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Sherwood Axis BCD features and review

Updated on April 21, 2012
Sherwood Axis BCD
Sherwood Axis BCD | Source

The Sherwood Axis is a great BC for the entry level scuba diver as well as the diver that has been diving for a couple years. I recently purchased this for my wife and she loves it. The Sherwood Axis features numerous features that many loves love and want to have on their BCD.

Let's start off with the manufacturers feature list:

  • Plush interior lining
  • Shaped shoulders
  • Neoprene comfort neckline
  • CQR 2 integrated weight system - easy to operate
  • Convenient pockets with secure zippers
  • Full length sewn-in backpack with single tank band
  • Front closure with depth-compensating feature for a secure fit

The Axis BC is just screaming comfort. I tried out my wife's Axis and I will say that it is one of the most comfortable BC's I've ever used. No doubt. Sherwood didn't cut corners when it came to comfort. The neck neoprene has to be one of the best features of this BC. The shoulder straps and position of the sides are all comfortable also. If comfort was your goal, look no further in my opinion.

The Axis comes with 4 D-rings which are metal, and is capable of holding 30 lbs. of lead. 20 of those lbs. are able to be dropped with two 5 lb. non-ditchable pockets in the back of the BC. This makes it viable to use in both warm water and cold water. It is a good all-around BCD.

The Axis is retailing for about $480 depending on where you purchase it at. Authorized retailers offer full warranty against any defects through Sherwood.

The Axis is also a rear-inflation BCD which makes it very streamlined in the water. Some people love this, some hate it. I didn't have a problem in the water with it, as neither did the wife. It's all about proper technique and not over inflating the air bladder. Also, just put a little weight in those back pockets.

Some people were mentioning that there wasn't enough pocket space on the Axis. I don't know what kind of BC's they were using before, but the Axis has two pockets that hold enough stuff. They aren't very deep, but they get the job done, depending on what you are carrying. One of the pockets is a drop down pocket, similar to the Oceanic Excursion's setup, which I found was nice.

So in conclusion, if you are looking for a nice BC and come across the Sherwood Axis, if you choose to get it, you won't be disappointed. In the dive shop I work in, we sell a lot of these and nobody has had any complaints. Local divers love the Axis. I'm sure you will too.


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