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Will the Rockets and Raptors Win Their Respective Conferences???

Updated on March 25, 2018

Rockets V.s Raptors

Houston Rockets and Toronto Raptors both lead their respective conferences, but will they be able to make it to the Promised land and play in the NBA Finals?

Rockets lead the West by 4.5 Games and the Raptors lead the East by 4.5 games, the Rockets have 59 wins and the Raptors have 54 Wins.

Rockets will have a tough road to the NBA Finals, having to face teams like the Warriors, TrailBlazers and Thunder. The Rockets have had a break out year this year looking good with only 14 losses on their record so far. The Rockets are 29-6 at Home and with them sealing home court advantage (because theres no way the Warriors who sit in the 2 seed cant catch up), the Rockets will be a tough team to beat at home, since the 1 seed gets the first 2 games at home the Rockets will have a good advantage being able to easily go up 2 wins quickly. The Rockets have two good players in Chris Paul and James Harden, proving you don't need a big 3 to Dominate the League.

Raptors are 4.5 games ahead of the 2 seed (Celtics) which they will more then likely going to have home court advantage through the playoffs. But the Raptors like in recent years just end up diving at the end of the season, so I kind of think the Raptors wont make it far in the playoffs. You have the Celtics and Cavaliers that are going to be tough for them to get through. (which they will only have to deal with either the Celtics or Cavs.) The Raptors are 30-6 at home and 24-13 on the Road, so the Raptors will have a time competing in their opponents building.

In Conclusion I think the Rockets will make it to the NBA Finals, but I think the Raptors will Fall to either the Celtics or Cavaliers, even though the Cavaliers are really inconsistent right now, but Lebron James knows how to win playoff Games. The Celtics are injury riddled right now, but somehow still winning games to stay in the 2 seed. This will be one interesting playoff run for the top 3 teams in the west and east as the Rockets and Raptors look to win their conferences.

Raptors Rockets



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