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Kids Fencing Foils

Updated on August 30, 2011

Kid's Fencing Foils - Not Just for Kids

How do you get your kids into fencing without buying all of the gear - jacket, mask, pants, glove, foils, etc?

We've got these great training foils that are made from extremely durable plastic and also specially made training masks that are far lighter than a standard fencing mask.

Some Tips on Using the Nasycon Plastic Foils

Concentrate on games that introduce the ideas of fencing, and develop the proper muscle groups.

Do some fencing movements in a "simon says" format.

Fence with the plastic foils using masks on a small strip taped off on the floor - the matches are kept short and there is a lot of rotation.

Keep it fun - otherwise the drop out rate at the age level is near 100%

Some More Ideas for Fencing Fun with the Aramis Foils

  • Keep track of good behavior points ("Chivalry Points" or "Valor Points") - awards to the kids with the most points.
  • One Hit Ladder: Find a partner and faces off so you have two rows of opponents facing one another. The object is to hit once. Once all bouts are done, rotate.
  • Melee: Line up two teams and anyone can hit an opponent on the other team. This encourages teamwork as two teammates can "partner" with one parrying and protecting and the other hitting opponents. There's lots of excitement when one side has only one fencer left.

Fencing - For Rugby Players Too! - The Melbourne Storm try Fencing with Plastic Foils

This is a video of a team building practice with the Melbourne Storm rugby team.

Fencing Gear on Amazon

The plastic training gear is great for youth programs to get started but for older kids (12+) and adults you need full sets of gear. You can find those online at fencing equipment suppliers and also via sites like Amazon:

What do you think about these plastic fencing foils?

What do you think about the kid's fencing gear?

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      anonymous 8 years ago

      Good lens and information.

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      kidswebsites 8 years ago

      This is a great site! I love using Squidoo to find stuff for my kids to read, watch, learn and play online. I found a great index of kids websites on It has info on E-Learning, games, kids TV and software. Keep it up!