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Oceanic Excursion BCD features and review

Updated on April 23, 2012
Oceanic Excursion - My BCD of choice
Oceanic Excursion - My BCD of choice | Source

So I went and picked up an Oceanic Excursion BCD and used it in a pool session. All I have to say at the moment is WOW! I have used numerous BC's in my days, and in many ways, this one is like many of the others. But like all great BC's through the days, the Excursion has features and a comfort level going for it that other BC's just don't have.

Let's start with the features of the Oceanic Excursion from the manufacturer:

  • Patented QLR (Quick Lock & Release) integrated weight system
  • Rear trim weight pockets
  • Patented Bioflex super-stretch aircell
  • Fadeless 1000 denier cordura construction
  • Pre-bent stainless steel d-rings
  • Oversized quick-release adjustment buckles
  • Optional integrated retractor system
  • Spinner knife mounting grommets
  • Alliance integrated inflator
  • Patented depth-compensating adjustable cummerbund
  • Padded backpack and lumbar support
  • Large main zippered drop-down compartment pocket

So it has all the stuff you want on a BC including integrated weights etc... In the pool, I found that it was very comfortable, even with a 7mm wetsuit for my cold climate diving style. The weight of the Excursion was a little high, but still lighter than some other high end BC's. If travel is on your scuba menu, you may want to think about the Excursion as it is a little heavier than your average travel BC, coming in at around 9 lbs. If you are going to mostly do local diving or have deeper pockets for added cost on heavy baggage, this BCD will serve you well.

The ascent and descent control of the Oceanic Excursion was flawless. I had absolutely no problem descending, although you need to make sure your breathing control is on par to get the full benefit of the Excursion. Ascent was also no problem. You can control your buoyancy easily for all types of diving.

The Oceanic Excursion is well made. I assure you of this. You can expect years of diving out of the Excursion due to its material and workmanship. If anything does go wrong with the BC, it will be covered by the manufacturers warranty for the specified warranty time period. They made this BC for all types of recreational diving as well as some entry level tec diving, if that is your thing. I personally enjoy both, so I will get use out of it from both diving worlds.

So if you are thinking about picking up the Oceanic Excursion, rest assured that you will be getting a quality product that will give you years of use. It's a great BC and has a lot going for it. I love it and I'm sure you will too.


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