goes into OT?)

Weaponof Choice

Weaponof Choice
Weaponof Choice

PolaThe Hockey Fans Bookmark

PolaThe Hockey Fans Bookmark
PolaThe Hockey Fans Bookmark

Top 5 Toughest Goalies to score on

I am not the one who made up this list, I am 'borrowing' it from an issue of the Hockey News.

I change the list every so often this time you get 2! (see the previous one)

  1. Dominick Hasek
  2. Patrick Roy
  3. Terry Sawchuck
  4. Martin Brodeur (New Jersey Devils)
  5. Tim Thomas (Boston Bruins)

New Jersey Devils

The Devils to the dismay of some were named after a local legend. The 13th child of the Leeds family from the Pine Barrens, said to have been The Jersey Devil.

Albany River Rat 1999 Booster CLub Bowl-a-thon

Albany River Rat 1999 Booster CLub Bowl-a-thon
Albany River Rat 1999 Booster CLub Bowl-a-thon

Puck Bunnie

aka Puck chaser

1. Girls who Follow the sport for the mere hotness of the players

2. Follow sport in hopes of hooking up with one of the players

(from my experience some guys just define it as ANY female that is into hockey, others just those that like to get autographs & pictures)

Hockey Terms

  • MODERN DAY- begins in 1943-44 at least by the NHL Official Guide & record book's standards. That was the introduction of the red line.

    Others however the modern era is post-1967 when the NHL expanded from 6 teams to 12.

  • DYNASTY- When most think of Dynasty, they think of the Edmonton Oilers, NY Islanders, and Montreal. The last of the true dynasties ended in the 80s. The Hockey News' editorial panel views it as being "three or more championships in no more than four years. No exceptions."; In today's NHL that would mean you'd Dave to kiss the Dynasty 'Adieu' (good bye) unless you make an allowance or change the definition. The Detroit Red Wings would definitely be a 'modern era' (though MY modern era starts with starts when I became a fan in '94) Getting back-to-back cups then another a few years later. The Devils 3 Cups 1995, 2000, & 2003. Has there been another team between the 90s & 2000s to win multiple cups weather in a row (no) or spaced apart? Not that I can think of.
  • Hat Trick 3 goals scored by the same player.

    Natural Hattrick 3 consecutive goals scored in a row by the same players (meaning no one scored another goal between his goals

  • Puck Bunnie aka Puck chaser

    1. Girls who Follow the sport for the mere hotness of the players

    2. Follow sport in hopes of hooking up with one of the players

    (from my experience some guys just define it as ANY female that is into hockey, others just those that like to get autographs & pictures)

Hockey Equipment

Hockey Equipment
Hockey Equipment

5 Toughest Shot Blockers - according to The Hockey News

  1. Dan Girardi
  2. Greg Zanon
  3. Dennis Seidenberg
  4. Anton Volchenkov
  5. Roman Hamrlik

Hockey Hall of Fame

George 'Punch' Imlach, Wayne Gretzky, 'Boom-Boom' Geffrion, Mario Lemieux, Eddie Johnston, Terry Sawchuck, Stan Makita,

Not a player

Not a player
Not a player

Book-em Dano

Weather its written by one of the athletes, about the game or a play book whatever the case may be you should be able to find it among the information I have collected throughout this page.

I have tried my best to include a few different sections for certain type of books, like Biographies & Memoirs, Learning to play & training, Stanley Cup, Chick Lit (novels with a hockey theme) Trivia, and there will be more to come.

If what you are looking for is not here, it may be in one of the other sections.

I've read* (or have it on my shelf)

Open Net*

BRODEUR Beyond the Crease*

The Joy of Hockey

The Code

The Hammer By Dave Schultz

Shooting From the Lip

In the Bin*

P.s. more to come. (have a box to look through & add)

Not just a Game

Not just a Game
Not just a Game

The Stanley Cup

tracks & facts

In 1884 the Stanley Cup was purchases for $48.66 cents (which if I remember correctly was only the bowl part) and the NHL took it over in 1926

The Stanley Cup consists as you can see from the picture a Bowl, Collars, and a 'barrel'

The Stanley Cup has been kicked into the Rideau Canal by the first incarnation of the Ottawa Senators

The Stanley Cup is possibly the most popular sports trophy and Most Certainly the most recognizable. You may be able to call it the 'People's Cup" as those from every age, country & walk of life line up for hours just to see it.

