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"BJJ and Judo" Finger Tape

Updated on September 18, 2014
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Andrew Smith is a 3rd degree BJJ black belt based out of Richmond, VA (Revolution BJJ). He runs the BJJ Tutorial Encyclopedia here.

If you're looking for athletic tape for your fingers for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Judo training, this is the stuff.  It's easy enough to tear down the middle for the spaces in between knuckles, but firm enough once in place to stay on while rolling for up to several hours at a time.   Buying it by the case is super economical, too- you'll save more than $3 a roll off of some retail offers if you purchase the tape individually.  

I've been doing judo and BJJ (grappling in the gi) for nearly 20 years now, and my fingers have certainly taken a beating over the years.  However, I've learned the importance of cloth athletic tape for injury prevention, especially when your finger is already jacked.  I searched around for good quality tape for years and would occasionally find the good stuff at a local sporting goods store (for like $6 a roll!), but it proved virtually impossible to find the good stuff (I used to think of it as "hockey tape", rightly or wrongly).  At my gym, I train as many as 12 times a week in the gi, so this stuff is a lifesaver. 

Do yourself (and your fingers) a favor.  Get together with another training buddy and grab some of this tape today.  I've been able to get through some pretty tough injuries.  It's also good for keeping small scrapes covered, although you have to use a metric ton of it in order for it to stay on while grappling.  Last but not least, you can wrap your ankle with this tape if it's swollen or tender, although I would only use it in conjunction with a more proper supporting (preferably Neoprene) brace.  

Photo Gallery

Me training at my gym (Revolution BJJ in Richmond, VA) wearing J&J finger tape!
Me training at my gym (Revolution BJJ in Richmond, VA) wearing J&J finger tape!

Training at Revolution, and a huge day

Totally worth it

Training in BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) involves a tremendous amount of gripping. To be sure, you're going to have joint issues from time to time due to grabbing the gi (kimono). This may sound daunting to some, but for those of us who train, the trade off is well, well worth it. For starters, there is just nothing like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training for stress relief. I simply don't feel like myself if I take a week off from training, and I average 9 times a week nowadays.

For another thing, training in BJJ provides you with the freedom to think creatively in order to solve all the problems that will present themselves to you on the mats. We're given new challenges every single day, and have to think quickly on our feet in order to solve them. Of course, the physical aspect is the most obvious advantage. How else are you going to be able to "trick yourself" into getting such an intense cardio workout so consistently every week? Simple- just become addicted to the activity! I know of nothing that is quite so addictive as jiu jitsu, at least from my standpoint.

In the grand scheme, I'd rather not have busted finger joints, but it's totally worth it given the manifold benefits I get from training regularly. Additionally, taking a few precautionary steps (taping an injured finger as I prescribe) can help to prevent any form of long term, serious injury.

Note the finger tape on my left hand

BJJ training



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