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martial arts clubs in edinburgh

Updated on June 28, 2010

Tenchi Martial Arts centre

Tenchi Martial Arts centre dojo
Tenchi Martial Arts centre dojo

the best Edinburgh martial arts dojo

There are a number of martial arts dojo's around edinburgh, but by far the best of them all is the Tenchi Martial Arts centre.

They have 3 schools of traditional martial arts, including Ninjutsu, aikido, and karate.

The dojo is a great size, and is fully matted with lots of weight and training equipment as well as fitness, and fighting equipment.

There is nearly a class on something every night, and you can learn more at the official page

There is a good atmosphere amougst all the classes and all the instructors are fully qualified.

The dojo is located close to the centre of town, and is easily reachable on the bus.

If your looking for fitness, and also self protection lessons then its a great idea to come along, defiantly lots better than your local gym, you'll sweat buckets, and have a great time. 


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