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The Essential Folding Chair/Backpack Combo for Soccer Games

Updated on November 8, 2013

Don't forget the chair!

Yes, it is that time of year when the days grow shorter, the weather grows cooler, and leaves float down from trees. It is the time of year when we have plans every weekend.

Soccer Saturday!

Two games, different fields, different weekly schedules. Add to the mix that Mom teaches a Spin class Saturday morning, and we have to carefully orchestrate every minute.

Healthy food and water in belly one hour before game? Check.

Shin guards? Check.

Pretty ribbons in pulled back hair? Check.

3 Water Bottles? Check.

Bathroom? (Park Potties are nasty.) Check.

The Banner(s)? Check.

Who packed the chair?!

The essential soccer chair cannot be forgotten because of the big pocket. When folded, backpack straps are on one side. With chair strapped on the back, hands are free to carry the above mentioned items and hold the hands of a daisy picking little girl.'s the best part- on the other side of the folded chair is a big pocket with a velcro closure filled with very important stuff.

The Hammer. (Can't pound in banner poles without it.)

The Whistle. (A ref isn't a ref without a whistle.)

The Coin. (Bright shiny dollar coin for the lucky toss to start the game.)

Sunscreen. (Because we have freckles.)

Pencil. (Ref writes down who made the goals.)

The chair rocks.

It has a high back for tall folks with a head support cushion.

It is big enough to hold two little soccer players sitting side by side, one tweener son (who is soooo tired), or a fortunate parent.

The cup holder. C'mon- what is a chair without a cup holder?

The material wears well. Melted power bars, spilled beverages, juice from orange slices, and that thick white sunscreen with titanium oxide wash right out.

Folding chair envy.

Nothing like watching a fellow parent relaxing in a chair sipping a cool (or hot) beverage, while you are standing for an hour hopping from foot to foot. Remember the first game at the beginning of the season when there was only one folding backpack chair on the sidelines? Fast forward to the end of the season, and see the many colorful folding backpack chairs lined up side by side like a rainbow.

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Got to be ready for any weather while relaxing all comfy in your chair watching your they sweat in the sun, get drenched in the cold rain, or shiver in the frigid wind.

Where do you take your chair?

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