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Snake Proof Boots

Updated on August 12, 2014

Snake Proof Hunting Boots | Rattlesnake Proof Boots | Snake Boots

This page is dedicated to Snake proof boots that help protect hikers and hunters alike from the dangers of venomous snake bites. This includes Lacrosse snake proof boots, rattlesnake proof boots, chippewa snake proof boots, and any other protective snake hiking or hunting boot.

These are not to be mistaken with snakeskin boots, which are a fashion statement, but snake boots protect you from the dangers of venomous vipers. Whether you love turkey hunting in the wetlands, tromping through thick bluffs after deer, or just live in an area where you always have to watch your step: snake boots are an invaluable investment to help keep you safe from venomous snake bites.

Snake Proof Boots from Amazon

Some of the more recent pairs of anti snake boots you can find on - shipping is free in most cases. These can offer amazing protection from snake bites and are a critical piece of safety gear for any serious hunters in snake infested areas.

Snake Proof Boots Offer Extra Protection

Avoiding snake bites is much better than the consequences of having to treat it in the middle of nowhere...

Snake proof boots come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Most importantly, these boots can protect you from the fangs of a venomous snake that might otherwise strike you.

While venomous snake bites are more prevalent in some parts of the country than others, you shouldn't think of snake proof boots as something that you only need for high adventure trekking in the Brazilian rain forest or special footwear to prevent snake bites on African or Australian safari.

Venomous snake bites can happen in lakes, ponds, rivers, swamps, forests, deserts, or even plain normal fields away from obvious water supplies. Snake bite proof boots give you additional security. The majority of snake bites happen beneath the knee, often times because a person got too close and didn't even realize it.

There are many companies that make snake proof boots, but three of the most popular are:

Lacrosse Snake Boots

Browning Snake Proof Boots

Chippewa Snake Proof Boots

There are also many other companies who make snake proof boots, but those three are the most popular and probably have the most variety, though it never hurts to look around. Believe me, if you're going whitetail deer hunting in the swamps of the South or the timbers of the Rockies, you will definitely want a pair of these protective boots to keep you safe.

Snake boots also come in many different designs based on use. You can find rubber snake proof hunting boots for swamps and marshland, or you can find snake proof hiking books for those dusty trails. The options really are amazing. So remember, as important as a 2 man tent is, you won't want to forget your snake boots.

This is an example of Rocky waterproof, snake proof boots

More Anti Snake Boots offered on Amazon

I love the adventure hiking, but in areas with venomous snakes, these are a must for me.

Why Snake Proof Boots?

Here's quick snake bite facts that will show why snake boots are hot selling items...

A lot of people wonder why they should even consider buying a pair of snake proof boots. I suppose if all you ever do is stay in a city and go to the mall, then you may have a point.

But even if you don't go outdoors, any friends or family who do will want some of these snake proof boots. Here are some snake bite facts that help show the reasons for this:

1) There are over 8,000 venomous snake bites a year in the United States alone.

2) There are over 23 sub species of rattlesnake alone in the United States.

3) 20-30% of all snake bites from venomous snakes are caleld "dry bites." Dry bites are snake bites that don't transfer any venom and often occur because of a lack of venom (usually do to a recent bite on something else) or penetration could not occur because of the person's clothing.

4) For you world travelers, snake bites kill over 50,000 people a year in India (by far and away more than in the rest of the world combined).

The chances of dying from a snake bite in the United States are extremely small, but why take the chance? Better safe than sorry, and a little extra protection can be a very good thing.

If you're looking for more information on snake proof boots please visit my blog on the same subject.

A great example of Danner 17" Jackal Snake Boots for Men

Does this rattlesnake picture terrify you?

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Snake Boots California | Snake Proof Boots in California | California Snake Boots

Are special California snake boots necessary?

RedHead Snake Boots are some of the most popular on the market now, like this pair of ladies' water-proof, snake proof boots.

Some people wonder if there are specific types of snake boots that are necessary for specific areas. Because of the number of mountains and hiking trails in California, especially in northern California. The searches online for California snake boots confirms that trend.

Finding good snake proof boots in California is like finding good snake boots anywhere.

The only venomous snakes native to California are various species and sub species of rattlesnakes. Like anywhere else, these can be a danger when hiking.

Think about it: why would there be any difference between rattlesnakes in California and ones that live in Colorado or Louisiana? Good snake boots in California are good snake boots no matter where you are.

The answer is that there isn't any difference. Snake proof boots are snake proof boots. A pair of Lacrosse Snake Boots will work just as well as a pair of Chipewa Snake Boots, which will work just as well as any other pair you can find.

Every pair of snake boots is designed to stop the fangs of vipers from sinking in, so don't get fooled by any stores saying that their boots are specifically designed to protect from snakes in California.

