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Jet ski necessities - everything you need for a day of riding a wave runner

Updated on October 4, 2014

A day of fun in the sun starts with a bit of preparation for the jet ski enthusiast

My experience with jet skiing started 3 years ago when my adorable significant other, John, talked me into investing in a wave runner - and not just any wave runner - we had to get a turbo charged Honda jet ski. At first, I turned up my nose at this little beast (after all, it really wasn't a boat...)but, the very first time I took the wheel, I was off and jumping waves, crest to crest on my trusty jet ski. I haven't stopped since!

Our jet ski mostly stays in the Chesapeake Bay, but I had the opportunity to trailer the wave runner behind my SUV to my Key West vacation home where I've been perched for the past 6 weeks. During this time, I've become quite the pro at becoming more organized and packing for a jet ski day on the water. I've learned some tips, tricks, and have some valuable information to share with you if you're a fan of jet skis like I am.

By the way, that's my jet ski anchored on a shallow sandbar off Boca Key right outside Key West. I'm out about 1/2 mile from shore and the water was about ankle deep. Amazing jet ski ride and time!

Note: All pictures on this article are my own unless they are items for sale on where I am an affiliate.

Further note: I've started a few websites you might like: - where you'll find a lot of items that make boating safer and more fun and - because RVers and boaters frequently need similar items.

Click the link to the left to see this Dry Pak Cell Phone, GPS waterproof case.
Click the link to the left to see this Dry Pak Cell Phone, GPS waterproof case.

Jet ski necessities

Keep your cell phone alive and dry!

My go-to accessory for a day on the jet ski is that Dry Pak Cell Phone, GPS waterproof case there to the left. I always load it up with my cell phone, license and credit card for those shore stores.

Jet ski wave runners have two storage compartments - one in the front which is fairly large and one right in front of the driver which is supposed to be a "dry box." I haven't challenged said "dry box" by overturning my ski (and hope never to) but I take special precautions to protect my cell phone while I'm riding the jet ski.

After all, a cell phone can be instrumental in getting you help if something should happen while you're out on the water. The below cases all protect cell phones from water and moisture. I highly recommend this be your first purchase...well, after you buy the jet ski!

DRY PAK, 4 x 4, Yellow/Blue
DRY PAK, 4 x 4, Yellow/Blue
This Dry Pak wallet is the perfect size to pack lightly for a shore visit on a jet ski or even a cruise. Load it up with a credit card, passport, and some cash and be safe on that beach excursion.

Jet ski goggles will keep water out of your eyes

There's nothing worse in my opinion than getting hit in the face with a salt water wave when I'm not wearing sunglasses. And, I learned long ago that I do not take my good sunglasses out on the bay while jet skiing. I accidentally dumped a $400 pair right overboard one day. So, now, I keep a few handy pair of goggles aboard the wave runner so that I always will have an extra pair. I strongly suggest you do the same.

Additional ideas for you as you go jet skiing

Through trial and error, I've come up with the below short list of helpful items to have on hand on your wave runner. Hope these help you stay comfortable as much as they have me.

  1. Suntan lotion. You'll be on the water which means that you'll be getting direct and reflected sun rays. Purchase a stronger SPF sunscreen than you think you might need and - listen up here - leave it on the jet ski! That way, you'll always have ample sunscreen coverage. If you're getting really wet while riding your wave runner, reapply every hour.
  2. A ziplock bag with 2 wet washcloths. My folks taught me this tip when we used to travel in the car. Mom always had a baggie full of wet washcloths that came in handy for many many reasons. On the jet ski (especially if you're running in salt water), you'll probably want to wipe your face down once in a while or just run the washcloth over your arms to get the salty water off.
  3. Fresh water. Don't underestimate the need for hydration while you're on the water. I usually have one or two bottles stored on the ski just in case.

Sunglass cleaners are a vital part of my happiness while on the water

Once we've jet skiied to where we're going, the first thing I do is reach for one of these eyeglass cleaners. I keep, oh, about 100 on board so that my glasses are cleaned to my (picky) satisfaction.

ZEISS Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes - 200 Count
ZEISS Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes - 200 Count
These pre-moistened wipes are perfect to throw into the jet ski's glovebox so that they're within easy reach. One packet can easily clean two pairs of glasses so you and your companion will both be happy.

Waterproof cameras are a necessity for your jet ski ride

I personally love my little Sony Cyber-shot and, in fact, I've written an article about it so you can see some of the personal photos I've taken: My sony waterproof camera.

The below are some of the best waterproof cameras on the market today.

My jet ski dry bag folded and ready for wave runner action.

My jet ski dry bag folded and ready for wave runner action.
My jet ski dry bag folded and ready for wave runner action.

The Seal Line Dry Bag

John bought this dry bag and I thought it was ridiculous! Why did we need to keep as much stuff dry? It's since become invaluable to my happiness while on the water. I stow 2 changes of clothes for both of us (just in case and, believe me, we've used them before), my Nikon D5000 camera, my kindle, 2 pairs of shoes. You get the drift. If you're going to order one of these dry bags, trust me and order one larger than you think you need. i love this thing!

Seal Line Black Canyon 55-Litre Dry Bag, Blue
Seal Line Black Canyon 55-Litre Dry Bag, Blue
This dry bag has never failed me. It has a very cool way of closing to ensure it stays dry - the top folds over and then the ends clip to form a sort of handle. A picture of it folded follows.

A Good Pair Of Water Shoes Is A Jet Ski Necessity

Speedo Women's ZipWalker Water Shoe,Black/Black,8 M
Speedo Women's ZipWalker Water Shoe,Black/Black,8 M
We rarely board the jet ski before donning our water shoes to protect our feet from sharp rocks, glass or anything else (like a fish hook - true story...) hanging out on the bottom of the bay. I like these Speedo water shoes as they're easier to get into than the ones with laces. These slip right on and off.

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Some fun and potentially interesting links

I wasn't always the pro jet ski rider I am today - oh no, I was a pure idiot at first. Evidence of this is in the first link below which I posted on my mom's blog Gertie's Galavants - travels with a 95 year old. Read on to see how I blew my friend and myself off the wave runner...


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