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For Jet Ski Owner: Do You Have a Jet Ski Dock?

Updated on April 9, 2013

Getting a jet ski is perhaps one of the best things in your life. This type of water sports is very fun though it's really cost a lot. Before you really go out and order your own jet ski, you must first think about where to dock it. It really does not make sense for just tying your newly purchased jet ski to a mooring. Well in case if you don't care about it, that's the way to go.

As mentioned before, jet skis are not cheap and this water activity could be categorized as one of the rich and famous people love to do. After making a huge investment in it, I'm pretty sure that you will probably want to be sure that you do have a proper docking facilities for it and that are accessible and not difficult to handle.

Maintenance-free Jet Ski docks are perfect choice since the marine environment can be hostile to just about anything man-made. This type of docking system is favored by most watercraft owners because it is extremely easy to handle, just by anyone.

If you have surveyed the market, you might have learned that Jet Ski docks can be categorized into two main groups; namely the sliding type and the roller type. Sliding type docks basically have no moving parts. Using this system, all you need to do is just simply drag your watercraft up onto the ramp section (support the Jet Ski when in docking position) of the dock. The power of the Jet Ski will move itself into docking position.

The benefit of using this type of docking system is maintenance free because it does not have moving parts and thus nothing will ever needed to change unless the ramp broke, which is very seldom happen. The bad side about this system is it could be real hard for a smaller size user to launch the Jet Ski into the water. It takes more energy to push it off.

The second type of docking system is the roller type docks. As the name suggests, this kind of docking system have some kind of roller mechanism that is employed to support the docking and the launching of your jet ski into the water. Roller type docking systems are much easier to use compares to the sliding types. However, the moving parts need to be maintained and serviced by adding grease and other recommended fluids. They might need to be changed or service after being used for a certain period of time.

Benefits of Having A Jet Ski Dock

Now you might be probably wondering why you should use a Jet Ski docking system instead of just tying it to a mooring. One of the greatest benefits which has been mentioned before is none other than convenience. Docking systems make storing/ docking your jet ski a lot easier. Furthermore, a good floating docking system will actually provide extra protection to your jet ski from the wear and tear of waves and the corrosive nature of water, which is quite true if you’re in a saltwater environment.

A Jet Ski dock will protect your water machine from the marine algae, in case if it is stored in the water for a lengthy period. Jet Ski is very susceptible to this kind or marine algae and growth. Storing your jet ski on a floating dock (out of the water) will definitely get rid of this problem completely. “Delamination” is a major problem that faced by many boat owner and personal watercraft. Once again, a docking system saves you from such headache.

Besides, using a floating dock makes you look more of a pro and not a stingy person. You have already invested lots of money on the Jet Ski itself and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get a Jet Ski dock for just fraction of the price you have paid for the machine.

Tips on Buying Jet Ski Dock

Before actually going out to get yourself a Jet Ski dock, you must first determine the size that you want. Most people will just a docking platform that is just big enough to dock their jet ski but experienced users will definitely tell you to go with the one that is little bit bigger. A bigger platform means you have room to walk around your jet ski while it’s docked. This will enable you to clean or refuel your machine easily compares to a small docking platform. And by the way, if you do select this type of docking platform, make sure that the surface is equipped with nonslip coating. This will minimize the risk of falling down and/or injuring yourself. Remember, safety is always the first priority.

Additional features that you might probably want to look at are whether the docking system includes a winch, cleats, installation mounts and attachment kits. You might be wondering why need all these things. Well, if your engine get conked out or you are having so much fun that you don’t realize that you are running out of fuel and end up getting towed or paddling back to the dock, a winch can make this task a whole lot easier. Not only that, it also acts as an additional method of securing your water machine to the dock.

If you are going to leave your watercraft on the dock for any period of time, you will find out that cleats perhaps are the most important accessory that you ever needed. Preferably two cleats, will secure your jet ski from sliding around due to any waves or wake from other boats. Well, of course you have to learn the right way to tie it up.

Most watercraft docking systems that are available in the market are made of very durable polyethylene plastic. This material is very light and durable and a portable Jet Ski dock will enable you to move it on the same trailer along with your jet ski. There are a variety of colors that you can choose but most people tend to choose white (the most versatile color of all). Lastly, make sure that you get a docking platform that truly fits your jet ski (consider a little bigger if you are going to walk around it, as mentioned before).


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