The right pair of snake boots will protect you from snake bites whether it is a rattlesnake in the United States, a Fer-de-Lance in the Amazon rain forest, a Cobra in India, or anything in between.

Good snake proof boots will protect you against any type of a bite, so if you see someone advertising the perfect snake proof boots in California, you can tell them where to shove it.

Another great pair of waterproof bayou snake proof boots, with a zipper for easy put on and off.

Rattlesnake Polaroid

Rattlesnake Polaroid
Rattlesnake Polaroid

Chippewa Snake Boots | Snake Boots Chippewa

Chippewa snake boots are some of the most popular and trusted snake proof boots on the market

Chippewa Snake Boots are among the leading brand of snake proof boots that you can find anywhere on the market. While Lacrosse snake boots, Browning snake boots, Noconia snake boots, and Herman snake boots all get their fair market share but Chipewa snake boots has managed to stay on top.

There are several different types of snake proof boots that the Chippewa boot company provides, which indcludes snake boots for both hunting and hiking. The styles of boot vary greatly, and go from the camoflauged hunting boots to very nice looking brown snake boots that would even pass for dress boots.

Some of the most popular models of Chippewa snake boots include:

Chippewa 23913 snake boots

Chippewa 23922 snake boots

Chippewa 24947 snake boots

Chippewa 25107 snake boots

Chippewa 25110 snake boots

These tend to be the most popular because they are the larger snake proof boots, the models that go up the calves and cover not only the feet, but all of the leg up to the knee for maximum protection against snakes of all types.

As long as Chippewa snake boots keeps up this level of quality, they are going to remain some of the most popular and well known snake proof boots on the market.

A fine pair of Chippewa Snake Proof Boots for sale

There are many different types of snake proof boots, and if you ever want to know more about a specific type, like ladies snake proof boots, then that blog is a good place to check out.

More Great Snake Protection from Amazon

These are some amazing snake proof or snake protective items being offered from eBay.

Chippewa Women's 15" Pull On L23913 Snake Boot,Brown,5.5 M US
Chippewa Women's 15" Pull On L23913 Snake Boot,Brown,5.5 M US
Chippewa snake proof boots are some of the most popular in the market and for good reason.
Rattler Scaletech Snake Protection Chaps (APG, Husky/Regular)
Rattler Scaletech Snake Protection Chaps (APG, Husky/Regular)
The best venomous snake proof chaps around - all the protection of snake boots with some additional protection and flexibility.

Information for Purchasing Snake Boots

There are many things to think about when buying snake proof boots

There are many things to consider when going out to purchase a pair of snake proof boots. Only the most important steps you can take is to do a lot of research ahead of time since the marketplace can change. One such example is with Herman snake boots which used to be very popular but they went out of business for several years before being brought back as a cheap and poor imitator of what they used to be. Redhead snake proof boots are never example of a very popular form which in many places is no longer offered. This means you may have to look on hunting forms or used clothing and outdoor websites in order to get what you need.

One of the major reasons to consider buying a good and tested hair of snake boots even if you are not worried about dying from a venomous snake bite is considering the heavy medical costs for getting treated. Even if everything goes smoothly and there are no complications is a pretty safe bet in many areas and getting treated for a venomous snake bite or run in the thousands of dollars. This is way more than many people can afford and all those bills could have been prevented by one her boots costing somewhere in between $150-$200. This brings up another important point which is the cost of snake boots. The average price for pair of good snake boots will often run between $130-$180. There are a few types which are less expensive, and there are few styles which are more expensive. However this gives you a general idea of what to spend on a brand-new pair of boots.

Reviewing Danner Snake Boots

Danner snake proof boots have a lot to offer customers

Not everyone is willing to settle for run of the mill snake boots, and when the time comes for turkey hunting enthusiasts or other outdoor types to look for a very high quality pair of snake proof hunting boots, many turn to the Danner Snake Boot company. Danner snake boots start out with the same mission as any other pair of snake boots: to keep an outdoorsman safe by preventing snake bites. Most good boot designs go all the way up to the knee to offer the most protection. However when it comes to overall quality beyond being just functional, there can be a huge difference between the various snake boots for sale out there, and this is where a discerning individual might really want to take a look at what Danner outdoor boots have to offer because they display a high level of pride and skilled craftsmanship that makes this footwear great for a wide range of wilderness territory. Having peace of mind is great, but if the snake boots are also extremely comfortable and top of the line as hunting boots, it's worth the price.

As of this writing, the most popular style is the Danner Pronghorn GTX Snake Boots. These often start at the high end of $200, but are very popular and have a reputation for being very comfortable, as well.

