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Thorlo Sock Snob

Updated on October 16, 2013

I am a sock snob.

This is THE only sock I will wear with any athletic shoes. I have different brands of athletic shoes, but I wear one brand of sock.

If the shoe fits...the sock should fit too.

It feels so good to have a soft, snug sock cradle and massage your foot. Wearing a lumpy, stretched out, loose sock can instantly ruin the personalized fit of that pricey specialized shoe.

We spend so much money and time searching for the perfect race day shoes and training day shoes. Distance runners shell out big bucks for specialized marathon shoes. Sprinters have fancy sprint shoes. Socks need to stay in place for the whole 26 miles, or the whole track meet, and hours of training.

Cyclists invest a fortune in bike shoes with clips. Riders pull up on the pedals, and feel the top of the foot rubbing against the sock and shoe. Socks need to lie flat and snug all around the foot.

Passionate Zumba dancers find that perfect shoe for swinging and jamm'in. Often, dance shoes have more flexiblity so that the foot can point and flex. The heel of the sock needs to stay put as the foot and pivots.

BOSU addicts find shoes with enough support to balance the body while on an unstable surface. STEP lovers have similar requirements. Great socks add additional support.

Tennis shoes and basketball shoes have special soles and support made especially for the court. Padding around the toes and heel absorb shock. Thorlo socks have padding and don't slip inside the shoe.

Avid walkers have their own shoe preferences, depending whether they prefer sidewalks or hiking on trails. Thorlo socks stay cool and wick away sweat.

Most importantly- these hardy socks last forever through multiple washings and hardcore activity. My socks have lasted for YEARS of intense running and cycling. Yep, I invest in my socks.


If you buy the pink ones, Thorlo donates a dollar towards breast cancer research. If you happen to be a mommy with big feet (size 10!)- your hubby and tweener son won't steal PINK socks. "Mine, Mine, Mine!"

Background photo:

Thorlos Experia Thin Padded Running Ankle Sock Teal S
Thorlos Experia Thin Padded Running Ankle Sock Teal S

66% Coolmax/20% Nylon/13% Polyester/1% Elastic

Women's Thin Padded Pink Walking Ankle Socks,white/pink,Small/9 Ladies 5 - 6.5
Women's Thin Padded Pink Walking Ankle Socks,white/pink,Small/9 Ladies 5 - 6.5

These socks have the higher ankle. I find that they fit just as well -just a style preference.


So what kind of engineer are you?

Um, I'm a Thorlo sock engineer.

Amazing how much work went into designing these socks. These engineers were experts about the foot mechanics of running, cycling, hiking.

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Are you a sock snob too?

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    • profile image

      Donna Cook 3 years ago

      Great review! Absolutely a sock snob. Started wearing Thorlo socks when my tennis instructor recommended them almost 40 years ago! I won't wear any other sock for tennis, hiking, horseback riding or other activity. I don't think I've ever worn out even one despite heavy use and machine washings.

    • profile image

      DebMartin 4 years ago

      I will try them. I too am a sock snob. Very, very fussy about what I put on my feet.

    • profile image

      sybil watson 4 years ago

      I've seen these everywhere but never heard from anyone who has tried them - until now. I love a sock with support in the arch, that makes all the difference. I enjoyed the tip about the pink ones!

    • clevergirlname profile image

      clevergirlname 4 years ago

      I am totally a sock snob! I love a good, cozy sock!