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Paracord for Survival

Updated on July 25, 2019
rgasperson lm profile image

Robert is an author, artist, graphic designer, and photographer. He has been experimenting with building electronics.

You Should Have Paracord with You at all Times

You may be asking me, "Why do I need to have Paracord with me all the time?" This is an easy question to answer. You never know when you are going to need some cord for something. You might need to tie something together under the hood of your car to hold it together till you can get it home or to the auto shop. You might need to tie a splint to a broken leg or a broken arm if someone has had an accident. To build onto that, you might have to cut off circulation to a wound to stop the bleeding till emergency services get there. having that cod could same someone's life.

There are many uses for this awesome parachute cord. I've seen people use it from everything from a belt to hanging food from the trees to keep animals from getting to it. I have seen people use it to fish with because they had nothing else to use. I have even heard of people taking it apart to use the inside threads as a way to mend clothes or even to stitch a wound together. This stuff is extremely versatile. Next to a way to start a fire and water, it should be something that is in your Survival Kit.

How to Make a Paracord Bracelet

You never know when you are going to need a little paracord for something. Things come up that require something to tie down with. Rope is a very important tool, almost as important as a knife. That is why I suggest you always have some with you.

This project is a great idea. having a bracelet like this means you have Paracord with you all the time. I like the fact that anyone can make their own, all you need is a little bit of paracord and a little time on your hands.

Learn How to Tie Knots

There are hundreds of different knots you can learn to tie. I remember learning how to tie the square knot and the half hitch knot in cub scouts. Different knots are used for different things. The slip knot is meant to be pulled when you are ready for the knot to come undone quickly. There are knots meant to keep flags in the air and boats secured to a dock.

I remember growing up and watching my Dad tying Macrame. He used to make all kinds of things. I remember he made a lampshade one time. I mostly remember him making hanging baskets for plants for the front porch. They used to grow all kinds of things.

Get Paracord on the Cheap

You could go to your local Army Navy store or the Boy Scouts of America Store. I think you can even get some at Walmart or Lowes home Improvement. I personally like to buy my paracord on eBay. I can find some great deals on there. The more you buy, the cheaper it usually is.

Stockpiling Paracord should be part of your survival preps. It keeps for a long time. Keep it dry and out of the sun and it will be there for you when you need it.

Keep Paracord in Your Car

I think this is something that is important for everyone to have. You can keep 100 feet in the trunk of your car or even in your glove box. Then you will have it in emergencies. You can even keep a good bit of it on you wrist or around your waist as a belt holding up your pants. It will always be there even if you don't need it. Then you will have it when you do.

Paracord might breakdown if you keep it in your car for years. You should test it once a year to make sure it doesn't go brittle. This can be said for storing paracord in your shed or attic or even in the garage where it gets hot and damp.

I will keep 100 feet in the tire well for my spare tire next to my jumper cables.


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