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Tennis Tutor Ball Machine: Take Your Game to The Next Level With Tennis Tutor Ball Machine

Updated on August 26, 2010

The Advantages of Using a Tennis Ball Machine

The advantages of using a tennis ball machine cannot be overestimated for any serious tennis player. For beginners, a tennis ball machine is a great tool to practice the basics of return shots. For advanced players - with tennis constantly evolving, practicing helps players stay on top of their game and helps them make small changes to keep up with the competition. The bottom line is that - regardless of your tennis play level - you can practice your shots whenever and wherever is convenient for you, without the need for partners or private tutors. And if you are ready to buy a ball machine, then the tennis tutor ball machine is one of the most popular choices.

Tennis Tutor Ball Machine

Tennis Tutor machines have been around over 20 years - which means a lot of experience and refinement has gone into them.

Some of the features of Tennis Tutor include:

  • an electronic control panel which gives you fingertip control of ball speed,
  • adjustable ball trajectory - ball trajectory can be set anywhere between groundstroke and lob
  • adjustable ball feed interval (the time interval between ball throws) from anywhere from 1-1/2 to 10 seconds.
  • adjustable ball speed ranges from a gentle toss for children to world-class speed.
  • optional shot oscillator. You may set Tennis Tutor to repeat shots you need to practice, or to oscillate and direct shots randomly across the court.
  • anti-jam ball feeding mechanism,
  • 10-second start-up time delay to give you time to get to your side of the net.

Buying a Tennis Tutor Machine

Tennis tutor machines are available online and in tennis stores, if you can find one in your area. The price ranges from under 700 US dollars, for smaller models with fewer features, to a little over 2,000 dollars for bigger, more advanced units. If that's too expensive for your budget, consider searching for a used tutor machine online, on sites such as ebay or craiglist.


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    • profile image

      Kathy 7 years ago

      Hi Joanna! I have been looking for something like this - I honestly didn't realize how expensive they are. I'm fairly new to tennis, and even though I'm getting better, I truly need to just spend a bunch of time on the court by myself with one of these. I noticed the "Tennis Battery Twist Ball" model on your page here that I've got to show my husband! If I hint strongly enough. :) I know I'll enjoy playing more if I can more consistently get that ball over the net! Plus, if my husband is working, I can still get some exercise on my own.

    • Peter Schermack profile image

      Peter Schermack 7 years ago from New Jersey

      These machines are awesome, I used to practice with them all the time.