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pink fishing rod and pink fishing reel

Updated on November 16, 2009

Pink is a very beautiful and popular and elegant color.
About one month ago i bought to my girlfriend a new fishing pole and a new fishing reel, pink is her´s favorite color so i chosepink for the fishing rod and fishing reel color.Choosing one was harder than i toughed, because there are lot of junk on sale, but i chose top 3 and from there i chose the one that i bought.I have been fishing all of my life, so i know what i am talking about.

Here are the top 3:

I choose the number one on my list Roddy Hunter Pink Lady 6'6" Fishing Rod Reel Combo ,because i put this first to my top 4, it seemed nice and it had some good, some bad reviews, but when i looked closer it did not have ceramics inserts.This rod will be perfect for you, IF you go fishing not more than 3 times a month, because if ceramic inserts are missing the metal will damage you fishing line.

 Second on the list is Zebco Ladies Pink Spinning Combo, I chose this number 2 in the list because, i have zebco baitcasting reel and i am really happy with it.This doesn´t have pink lady fishing rod, the rod isn´t pink, only the reel is pink.

 Last in the list is OKUMA CALYNN PINK SPINNING ROD AND REEL COMBO , I bought this to my girlfriend and she is really happy with it.This as got style, it´s really good and it´s okuma.It has got pink okuma fishing reel and pink fishing pole, it has got ceramic inserts and it´s very comfortable to handle, it´s expensive, yes, but, if you don´t go fishing everyday, then this combo will stay with you for a decade.

Pink fishing tackle

If you are going fishing you need a little more fishing tackle than just fishing rod and fishing reel, you will need fishing line and lures and many other things.

I have chose a list of fishing tackles, that you will need when fishing:


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    • profile image

      Robert Myers 6 years ago

      Fishing is probably certainly the most exciting pastime ever!

    • Uzdawi profile image

      Uzdawi 8 years ago


    • profile image

      Sohami 8 years ago

      I just received the okuma spiinning rod and reel combo and i am really pleased with it!

    • Uzdawi profile image

      Uzdawi 8 years ago

      Thank you !

    • kaloomba profile image

      kaloomba 8 years ago

      Thoughtful of you to do that for your girlfriend... My daughter LOVES pink too, and so her husband bought her everything in pink for fishing as well -- including pink lures and a pink tackle box. (If you're wondering, yes, it was all the top of the line).