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D.J. Gregory - The Long Walk of Possibility

Updated on September 3, 2015

Inspirational quotes 4

When things get tough...

Some days when I wake up and think of all the things I need to do, all the challenges and hoops I have to jump through, I sometimes feel overwhelmed and discouraged - will this ever end, will I see a light at the end of the tunnel, will I finally be able to lead a normal life and see my children healthy and happy - will I finally achieve what most normal people have in their lives...

Some days, I feel like crawling back into bed, shutting out my day to day existence and crawling between the pages of a book - losing myself in a fantasy world with a happy ever after ending. I admit, somtimes I have my own little pity party that lasts for about an hour, mainly because there are no other guests to talk to, and although I can be a brilliant conversationalist (it's my story and I'll tell it the way I want...) it does get boring talking to ones self for too long.

Reality check

Truth be told, I really don't have a lot to complain about, and besides, no one likes to listen to a whiner. Everyone has challenges, some more than others, but we all have our own sets of problems that we wish would just go away.

This morning, as usual, I was contemplating the things I needed to do over my morning cup of coffee - checking my e-mails and hubpages scores etc., and I opened an e-mail from a friend which I am going to share with everyone here on hubpages.

This truly puts things in perspective - whenever you are feeling like you simply can't face another day, and your troubles and challenges become too heavy to lift, I urge you to step out of your circumstances for a few minutes and watch this video. It certainly gave me food for thought.

A mind set

Many of us are worried about finances or relationships

© 2009 Enelle Lamb


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    • Enelle Lamb profile imageAUTHOR

      Enelle Lamb 

      9 years ago from Canada's 'California'

      Thanks Jaspal - glad you stopped by

      Sally's Trove - Sometimes realization is all it takes. You're welcome, glad you dropped in for a visit =)

    • Sally's Trove profile image


      9 years ago from Southeastern Pennsylvania

      Next time I contemplate throwing my own pity party, I'll re-read your Hub and watch the video again. I think we all have this potential for courage, but having it and realizing it are two different things. Thank you so much for sharing your story and Gregory's.

    • Jaspal profile image


      9 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Nice one, and very inspiring! Thank you Enelle.

    • Enelle Lamb profile imageAUTHOR

      Enelle Lamb 

      9 years ago from Canada's 'California'

      RedElf - You say the nicest things :D Thank you so much for such a wonderful compliment.

    • RedElf profile image


      9 years ago from Canada

      Thanks for the link - it is quite good, but Teresa has the right of it, Enelle, you are indeed a source of inspiration, in yourself. When I think of all you go through in the course of a day, and I see the humor and grace with which you face all that life has to offer, I see someone to look up to. I see someone to emulate when things get tough or scary out this way, Thank you for sharing yourself so freely.

    • Enelle Lamb profile imageAUTHOR

      Enelle Lamb 

      9 years ago from Canada's 'California'

      Feline Prophet - The video was definitely an eye opener.

      jayb23 - so glad you enjoyed - and yes check out the vid

    • jayb23 profile image


      9 years ago from India

      Thanks enelle for this lovely hub. Needed that badly today. Will surely check out the video.

    • profile image

      Feline Prophet 

      9 years ago

      Now and then people come along who really humble us...thanks for this Enelle!

    • Enelle Lamb profile imageAUTHOR

      Enelle Lamb 

      9 years ago from Canada's 'California'

      Tom - Thanks for stopping by for the read =) I'm so glad I could.

      Teresa - You are too kind my dear, guess I should put away my wool cap ;) you are so very welcome.

      jill - I agree...I'm glad you enjoyed!

    • jill of alltrades profile image

      jill of alltrades 

      9 years ago from Philippines

      Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing Enelle.

    • Teresa McGurk profile image


      9 years ago from The Other Bangor

      I think I appreciate your REACTION to the email, rather than the link in it. THAT'S true inspiration - thank you, thank you!

    • Tom Rubenoff profile image

      Tom Rubenoff 

      9 years ago from United States

      Thanks for sharing, Enelle. Perspective it what it's all about.

    • Enelle Lamb profile imageAUTHOR

      Enelle Lamb 

      9 years ago from Canada's 'California'

      Thanks bgpappa - it was too good not to share =)

    • bgpappa profile image


      9 years ago from Sacramento, California

      Good Message and Hub. The Jimmy Valvano Speech that can be found on ESPN sums up your message very well.


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