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Reasons why Wayne Rooney Should Leave

Updated on October 23, 2010

Wayne Rooney


Wayne Rooney

The Reasons why Wayne Rooney should Leave United

Today Wayne Rooney says that he wants to leave Manchester United because he is hunger to win more trophies. The fact that he has won trophies with United, and yet he wants to leave the English giants. That reason may not be the only reason why Rooney wants to leave, here are other possible reasons why he should leave Man. United.

First, he should leave Man. United because he is not playing the best football right now. Ever since the start of the 2010 World Cup, Rooney has not satisfied anybody which includes is country and club.Wayne Rooney was under pressure when the media put Rooney the center of attention. The fact that injury was the only problem he faced, the whole nation was on his back. Anyone that wanted to see England do well in the World Cup, it would be in the hands of Wayne Rooney. He was scoring a lot of goals for Manchester United in the league and Rooney was the hottest striker of the tournament. However, Rooney had a disappointing World Cup, he could not score for his country. Although, he helped England make it to the elimination round but came short against the Germans.

Second, he should leave Man. United because he should play for a better European club. Manchester United right now are not as big as Chelsea, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, AC Milan, and Barcelona. such clubs are rich with multi-talented players and if Rooney should join one of these clubs Rooney will be part of the best players in Europe. The fact that Man, United are not have been doing doing well in the English Premier League and the fact that Rooney has not got many playing time because of an injury that he has. He should leave to play for other bigger clubs because Rooney's skills are valuable. However, not many English players are not successful playing for foreign countries.

Third, Sir Alex Ferguson. Sir Alex has been managing Man. United for more than 20 years now. He knows the team very well now so as manager he knows how to run a team and how to make the players become winners. He has been managing United for so many years that he expect a lot from his players. Sir Alex is a winner and he does not like losing. In fact, he is known for being hard on his players when his team are playing poor and Sir Alex tends to get violent at his players too. Remember the Beckham incident. Rooney might as well leave because of Sir Alex pressure him too much. Sir Alex is too charismatic and greedy towards the team.

Fourth, his friendship with Cristiano Ronaldo. Their great friends when Ronaldo was playing in Manchester. And they probably still are very good friends. When Ronaldo signed for Real Madrid in the summer of 2009, he stated that he would love to see Rooney play with him in Madrid. Maybe that is one of the mean reasons that Rooney wants to leave. Rooney Has been playing in the English League for all of his career, this could be the time that he moves away from England.

Fifth, his personal problem outside of field. Wayne Rooney is not only known has a football star also he is known as a bad boy. With his luxury home and his expensive cars, he loves life outside of football. Even though he is married, he loves to fool around with other women. Remember Ronaldo (Brazilian) with his scandal. When Rooney's personal problem started to spread around the nation, Rooney has been silent about it. Such problem has been effecting his game due to the fact that he is not concentrating on football. But this can be one of the main reasons to leave Manchester United, to leave England and to leave the problem behind.

In the end, if Wayne Rooney does leave Manchester United then it would be a great lost to the Man. United roster. It would be a big blow to the team. Sir Alex must be sad to see one of his best players leave. Its hard to see players leave a great time. But no one cannot stop them from changing their minds. If Rooney wants to leave then he must leave. All we have to do is wish him well, if he only succeeds.

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