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The Pointless Extra Point

Updated on December 4, 2012

Somebody asked me the other day "What do you like best about football?". I said what I'm sure many people would say. "I love watching the extra points after touchdowns". Is there an event with more unpredictability in the outcome than this one? The 20 yard field goal as it were is such a difficult feat to accomplish I scream out loud in jubilation every time one is made. I best not overdo it at the risk of the sarcasm dripping right off this page and all over your computer. The extra point needs to go away. I've never heard anyone say that before so let me be the first. Just give the scoring team 7 and let's move on. Or you could make the 2 point conversion mandatory; that is another option. I dont believe there is anything more automatic in sports than the extra point.

Here are some stats to back it up. Dan Bailey of the Dallas Cowboys attempted 39 extra points last season and made 39. Lawrence Tynes of the New York Giants was 43 for 43. Alex Henery of the Philadelphia Eagles was 46 of 46 and Graham Gano of the Washington Redskins was 25 of 26. If we tally this up we see that NFC East kickers were a combined 153 out of 154. Out of 154 dunks attempted in pro basketball there will be at least 2 missed. You see my point? The extra point to me is equivalent to having an uncontested slam dunk attempted after every three point basket and letting it count 1/2 of a point. Yeah i know that's stupid and that's why it shouldn't be done. And on the rare occasion an extra point is missed does anybody really freak out about it. The answer is no. "We'll get that point back later" is how any team will immediately react.

So 99.5% of the time the kick is made and the other .5% of the time nobody even gives a damn. The kick is completely inconsequential. Maybe they could come up with a more interesting way of earning one point. Something that would challenge the kicker. Perhaps let him tee it up from the 45 and attempt an uncontested 55 yard field goal. Yeah i know that's stupid but it's no more stupid than what is currently in place. But it would be more fun to watch because there's a reasonable chance he could miss. As it is now I'd get more excitement watching Erin Andrews "interview" the kicker's dad in the stands. He must glow after every extra point.

ok if your defensive tackle kicks it he might miss


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