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The Best Frisbee Golf Discs

Updated on May 26, 2014

The Best Frisbee Golf Discs: Drivers, Mid Range Discs, and Putters

Disc golf is a sport quickly growing in popularity in the U.S. and around the world. With more and more people playing disc golf there are many people wondering which discs to purchase so they can dominate the course. On this site, we will be reviewing the best frisbee golf discs for people who are in the market for new discs, and also be recommending discs for people who are just beginning to build their collection. We will be reviewing drivers, mid range discs, and putters so you can make an informed decision on which discs to purchase.

The Best Disc Golf Drivers


When it comes to disc golf, Innova Disc Golf is the top brand, and if you want the fastest flying disc on the market, you want to check out Innova's Star Boss. The Innova Star Boss weighs between 165 and 175 grams and has a speed rating of 13 which is faster than any other disc on the market. The Star Boss will give you great distance, stability, and speed while it is also considered the most wind resistant disc golf driver on the market. The Star Boss is good for all kinds of shots including the backhand, forehand and Tomahawk. Check out the video down lower on this page to see a guy throw an Innova Star Boss over 400 feet!

Another good disc golf company is Discraft and their Elite Z Fly-Dye Avenger Disc Golf Driver is also one of the leading drivers on the market. You have your choice of weight from 170-172 grams or 173-174 grams. The Avenger's disc speed is good, but not up to the standard of Innova's Star Boss. It is very stable and can be a dependable driver for long holes.

Another leader in disc golf is DGA and their DGA ProLine Hurricane - Maximum Flight Disc Golf Driver is another excellent option when looking for disc golf drivers. The Hurricane is a really good driver that's fast, stable and very accurate. There is a cool video down below featuring the Hurricane. The Innova Star Boss and the DGA Hurricane are probably the best two drivers you can get, and it's tough to pick which disc is better, but I might side with the Star Boss by Innova Disc Golf because it is a little faster. If you have ever played disc golf, you know it's important to have multiple drivers due to varying hole distances, terrains and also the inevitability of losing one of your discs in shrubbery or off a cliff (like I have done many times). Some people are loyal to certain companies but if you were building up your collection of discs, I would recommend all three of the drivers I have mentioned here because they are all excellent choices and will give you different advantages at certain times based on the hole you are playing.

400+ foot drive using Innova Star Boss

Purchase the Star Boss by Innova Disc Golf today and you could launch a disc over 400 feet too!

DGA ProLine Hurricane - Maximum Flight Disc Golf Driver

The Best Mid-Range Discs


There are many good mid range discs to choose from, but we'll start again with Innova Disc Golf because they are widely considered to be the best. The Innova Star Kite ranges in weight from 165 grams to 175 grams, depending on which size you purchase. The Star Kite has exceptional glide and is a great choice for finesse type shots as well as roller shots. The Innova Star Coyote is also an excellent mid range disc that will give you stable shots and will give you an advantage for shots when you have trees or shrubbery that hang low in your field of view. The Star Coyote is a little heavier as it ranges in weight from 165 to 180 grams.

Buy the Best Mid-Range Discs Here!

The Best Disc Golf Putters


When it comes to putters the Discraft FLX Challenger Disc Golf Putter is a very good option. Weighing between 165 and 172 grams, the FLX Challenger is very stable and gives you great control for longer putts. It is a more flexible plastic which will give you a better grip in those tense putting situations.

Another highly recommended disc putter would be the DGA SP Line Reef Disc Golf Putter. This particular model of the Line Reef putter uses DGA's SP plastic which is very high quality and will give you good grip and feel while having enough touch to make putts from up close or a farther distance. It is definitely a high end putter.

Complete Disc Golf Sets - Good for beginners or experienced disc golfers

Whether you are just starting out in disc golf or you are a seasoned veteran looking for a new set of discs, this section can help you find what you need!

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    • B-heem profile image

      B-heem 4 years ago

      I love disc golf! Can't wait till the won in my town is done being built.

    • profile image

      matt-bachman1 5 years ago

      Wondering what you think of the new blizzard champion plastic, or champion plastic in general. I personally think champion is great.

    • catherinelaura profile image

      catherinelaura 5 years ago

      I've never heard of this, looks like good fun

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I was first introduced to frisbee golf back in 1978 during a summer I spent at the age of 10 in Oklahoma City. I have loved it ever since, though i don't get the chance to play much anymore!

    • timelapselove profile image

      timelapselove 6 years ago

      Disc Golf rocks! Thumbs up for a cool lens!

    • bman227 profile image

      bman227 6 years ago

      @Clipperguy: Thank you! Check out my other lense about disc golf titled Innova Disc Golf.

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      Clipperguy 6 years ago

      TY for this lens!

    • mjrinella profile image

      mjrinella 6 years ago

      Very nice lens! As someone who's just played casually once or twice, I had no idea that there was so much depth to disc golf, or that different frisbees were better for it.