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Make Money Sell Surfboards

Updated on March 23, 2011

You do not need to own a surfboard to make money selling them

Sure we have heard all the hype Affiliate Marketing make money online selling products you dont own or stock. No up front fees. What does this really mean? It means you can sell Surfboards and you dont have to own them, stock or deliver them.

That is crazy! Not so. I receive deposits in my paypal account. Affiliate Marketing can do this for you. Keep reading.

Affiliate Marketing can make steady money for you. You dont really need a website to start making money selling surfboards or any other product that ebay offers. Sure its best to have some training, maybe a some guidance and a place where you can learn from people that are already making money. Dont go out and pay for all those get rich ebooks, most of them are crap that was written after the method stopped working for the Affiliate Marketers.

I created my own website for selling surfboards. It isnt fancy, infact it doesnt look very professional. I have created professional looking websites that received no sales. My little website receives sales every week. There are no tricks or special formulas that is mostly hype. You can create your own money making website or pay someone to make one for you.

Start sending the website visitors that are actually interested in what you are offering and you will start to make money also.

Check out my Fish Surfboard Website!


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    deanna 6 years ago

    Do you make your own surf boards? I want to start my own business making my own surf boards and selling them.I,m going to lose my house.I,m trying to find a business that is cheap to start up.Please help.