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Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose chicago bulls backcourt workouts

Updated on October 2, 2013

While there was great disappointment last season with Derrick Rose not playing at all last season there was some good things to come out of it, one of them was the emergence of second year guard/forward Jimmy Butler. The Chicago Bulls could have possibly found the shooting guard they have been looking for since Ben Gordon left town in 2009 and now Rose and Butler will make each other even better than ever before. This point here is the most scary thing skill sets complement each other! It’s not like the once backcourt combination of Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis who were both very similar, Rose and Butler are very different players.


Past shooting guards used

The Chicago Bulls have tried many shooting guards since Gordon left town to try and take the pressure off Rose and space the floor. Firstly it was Kirk Hinrich (who was ironically brought back to fill in for Rose when he was injured). Then it was Keith Bogans who was a very good defender and solid 3 point shooter but couldn’t do anything else. Then we had the signing of Richard “Rip” Hamilton who in his prime would have been a great pick up but he was too old and injury prone, Ronnie Brewer and Marco Belinelli were also used at times but both have left via free agency. Enter Jimmy Butler !

Derrick Rose's passing and Jimmy Butler's spot up shooting

While the Bulls have had more than serviceable shooting guard over the past 3 seasons they have struggled to find a guard that can score and defend. Once again enter Jimmy Butler, after the all-star break Butler shot 44.9% for 3 point range, that’s right up there with the elite 3 point marksmen. Rose on the other hand has been known many times in his career for setting up teammates for open 3 pointers with his great passing ability. Teams have no choice but to respect his driving ability because we have seen Rose in the past that he can slice through defenses with ease. Check out in this video how many times Rose sets up Kyle Korver:

Kyle Korver and Derrick Rose

How this will help Jimmy Butler?

So how will this help Jimmy Butler even more than last year? Now while Kirk Hinrich and Nate Robinson were very serviceable point guards they were no Derrick Rose, Hinrich was very good at controlling the offense and creating for others but not much for himself and the defense didn’t respect him enough, while on the other hand Robinson was very good at creating for himself… but mainly for himself only and the offense didn’t run to well. But Rose can create for himself and others which will lead to a lot of open jump shots for Butler because not only does the defense have to guard Rose they have to guard Luol Deng, Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah who all averaged over 12 points a game last season, which other NBA starting 5 has that kind of scoring power? Not many I can tell you that. It is believed widely around the league the Bulls need to recruit a second star player to play with Rose in the backcourt in order for Chicago to win and NBA title but what if they already have a future star in Jimmy Butler? He has all the potential in the world and one of the hardest work ethics that you're going to see judging by his strong and quick progression from end of the bench player to starting shooting guard on a contending team! And as you can see here, with this kind of shooting technique Butler’s 3 point shot can only get better!

Can Jimmy Butler become an all-star?

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The fast break potential and Jimmy Butler's defense

Rose and Butler are both extremely athletic with the pair of them throwing down there fair share of alley oop dunks in there short NBA careers respectfully. These two young quick guards getting out in transition will be quite a scary prospect for any defender with both players being extremely quick and having great ability to finish at the rim. Along with there quickness to be used in the fast break it will also be used to get lots of steals and make defenses think twice about making risky passes which we make it even harder to score (isn't it already hard enough in Chicago's defense?) Chicago have had only Rose or Butler running in the fast break but never both at the same time, the thought of it is bound to get Bulls fans maybe a tad excited? (Or a bit more).

Now Jimmy Butler's defense... can we say anymore? The job that he did against LeBron James in the playoffs was outstanding for any defender let alone a player who is in just his 2nd year of the NBA. At times you could even see LeBron getting frustrated with Butler's defense and over time it looked like he began to respect Butler more and more. Here is Butler defending James in the playoffs:


Chicago's title chances?

So with all this all in mind can the Chicago Bulls finally get over the hurdle and win the NBA title? Well they certainly have a pretty good chance though other teams are beginning to improve around them such as free agency such as the Brooklyn Nets with the trade for Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Jason Terry and the Houston Rockets with the free agent signing of Dwight Howard. The best chance the Bulls have of climbing the mountain is to stay injury free, which has proven to be quite difficult with at some point or another all of Chicago's key players in Rose,Deng,Boozer and Noah have been injured in the 3 years they have been together respectfully. But hopefully this season will be different and with the emergence of Jimmy Butler the Chicago Bulls are a great chance to claim back the NBA crown for the first time since the great number 23 ruled the NBA! This year right now may be the best chance the Bulls have had since 1998 to win a title, let's hope they are given a fair run at it.


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