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Tippmann Squad Buster Paintball Grenade Review

Updated on October 13, 2012

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Tippmann Squad Buster

Having the ability to play a major role in scenario paintball games and tactical training exercises, the Tippmann squad buster can take out entire squads of enemies when used properly.

The Squad Buster is one of the oldest types of paintball grenades. As such, it is available from most retailers of paintball equipment.

The basic design of this paintball grenade is made from a rubber bladder tube bent in half, with two tiny metal ball stoppers holding the paint back. That tube is then housed in the plastic netting. Upon impact, the two metal balls are ejected from the tube and the pressurized paint sprays out with a 20 foot "kill zone".

Some players report the Tippmann Squad Buster to be an inferior product. However, if several steps are followed before using this paint grenade, players will find that they pack a lot more of a punch than expected. These paintball grenades are still around for a reason.

They work.

Tippmann Squad Buster Basics - paintball grenade

Tippman Squad Buster Tips

Following these three easy steps will allow you to enjoy the full capabilities of the

Tippmann squad buster. I have never personally had a problem with these paint grenades and hope that this will help others to enjoy them as well.

1) Shake the Squad Buster well before you start your scenario paintball game.

After sitting on the store shelf for awhile, the paint will start to congeal on the inner edges of the metal tube. This will slow the flow of paint coming out of the holes, because the holes will be partly covered with the congealed paint.

If you are buying them in advance of any upcoming matches, be sure to shake them at least once every 2 weeks.

2) Remove the netting that that Tippmann Squad Buster comes in.

This is something that many players simply do not do. The netting acts as padding when the paint grenade hits the ground or wall. Although it is a minor point, it must be remembered that these products are designed to go off from a forceful impact.

Anything that interferes with the proper function of the paint grenade, however minor, should be taken care of.

3) Prime your Squad Buster before you start your match.

The machines at the factory push the metal balls that stop the paint from coming out deeper than they should be. This is an extra step that the manufacturer takes to prevent the Tippmann Squad Buster from accidentally going off during shipping.

Carefully pull these metal stoppers back until they are approximately 1/8 of an inch from the edge of the tubing.

Failed Tippmann Squad Buster Test

This is an example of what happens when the Tippmann squad

buster is lobbed without much force.

The Squad Buster is Cost Effective

The one major drawback with these paint grenades is that they are single use products. This, however, is countered by the fact that the Tippmann Squad Buster is available almost everywhere and retails for an average $4.95 USD.

The cost only goes down when this paintball grenade is purchased in quantity. A cheap alternative for those players who do not play on a regular basis, but still want to enjoy the realism and excitement that the paintball grenade brings to the battlefield.

Tippmann Squad Buster - On Amazon

These Squad Busters have gone down in price. Check out all the prices on Amazon. At last check there are Tippmann Squad Busters for as low as $1.95

Final Thoughts on the Squad Buster

One thing I cannot stress enough is to remember that the force of the impact is what ejects the stoppers from the tube, causing the Tippmann Squad Buster to "explode" and spray paint. It probably will not work when it is underhand tossed into soft terrain such as sand or moss.

Pick your target and lob it high up with some force. If you do not have much height to work with, hitting a solid object such as a tree or wall will ensure that the Squad Buster does what it is supposed to do.

Tippmann Squad Buster Test 2 - Successful Squad Buster Test

This is an example of the Tippmann Squad Buster used properly. Notice that even though the plastic netting is not removed, the paint grenade still "explodes".

Do you have your own opinions about the Tippmann Squad Buster? Please feel free to leave your own review. All comments and reviews are welcome.

Tippmann Squad Buster Paint Grenade Opinions

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    • brandonmotz lm profile imageAUTHOR

      brandonmotz lm 

      8 years ago

      Thank you again SkiesGreen :) You rock!

    • norma-holt profile image


      8 years ago

      While it is not my thing this is a good lens on the subject and very informative. *-*Blessed*-* and featured on Sprinkled with Stardust

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Good work on this page! Played paintball in our *younger* days, but I don't remember ever hearing of grenades. Learned something!


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