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AFC North Outlook Week6

Updated on October 12, 2016


Heading into week six of the NFL I will take a look at the teams in the AFC North division.

Pittsburgh Steelers- 4-1 (at Miami Dolphins)

RECAP: The Steelers come into week 6 of their season sitting at 4-1 with wins over Washington Redskins, Cincinnati Bengals, Kansas City Chiefs and the New York Jets. The Steelers lone loss this year was to the Carson Wentz led Philadelphia Eagles.

ANALYSIS: 5 weeks into this season the Steelers offense looks to be clicking, the Steelers offense is averaging 27.8 PPG, 386 YPG, 284 Passing Yards Per Game, and 102 Rushing Yards Per Game. Apart from the game played in Philadelphia, I must admit its truly exciting to watch this offense go. With the production they are now receiving from WR Sammie Coates and with the return of Leveon Bell this Steelers already prolific offense is sure to only get better. The only question at this point in the season the Steelers should worry about is their defense. Showing flashes of its potential in the past two games, one still has to wonder about the secondary and the amount of yards and big plays they allow. With injuries to Cam Heyward, Justin Gilbert and Ryan Shazier can this defense hold up for a whole season and get back to their full potential. So far for the Steelers the first 5 weeks have been mostly successful and I can't see the Steelers falling off the grid any time soon.

PREDICTION vs. MIAMI: I feel bad for the Miami Dolphins this Sunday, although a home game for the Dolphins, don't be surprised to see Steeler fans there in full force. The Steelers offense certainly will take control of the Miami defense early and often. Look out Dolphin fans it could be a long afternoon. Steelers 34 - Dolphins 17

Cincinnati Bengals- 2-3 (at New England Patriots)

RECAP: With 5 weeks behind the Bengals they come into week 6 with a 2-3 record. Their losses coming from the Steelers, Cowboys, and Broncos. Wins against the Dolphins and Jets round out their two wins on the season.

ANALYSIS: After winning the AFC North just a year ago the Bengals have not started quite the way everyone expected them to this year. To me this all starts with the offense, their offensive line has really struggled this year through the first 5 games. Andy Dalton has been sacked 17 times in 5 games, last year he was only sacked 20 times, not to mention their rush game has almost been non existent only averaging 83 yards a game. The split time between Jeremy Hill and Bernard has just not been working out as much as they hoped. Their offense has only put up 8 touchdowns so far and they just can't seem to get into the end zone. They need to turn it around fast or they might lose the race.

PREDICTION vs. New England: Tom Brady is back and on a mission, the only way the Bengals pull this one out is to keep that man on the sideline for as long as possible. Expect a big day from Gronk and Bennett as Tom Brady just picks apart that Cincinnati secondary. Bengals 10 - Patriots 35

Baltimore Ravens- 3-2 (at New York Giants)

RECAP: Baltimore currently stands at 3-2 and 2nd in the AFC North heading into week 6. Wins over Jacksonville, Cleveland and Buffalo, losses come from Oakland and Washington.

ANALYSIS: Although sitting at 3-2 after 5 weeks the Ravens just look bad. The offense is struggling mostly because they have average receivers and running backs that don't produce. Mike Wallace will be their go to with Steve Smith hurt, is that really someone to trust? Joe Flacco has thrown 4 interceptions and that is a player the Ravens really need to get back to form. The Ravens defense has given up 12 touchdowns and over 1,200 yards this season and I believe they are lacking a true dominant force and leader on the defense. For the Ravens their schedule only gets tougher so they need to start clicking or at the end of the year Harbaugh might be with his brother at Michigan.

PREDICTION vs. Giants: I think this game is hard fought and nasty. Eli Manning just hasn't been himself lately so I think the Ravens need to capitalize on that. Also the secondary for the Giants is pretty banged up and expect to see Flacco come out tossing the leather. Sorry Giant fans but the Ravens take this one. Ravens 24 - NYG 17

Cleveland Browns- 0-5 (at Tennessee)

RECAP: The Browns enter week 6 sitting at 0-5 with losses to New England, Miami, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington

ANALYSIS: I mean what do I say here, this might be the worst team I have ever watched. The offense is averaging a mere 17 PPG and Cody Kessler is their starting QB. The only bright spot right now for the Browns is Terrell Pryor, what a breakout year for him at the wide out position and as a spot QB. Josh Gordon is back in rehab, RGIII experiment hasn't and probably won't work out. The only thing left for the Browns is the number 1 pick in this years draft. Cleveland fans don't worry the Cavaliers start soon.

PREDICTION: I'm sorry but Marcus Mariota is going to eat the Browns alive, and DeMarco Murray will for sure have over 100 all purpose yards on Sunday. Sorry Cleveland you lose this one and a lot more. Cleveland 13 - Tennessee 28

That wraps up my predictions and analysis of the AFC North heading into week 6 of the 2016 NFL season. I hope you agree and if you don't please explain why, enjoy!

The teams of the AFC North
The teams of the AFC North

Who will win the AFC North?

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    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 15 months ago from Auburn, WA

      I agree with everything but the Browns. They have to come through eventually and Tennessee might be the place to do it. I'm not a Mariotta fan. Nice guy but Winston will have the better career.

      My Giants are going down. They are a train wreck beginning to happen. The Dolphins are awful, easy win for the Steelers. Of course, the Bengals will be the latest victim of the Pats.

      My bold prediction: Lewis finally gets fired later this season. New blood is needed. Call David Shaw. He'd be perfect for Dalton.