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Learning to Surf

Updated on February 22, 2010

Learning to Surf is Fun

Safety is the # 1 concern = more fun for a surfer!

Get to know the break that you are going to surf at. Learn the tides and wave conditions best suited for beginners. For beginning surfers it pays to know as much as possible about your abilities. Many times I have seen people who are seeming confidant in their swimming abilities,but falter when they enter the water with a surfboard. Start with a surfboard that you feel comfortable with. When I first started surfing I choose a short board. Mainly because I felt that I could handle it better.

Common question that beginner surfers ask are.

Where should I go surfing?

I would start surfing where there are not tons of people for you to run over.

How do I prepare ?

Preparing to surf is a mental and physical process for me. I stretch and as I am stretching, I watch the waves and the other surfers. I try to judge if the waves are appropriate for me to surf on that particular day. Follow your gut feeling. Several times everything looked right for me to go surfing but something just didn't feel right. So I turn around and go home. This has only happened a few times in 30 years I am happy to say!

What should I wear to surf?

Depending where you are planing to surf you may need a wetsuit. If not try to find clothes that are comfortable and durable. The salt water and sand can trash your clothes fast. Always rinse your clothes and surf equipment after you have completed your surf session.

What type of board should I try?

Ah yes? Try a surfboard that you know other beginners have caught waves on. There are so many surfboard designs and shapes that it is really difficult to reccomend a surfboard to a new surfer. If you are able to rent or somehow try different surfboards. This will give you a better idea of the type of surfboard that you would most likely to have fun on.

These are a few of a the common questions that I get from beginning surfers. The main point of surfing is to have fun and catch waves!

Do I need Surfing Lessons?

This is just my opnion but if I would have had surfing lessons the first year I started surfing I would have had alot more fun. As it turns out I didnt have lessons until I was in my 40s. I was fortunate enough to be around a few pro surfers that taught me some of their secrets to catching more waves and producing more speed. This improved my surfing over night. So I say yes if there is a good surf school or surf instructors in your area sign up and pay attention!

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