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Oceanic Shadow mask review

Updated on April 21, 2012
Oceanic Shadow - Clear
Oceanic Shadow - Clear | Source

The Oceanic shadow mask is an outstanding mask. Oceanic does great with pretty much everything they come out with. I've used the shadow on many dives now and have only had minimal problems of some flooding when I didn't shave my face. I'll give a short and sweet review on what I thought of the Oceanic shadow mask.

The Oceanic shadow is a low profile mask that makes clearing the mask about as easy as it comes. If you end up getting water inside the mask, just one quick mask clear and it's all good. The shadow is also a frameless mask which makes the mask very comfortable. It has a thicker glass lens to make up for having no frame. Being frameless also means that this mask folds up perfectly to make it easy to store it, or stick it in a bcd pocket for a backup mask. It's good as either a primary or backup mask. It's totally up to you. When you are packing the mask, it packs almost completely flat. That would make it great for a travel mask also.

The only complaint I had, but loved at the same time, was the comfort strap. It was the most comfortable strap I've ever used, however, was at times a little too difficult to adjust on the fly. You have to tinker with the strap a little more than the average mask to get the adjustments they way you want them. Also, keep in mind that when the neoprene on the strap gets wet it will stretch more. Make sure to tighten it a little more to compensate for that stretch.

Other than that, the mask was great. I use it as my primary and have really no issues. The mask comes in clear and black. It retails for around $80 depending on where you get it. I would recommend this to people I know, and you as a reader. Go try one on for fit and decide for yourself. If you are used to high volume masks, this could be a great change for you. It is very comfortable and you can't go wrong with it. If you don't have patience to adjust the strap, have your significant other or dive buddy help you out. Happy diving!


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