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Pink Wetsuits for Women and Girls

Updated on April 4, 2013

Pink Wetsuits Are More Fun!

Wetsuits have not traditionally been known for being available in many colors or styles. Black and blue are the standards. Fortunately, wetsuits have come a long way in the past couple decades, and you can now show your style in pink wetsuits.They're still not the most common color, but colorful pink wetsuits are now available in sizes for both women and girls. Take a look at the pink wetsuits below to find a fashionable new suit for your next water sports adventure.

(Image of Bare Women's Shorty Wetsuit provided by Amazon)

Bare Women's Full Pink Wetsuit - Made of 3mm neoprene

This 3mm neoprene women's pink wetsuit is made for warm water snorkeling, surfing, skiing and other water sport. It has a Powerstretch design for flexibility and comfort and is quick drying. Simply rinse and then hang it to dry out of sunlight. Available in women's sizes from 6 - 14.

Bare Women's Shorty Pink Wetsuit - A pink springsuit for women

This 2mm shorty wetsuit, or spring suit, comes in women's sizes 6 - 14 and is made of lightweight 2mm neoprene. Its Powerstretch design will keep you comfortable and able to move freely while you're in the water, and will dry quickly when you're out of the water. Simply rinse with fresh water and then hang to dry out of sunlight.

More Pink Wetsuits Below

Pink Wetsuit Auctions - Find great deals on eBay

eBay is a great place to look for deals on just about anything, including wetsuits. You can often get new products here for less than many other online stores. Just be sure to select a seller with a good feedback rating and read their shipping policies and you can walk away with a great bargain.

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