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Bike Riding- An Outdoor Adventure

Updated on August 7, 2019
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Christine has a diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition and actively believes in living a healthy lifestyle for a happy life.

Bike Riding


All you need to know- It's never too late to learn

Give yourself an outdoor adventure and go far by riding a bike. Enjoy the benefits of fresh air, exercise and all the sensual experiences that nature provides, whatever the time of the year. One of my favourite times is Autumn, when it's still warm, but fresh and without the humidity. In fact the whole of nature seems to be so fresh and vibrant, as though it's giving us all it's got before it sleeps for the Winter. This is what you will experience as you get on your bike. You will see and experience so much more than in the car and yet it will still give you the speed to cover more ground. Children will delight in bike riding with you. They will feel more actively involved in the journey and the fresh air will give them all the endorphins they need to lighten their moods rather than the all-too-common moans and fights in the back of the car!

Children can learn so much by owning their own bike

They can benefit from learning how to maintain and care for it themselves (and will therefore take a greater pride in it) and will learn to become more independent by being able to get around more freely. We have seldom had to drive our four boys to their required destinations, but have always ensured that they have good bikes and that they know how to ride them. Of course they will learn by riding with you to begin with and then as they acquire good road sense, will be off and able to get to places on their own steam.

It's never too late or too early to ride a bike either. Whether it's a specialised bike to meet your needs, a folding bike to take with you in the car or on the train or a mountain bike for the more energetic, you are sure to find something so that you don't have to miss out on that outdoor adventure!

You And Bike Riding - An outdoor adventure

Are you a keen cyclist (I bet you're fit as well!) no matter what the weather, or do you believe that you couldn't ride a bike? Maybe having a family or friend to encourage you, could get you off on that outdoor adventure.

How often do you ride a bike

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Life is like riding a bicycle -in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.

— ~Albert Einstein

When Learning To Ride A Bike - needs a little bit of help

An alternative to using stabilizers, start your young child off with a balance bike that will teach them balance and coordination and ease them gently from their push and ride car to the big proper bike! For many children, it is too big a step. A lighter and more easily controlled strider can give them hours of fun.

Which Bike To Buy?

There's a lot of choice when bike buying

When deciding which bike to buy, you need to consider your own specific needs. Will you need a strong, substantial bike that needs to last for someone who might give it a lot of hard riding? Then a mountain bike could be what you are looking for. If however, you only want to cycle for a part of your journey then a folding bike would be ideal, for you could then take it with you in the car or on the train. Or how about something for the intrepid sporty person who wants their own outdoor adventure? The Ultimate 3 wheeled Cruiser is not only fun and enjoyable to steer, it's easy to ride, durable, and a great way to get a brisk workout for children and adults.

Ensure A Safe Ride On your Bike

How well does your child know the traffic signs?

Invest in a good helmet (can reduce the severity of head injuries by 85%) and cycling training for your child before they take to the road. Make sure that they know what the signs mean and are aware of what the traffic will be doing around them. Instill into them the need to be seen, by wearing light clothing or even fluorescent arm bands.

Do Your Own Bike Repair - It's a good investment

Whether it's a flat tyre, wheel wobble, loose chain or rubbing brakes- it will need fixing- and with a little bit of help, it's not difficult to do. Keeping a "bike repair kit" at hand is a good idea, but sometimes it needs just a bit more TLC!

How To Repair A Flat Tyre

  1. Carry a spare inner tube with you, as it's far easier to just replace the inner tube and repair the old one at home. The tools you need to repair the tube are: a puncture repair kit with patches, sandpaper, a marker and glue, tire levers, a bike pump.
  2. Prepare to remove the wheel by turning the bike upside-down. Undo the brake quick-release and use the quick release lever on the hub or, if it's bolted on, use a spanner to undo it. Pull back on the rear derailleur for rear wheels, then lower the wheel down through the brake pads and forward a little to clear the chain and derailleur.
  3. Slip the flat end of a tyre lever between the tire and the rim, bend back and hook on to one of the spokes. Repeat about 5cm around the tire with another lever. Removing first lever, move it further along the rim and use it to pry off the tire until one side is free.
  4. Remove inner tube and inflate, checking for glass, thorns or anything that could have given it the puncture. Remove the tire completely from the rim and also inspect inside and outside for foreign particles. Check the rim to see that no spoke ends have worn through the rim strip.
  5. Hold the inflated tube to your ear and listen for escaping air. If you cannot detect anything, hold it under water and look out for bubbles, slowly moving through the water. Mark the spot with chalk or crayon
  6. Dry the tube and rough the area around the hole with the sandpaper. Cover an area the size of a small coin around the hole with glue and leave until tacky.
  7. Place a patch over the puncture, centering it. Smooth out, making sure there are no air bubbles and leave to dry for around 10 minutes.
  8. Replace one side of the tire on the rim and place the tube back inside the tire, starting at the valve and working around the tire. It should be slightly inflated.
  9. Taking care not to pinch the inner tube, replace the free part of the tire inside the rim, using the tire levers. Begin near the valve and work the levers around in opposite directions.
  10. Finally you will be left with around 15cm still loose. Use two levers to keep each end of the loose part of the tire in place. Use a third to pop the tire wall back inside the rim.

How To Ride A Bike- - quite an outdoor adventure! On your bike, get set, GO!

The Correct Bike Gear

Have a safe ride and make your cycling more enjoyable by having the correct bike gear. There's nothing worse than not being able to ride a bike simply because you don't have working lights or you have a flat tire. Check it beforehand so that you know it will get you there safely and efficiently and keep thieves away by using a bike lock whenever you leave it unattended. A backpack to carry your possessions will ensure your hands are free to ride your bike unencumbered.


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