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Oceanic Viper fin review and features

Updated on April 21, 2012
Oceanic Viper scuba fin
Oceanic Viper scuba fin | Source

This is a short and sweet review on the Oceanic viper fin. If you are looking for a fairly cheap, yet effective and efficient fin, the Oceanic viper may be a great fin for you.

The viper fin comes in many different colors, if that is important to you. It is retailing for about $89 at select retailers at the time of this writing and that seems like a fair price for a fin that performs as this one does. This fin is all about scuba. You can snorkel with this fin and it will perform very well as a snorkeling fin also. Scuba diving is what this fin is designed for though. It is very flexible in the middle to channel water over the fin blade for maximum output on the down stroke. The fin itself is very streamlined with a foot pocket that blends right into the fin blade. The foot pocket of the Oceanic viper has vents in it also to allow water to enter and escape the foot pocket so you don't have any buoyancy problems.

The weight of these fins are outstanding. The vipers would be a great choice to travel with if traveling is your cup o' tea. The vipers are also just about neutrally buoyant in the water. They do not float and sink slowly. This is good because it will help you control your buoyancy, which as a diver, you know is important.

The open heel version of the viper requires you to wear a neoprene boot, either hard soled or soft soled, to keep your foot from getting raw or blistered. They do offer a full foot fin of the viper if you are set on a full foot fin for warm destinations, like the tropics. The foot pocket fits almost true to size for the most part, and the width is great. It is a generous foot pocket.

I highly recommend these fins to anyone looking for a great fin at a bargain price. They perform well and hold up well also. The material the fin is made out of is quality and like most Oceanic products, comes with a great warranty on all defects. If you are interested in the Oceanic Viper fins, get down to your local scuba diving shop or Oceanic dealer and try some out.

Below are the full set of features:

  • Available in FOUR sizes and SEVEN colors
  • Ideal for all diving and snorkeling skill levels
  • Flexible Power Thrust Channel directs water off the tip of the blade for improved power and efficiency
  • Power Vents reduce stress while accelerating water over the blade
  • Oversized blade produces increased thrust and propulsion
  • Generous yet streamlined foot pocket fits a wide range of boot styles while significantly reducing drag
  • Extremely lightweight for increased performance and ease of travel


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