Danner Snake Boots from eBay

Danner snake proof boots are some of the most popular out there among autumn turkey hunters. Take a look at the great deals that eBay has to offer on these items!

Rocky Snake Boot Reviews

Examining Rocky snake proof boots

Rocky snake boots have a great reputation, in large part because they have produced boots for many decades specifically designed to hold up to any and everything that they go through because of the great outdoors. This base means that even before they made footwear specifically designed to protect from snake bites, they already had a great reputation among hikers, hunters, and campers for making strong and long lasting boot. Whenever you start out with quality and durability in mind, you're starting from an excellent position to help provide quality. Add in that there are technically over 20 specific styles or brands of Rocky snake proof boots for people to choose from and you can easily see why these are very popular. They meet a wide variety of different needs and styles.

Currently there are six major styles of snake proof boot offered by the Rocky brand. These often all come in male and female sizes, and they don't cover every single pair of Rocky snake proof boots out there, but these six Rocky snake boot brands cover a wide range of different designs and set ups for anything a hunter needs:

Rocky Lynx Snake Proof Boots

Rocky Prolight Snake Proof Boots

Rocky Aztec Snake Proof Boots

Rocky Cottonmouth Snake Boots

Rocky Rattler Gore Tex Snake Boots

Rocky Striker Snake Proof Boots

Look at these various styles to get a full sense of everything that Rocky Boots have to offer hunters.

Rocky Snake Bite Proof Boots from eBay

Get the hunter in the family a great deal on snake proof boots just in time for a birthday or from the holidays here on eBay.

What Are Mossy Oak Snake Proof Boots?

Mossy Oak boots are extremely popular

When someone looks for Mossy Oak snake boots, they're looking at a mixed bag. One of the major issues here is that there's a lot of confusion about Mossy Oak Snake Boots. Mossy Oak is not a company, and people would argue over whether or not it's actually a brand. The term "Mossy Oak" when it refers to boots is talking about a very specific type of camouflage style that is a huge favorite among hunters. This pattern in fact is perhaps the single most favorite among hunters, and explains why the boots are so popular. Since the pattern is practical in nature, it makes sense that hunters would search for boots this way and that many advertisers would list their hunting boots alike.

Mossy Oak Snake Boots from Amazon - Finding exceptional snake proof boots

The Big Boys of Snake Boots

Another important factor is to decide which style of footwear you want. When it comes to snake proof hunting boots, many people in northern or mountainous regions want to camouflage design. Believe it or not, only a few companies actually offer this type of design on their boots. Many others do not. On the other side, many companies specialize in providing snake proof turkey hunting boots for southern swamps and marshlands which means a more rubber style of design with an emphasis on being waterproof. The best style, whether it is the camouflage snake boots or the swamp boots will depend on your specific needs.

There's little question that lacrosse snake proof boots and Chippewa snake proof boots are among the two largest companies out there. In fact, if you want to see a crazy video proving how far these companies will go to test out the safety of their product the scroll on down and take a look at the YouTube video of an employee testing out a pair of Chippewa snake boots. While these two companies may provide the largest number of overall boot designs that doesn't mean you should shy away from smaller companies. Some of the smaller companies have a well-deserved reputation for making excellent products such as Rocky snake boots, Danner snake proof boots, Justin snake boots, or mossy Oak snake proof hunting boots. Any footwear you get from any of these locations will definitely hold up in the field and are worth a reasonable purchase.

While this list can certainly change over time, the largest snake proof boot companies seem to be:

Undisputed "big boys" of snake proof boots

1) Lacrosse Snake Boots

2) Chippewa Snake Boots

Not huge, but no longer small

3) Rocky Snake Boots

4) Danner Snake Boots

Small, but steady

5) Herman Snake Boots

6) Justin Snake Boots

7) RedHead Snake Boots

8) Irish Setter Snake Boots

10) Proline Snake Boots

There are more different companies producing these snake proof boots, and while they may change over time, when it comes to size and market value these are grouped properly as of this writing in 2010.

Snake Proof Boots from eBay - Cheap Snake Boots | Snake Boots on Sale | Cheap Snake Proof Boots on Sale

This is a great place to find snake proof boots on the cheap.

Links to Good Snake Proof Boot Blogs & Articles - Snake Boots | Snake Proof Boots | Anti Snake Boots

Various blog posts, articles, and other useful resources all revolving around snake boots and other similar snake proof clothing topics.

So Many Brands of Snake Boots, Which is the Best Pair Snake Proof Boots? - What brand of snake proof boots is tops in your mind?

There are several choices between snake proof boots, so which brand is your favorite?

In your opinion, what is the best brand of snake boots?

See results

I made this lens to display an often overlooked but important piece of hiking equipment.


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