The NHL was criticized for taking over the award, which was directed to be the championship for amateur hockey

The 1917 Cup Champions the Seattle Metropolitans

consisted of Harry Holmes, Roy Ricky, Ed Carpenter, Jack Walker, Bernie Morris, Cully Wilson, Frank Foyston, Jim Riley, & Bobby Rowe

Morris having scored 6 goals in one game.

William Foran one of the cups trustees announced it was emblematic of World Champs in hockey and no longer a challenge trophy

Congratulations To Stanley Cup Champions L.A. Kings

You actually get to Hang your Banner!! (Yeah Mitchell #33)

also congrats to my N.J. Devils on their long run.

The Hockey News 2011-2012 yearbook had the Chicago Black Hawks against the Washington Capitals as their Preview prediction

The 1950 Stanley Cup Final

between the Detroit Red Wings and New York Rangers

the teams were forced to use Maple Leaf Gardens

(Rangers using it as their home rink) in games 2 &3

While the circus was in NYC using Madison Square Gardens

2006 Trip to Toronto With the Stanley Cup

2006 Trip to Toronto With the Stanley Cup
2006 Trip to Toronto With the Stanley Cup

2012 -2013 Predictions

Eastern Conference

1. Pittsburgh Penguins

2. Boston Bruins

3. Washington Capitals

4. NY Rangers

5. Philadelphia Flyers

6. Tampa Bay Lightning

7. Buffalo Sabres

8. Ottawa Senators

Playoff Tree - feel free to use

Standings and Stanley Cup predictions by The Hockey News

2014-2015 Predictions

Western Conference

Stanley Cup Champion Prediction

The Stanley cup in 1927

The Stanley cup in 1927
The Stanley cup in 1927

Hockey Language

Hockey Language
Hockey Language

in the January 30th issue of The Hockey New Adam Proteau reviewed the movie Goon.

Upon finishing the review, I was surprised that Adam who is anti-fisticuffs actually liked, and enjoyed the movie and not saying one bad word about it. So from that (though I don't usually go by others reviews) I will definitely see the movie.

Here I include some excerpts of the review (in my own hand unless italic or bold)

Slap Shot a nearly 35 year classic is the favorite of Hockey movies. While MVP:Most Valuable Primate & Score:a Hockey Musical (which looks funny, and Adam mentions "will not dignify any further") have not been able to replicate the perfect blend of heart & humor

The new Movie Goon starring Sean William Scott & Liev Schriber deserves no game misconduct for sucking the joy and reality from the sport in some cutesy Hollywood manner. In fact, Goon is a profane, pumped-up, playful punch-out of a hockey movie" "

The movie, based on a book by former minor league goon Doug Smith is a love letter to hockey's tough guys replicating dressing room banter the players are famous for as well as the honor (find the book 'The Code') that exists among players ho fight for a living. . Make no mistake, Goon is entertaining as Hell"

Sean William Scott plays the Wide-eyed lead who's barely able to skate but somehow falls into an enforcer role, and projects the kindness and humility most of the tough guys exhibit. Liev Schriber who read the late Bob Probert's book 'Tough Guy' as research for his role as a veteran fighter nearing career end. Liev Adam says "has the subtle mannerisms and Canadian accent of a ruffian down pat."

"The Hockey Scenes are Fast forceful and thrilling and supporting cast which includes former Montreal Canadian Georges Laraque in a cameo (Though being its shown in the trailer,.. really is it still considered a cameo?)

"The Hockey Scenes are Fast forceful and thrilling and supporting cast which includeds former Montreal Canadien Georges Laraque in a cameo (Tho being its shown in the trailer,.. really is it still considered a cameo?)

Goon isn't for Kids, but adults who've long been looking for a physical, funny hockey film-- a Slap Shot for a new Generation _need look no longer. Goon will Grab you by the eyeballs and give you an entertaining thrashing"

as far as I go.. for now seeing the trailer I think Sean & Liev were a good pick for the roles of the lead players. They full on look the part! (I can't wait to hear Liev with a Canadian accent...that first "eh! That comes out of his mouth I'll probably be on the floor!) As soon as I saw the trailer my interest was full on I love Slap Shot & still watch it every year, Miracle (which Cameos Sasha Lakovik as a Russian player) and Mystery, Alaska

are great to re-watch but just doesn't do for me what Slap Shot does. (That plus they are modern day & I do like some older gritty movies!)

And if you are one of those that usually agree with that of the NY Daily News Reviews Then don't even bother going. You'll hate it.

(But then again I find them to be pompous snobs when it comes to anything enjoyable!

Can't wait to see... Check back here after March for my Review

Hockey chick Lit! - The New york Blades series by Deidre Martin

I've read one of the books from this series. I think it ws penalty box and I think I read it in a matter of no more than 3 days!

