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Sunbrella Boat Cover

Updated on September 21, 2013

Sunbrella is a market leader in high performance fabric industry and it has been in the market for over forty years now. Performance fabrics which are also known as technical fabrics are designed and marked mainly for sport wears and sporting goods. They are also widely used in products mean for tough environment such as covers for vehicle, furniture, awnings, boat covers and etc.

Now if you happen to own a boat, perhaps you should consider sunbrella boat cover. Boat is an expensive environment and you should provide it with proper protection and maintenance so that it can last long and without bringing much trouble to you in the long run. A boat cover is even more necessary if you seldom use you boat and leave it unattended either in the garage or at the dock most of the time. If such a case, you boat will be exposed to lots of damaging agents such as heat, dust, rain and etc. It won’t take very long before you need to either paint it or have some parts repaired or replaced.

Custom Sunbrella Boat Cover
Custom Sunbrella Boat Cover

Now to not only cut down unnecessary cost and for safe keeping your boat, a boat cover is definitely a must. As said, Sunbrella boat covers are one of the most widely used boat protection kit around the world. It has successfully crafted its among boat owner and perhaps you should give it a try. Every fabric that Sunbrella manufactures has been tested to last long and of high quality, so you don’t have to worry about its quality.

Where to buy Sunbrella Boat Covers?

Sunbrella only manufactures the fabric and they do not sell directly to end users. It has a network of distributor throughout US to handle the distribution jobs. So if you need to buy a boat cover, you will have to get them from boat cover makers. Most boat cover makers can supply you with the cover that you want since most of them will definitely use Sunbrella fabrics. You can start searching at your local store and if you fail to find one, just pick up the Yellow Pages and look under boat covers and marine canvas.

Sunbrella Fabric Boat Cover
Sunbrella Fabric Boat Cover

For even more convenient, you can start your search with the internet. Marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon will have them but the only problem is they might not have the type and size of boat cover that you want. If that’s the case, you can try looking for other online stores that make and sell boat cover. Ordering from online stores is even easier since all transactions are done online. You will need to provide relevant information to them such as the type and size of your boat and what fabrics that you want. Once they finish making your sunbrella boat cover, they will mail it to you.

Red Sunbrella Boat Cover
Red Sunbrella Boat Cover

Sunbrella Fabrics for Boat Covers and Biminis

Sunbrella Lab Test Procedures on Their Fabrics

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    Tracy Monroy 7 years ago

    If you are just looking for the Sunbrella fabric and having a custom boat cover made you should get your fabric from They are a leading supplier of Sunbrella and you can request samples to take the uncertainty out of buying online. Hope that helps!