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Let's Have Fun at the Pool

Updated on October 9, 2014

Things to do at the pool

Having a swimming pool is great but sometimes you run out of ideas to keep the children (and the adults) active and having fun.

When we know we are having a group of people over to swim I like to have a few ideas on what will keep everyone happy and in the water.

First of all you need to be concerned with everyones safety but after that let the fun begin. There is nothing better on a hot, sunny afternoon than to be in a swimming pool splashing, swimming, diving and having fun.

Going to a pool is great fun for all ages and a great activity for the very young to the very old. I am of the very old category, but I still love to swim and I really enjoy seeing the children have fun in the water. I've been able to give the beginning basics on how to dive, swim and float. Everyone should know how to float!

I hope you get a smile out of this lens and also get an opportunity to try some of these fun ideas at the swimming pool.


Frog Feet and Masks

Snorkeling anyone?

No, walking in flippers by the side of the pool is not a game and not an idea for having fun in the pool. But wearing flippers, a mask and a snorkel is.

I don't know of a child who doesn't love to wear a mask and flippers. The snorkel is a little trickey to use but with some practive even the youngest child can get the hang of breathing through the snorkel with their mouth and not using their nose. And, if they don't like the snorkel the mask and flippers are lots of fun. My grandchildren grab their masks and flippers and swim for hours looking at the bottom of the pool.

To make things interesting get some of those fish that run by battery and swim in the pool and let them chase a fish around for awhile. Lots of fun and the children love it. When that gets old try some races from one end of the pool to another. Not only are the children having fun while competing but they are also building muscles and building up endurance.

Safety First

When you are in or near water it is safety first, foremost and always. Never ever go swimming alone.

Kids love swim masks

Swim masks are used by children of all ages. Try looking for one for yourself



The swimming pool version

My son-in-law, who happens to be very clever, made some poles for our volley ball net so we could use the net over the pool. He made the poles out of PVC pipe. The PVC is very in-expensive. He used some to make a square (kind of ) base then a straight piece to tie the net onto and he also used rope attached to tent stakes so he could pound the stakes into the ground which keeps the PVC in place even if someone, by accident of course, grabs the net. I hope you get the idea. Look very closely in the picture and you should be able to see how it was done.

That is my son-in-law in the deep end playing against his three children.

Well, this was a big hit and everyone enjoys playing volley ball in the water. Of course you do have a shallow end and a deep end so the younger children play in the shallow and the stronger swimmers play in the deep. If you have all adults playing then you would have to take turns in the deep end to keep it fair. You could also try using a noodle in the deep end by sitting on it but we found you couldn't get to the ball as easily. But, whatever works for you....go for it!

Photo Gallery

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Grandchildren shooting water in the air....normally it is shot at each other :)Riding the tubeJack trying to decide whether or not to get wet....wimpy dog doesn't like his feet wetBabies love the waterRescue dog Mikey and his first swim.  He's loving it.SnorkelingMore snorkeling
Grandchildren shooting water in the air....normally it is shot at each other :)
Grandchildren shooting water in the air....normally it is shot at each other :)
Riding the tube
Riding the tube
Jack trying to decide whether or not to get wet....wimpy dog doesn't like his feet wet
Jack trying to decide whether or not to get wet....wimpy dog doesn't like his feet wet
Babies love the water
Babies love the water
Rescue dog Mikey and his first swim.  He's loving it.
Rescue dog Mikey and his first swim. He's loving it.
More snorkeling
More snorkeling

Flips, Dives and Whatever

Learn something new!

Every time the children come to swim at our house we try to learn a new "trick".

A better dive, stay under the water longer, swim faster from one end to the other. The idea is to reach some goals but while doing it you are competing against one another or yourself.

Here is a photo of a friend's son who has never dove and NEVER, ever done a back flip. But by the end of his visit he was doing both. This young man was very courageous and he never gave up. As you can see in this photo, he is not going to make it completely and he lands on his back ( for about the 20th time) but as I said he never gave up and he finally had the back flip down pat.

Not only was he learning something new we were having a blast watching him. I wish we would have had it on video so I could have posted his progression and I am sure it would have made you laugh out loud. This young man will never forget the day he learned how to dive and to even do a back flip.

Beach Towels

Beach towels are a must have when going swimming. It doesn't matter if it is a pool or the lake. Beach towels are bigger and you will want something big and soft to wrap around you.

Amazing Pools of Water

Where would you rather swim? In a backyard swimming pool or the local lake?

I've swam in both but my preference is the pool. I like to be able to see the bottom and I don't like weeds or bugs!

Swimming Pool or Lake??

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