More lit lamps for the Hockey sCHICKs

Calvin & Hobbs


the iconic ice resurfacing vehicles

produced its 10,000th (& finished in mid April 2012) and was shipped off to Bell Centre in Montreal

The Zambonis - Hockey Music

NHL History book

Hat Trick

Rat Trick In 1996 when the Florida Panthers made it to the cup final. Some of their current Players 19 year vet Ed Jovanovski was on that team and others like rookie D-man Erik Gudbranson was only 4 years of age. Scott Mellanby started it all when after the Panthers finished a pre-game warm-up and having returned to the dressing room found a large rat. Most of the players (like girls & I would loved to have seen this!) jumped on the benches to avoid the rat, Mellanby put his stick to use by one timing it. That night Scott Mellanby scored 2 goals and then Goalie John Vanbeisbrouch dubbed it "Rat Trick" and so the tradition started of Throwing Rubber Rats on the ice.

(unfortunately the NHL other than for Hat Tricks has taken the fun away)

Hockey Commandments

Hockey Commandments
Hockey Commandments

No I in Team

No I in Team
No I in Team

No Parking

No Parking
No Parking

Hockey Vids - Movies, Tv, Games, & more

Movies, Documenteries even Tv shows.

There's also SCORE:The Hockey Musical (which I just have to see for a laugh..) but could not find one on Amazon

Also coming out in Tehaters is Goon.. (see the Trailer somewhere ont his page)

_X_Albany River Rats 2000 Holiday party ~"Short Person in the middle"~ (Ed ward, Mike Commodore & Henrik Renberg)

_X_Albany River Rats 2000 Holiday party ~"Short Person in the middle"~ (Ed ward, Mike Commodore & Henrik Renberg)
_X_Albany River Rats 2000 Holiday party ~"Short Person in the middle"~ (Ed ward, Mike Commodore & Henrik Renberg)



All Star Poll

All Star weekend in 2011 & 2012 had a Fantasy draft held by the players (the captains of each team...which get the team named after them. )

as well as the skills compettion & Game

in 2011 the Fantasy draft was cool & the format fine for the year but once you play the same format the eyar after, it gets lame!

I propose the NHL do a sort of Lottery with the way the format will be each year weather East vs. West North America vs Euro, Cup champs versus whoever (but if you are going to keep doing the fantasy drat.. don't keep the teams after the players name (esp. for those that are only casual fans) Oh & yeah the fans won't knwo what it is, until either the draft skills comp or game.

(players will go back to wearing ther teams jersey during the skills comp. & then the all star jersey during the game.)

2012.. at least 2 teams I noticed were not represented in anyway way, No rookies or skaters.

The NJ Devis & Of all teams The Jets (they were back & didn't have someone there & usually the rule is at least 1 player from every team is to rep.

I also have an idea on the

All Star weekend

See results

You can make 1-3 lists,

1 Retired players and one of current players.

Weather it be a line for each or a full team for each!

Getting Between your Goals

Getting Between your Goals
Getting Between your Goals

The NHL Experience - sponsored by Cisco

Trivia Trials & tribulations

Hockey Game

Hockey Game
Hockey Game

Fluent in Hockey

Fluent in Hockey
Fluent in Hockey


Cam ward Feb 29 1984

Henri Richard 1936

Simon Gagne 1980

Miscellany Hockey Music

Herb Brooks

Herb Brooks
Herb Brooks

Joe Canadian - The Rant

Molson 's - I Am Canadian Rant


I'm not a lumber jack

Or a fur trader

And I dont live in an igloo

Or eat blubber

Or own a dog sled

And I don't know

Jimmy, Jally or Suzie from Canada

Although I'm sure they're really really nice

I have a Prime Minister not a President

I speak English and French not American

And I pronounce it about not "a-boot"

I can proudly sew my country's flag on my backpack I believe in peackeeping not policing

Diversity not assimilation

And that the beaver is a truley proud and noble animal

A toque is a hat a chesterfield is a couch

And it is pronounced "zed" not "zee" "zed"!

Canada is the 2nd largest landmass!

The 1st nation in hockey!

And the best part of North America!

My name is Joe and I am Canadian!

Peace Love and Hockey sticks

Peace Love and Hockey sticks
Peace Love and Hockey sticks

Weather you want to leave me some sort of comment or you want to post one of the best lines of trash talk you've heard (I plan to make a section in the future for that) Please post it.

Yapper - Comment or trash talk...

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