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Lou Gehrig -- "Born on the 19th of June"

Updated on March 19, 2015

Lou Gehrig and I Share a Birthday

Even though Henry Louis (Lou) Gehrig, the "Iron Horse" (so named because he played over 2000 consecutive games), died before I was born, I can't ever remember a time when I didn't know that we shared a birthday. June 19th was the day I wanted to be born. I was born 3 weeks late and I think it's because I wanted to be born on such an auspicious baseball day (in addition to being the birthday of one of the greatest Baseball players, it is also the anniversary of the first Professional Baseball game.

Here's to June 19th, Baseball, Lou Gehrig (and me)!

I Love Baseball!

If you love Baseball like I love Baseball this is your favorite time of year. I love the Mets, Angels, Red Sox and Cardinals (in that order). What teams do you all like?

Who is your favorite old-time Baseball Player?

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