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ToeSox Yoga/Pilates Socks

Updated on December 2, 2014

Yoga Socks - Should You Wear Them?

If you're new to yoga you may me wondering if you should invest in a pair of yoga socks to wear to class, or if you should go barefoot.

While socks are considered to be optional when doing Pilates, it's not traditional to wear them during a yoga workout. Still, there are various reasons we may wish to do so. It may be cold, our feet may sweat a lot causing us to slip during workouts, we may be wary of picking up germs from the exercise studio's floor, or maybe we are just embarrassed by the appearance of our feet, so want to cover them up in public. Whatever the reason, if you feel more comfortable wearing socks during your yoga workouts that's fine, but not just any socks will do.

Regular socks can make the feet slip, taking our focus from one of relaxing into the pose to battling to stay stable. This defeats the purpose of yoga. Regular socks can also restrict toe movement, something that is vital during exercises that require a lot of balance. The solution is to wear yoga socks, or toe socks (aka grip socks or grippy socks).

Toe socks are socks that have been especially designed to be worn during yoga and Pilates workouts. They allow the toes to spread and separate and move independently of each other, and the soles have grips which make it easy for us to stay firmly on our workout mat. One of the most popular grip socks made for yoga and Pilates is the Toesox Full Toe With Grip Yoga/Pilates Toe Socks, which I review below.

Toesox Full Toe with Grip Yoga/Pilates Toe Socks

toesox Full Toe with Grip Yoga/Pilates Toe Socks, Grass Green, Medium
toesox Full Toe with Grip Yoga/Pilates Toe Socks, Grass Green, Medium

If you wish to wear socks during your yoga or Pilates workout, these ToeSox would make a great choice.

The grips on their soles will allow you to exercise safely and confidently without fear of slipping.

The socks' unique design will not constrict your toes or feet but, in fact, support and enhance movement.


ToeSox Full Toe With Grip Yoga/Pilates Toe Socks Specs

ToeSox Full Toe With Grip Yoga/Pilates Toe Socks are designed to be worn while doing yoga or Pilates.

To prevent injury and get the most out of a yoga workout, it's important that the poses are done with the feet properly aligned. These socks have a horizontal stripe that is positioned to go across the metatarsal head, giving a visual clue to the wearer which enables them to maintain correct form during Pilates mat Reformer or Cadillac workouts.

Due to the sock's unique design which wraps around each toe individually, increased flexibility and strength is realized during workouts. This toe separation allows greater blood circulation, further reducing the likelihood of a workout sustained injury

ToeSox mold to the wearer's feet, ensuring maximum comfort. They have non-slip soles, so your feet will stay firmly in place even during the more challenging workouts.

Toesox are made from breathable organic cotton which will help stop your feet from overheating as you exercise. They come in six sizes ranging from XX-Small to X-Large, and fourteen attractive colors including solids and stripes. Colors include White, Tan, Red, Purple Stripe, Pink, Hot Pink, Red Stripe, Blue Stripe, Grey, Green/Blue Stripe, Grass Green, Blue/Blue Stripe, Blue Stripe and Black.

The following sizes are recommended for females:-

Child: XXS, Shoe Size 3-5.5: XS, Size 6-8: S, Size 8.5-10.5: M, Size 11-13: L

The recommended sizes for males are as follows:-

Child: XXS, Youth: XS, Shoe Size 5-7: S, Size 7.5-9.5: M, Size 10-12: L, Size 12.5-14: XL

See Toesox in Action Here!

Pilates socks or yoga socks can add a lot to a Pilates or yoga workout. These socks, which are sometimes called toe socks, grip socks or grippy socks, provide foot protection, but still allow the toes to move and stretch as nature intended.

Check out this video for a closer look at these great socks in action!

ToeSox Full Toe With Grip Yoga/Pilates Toe Socks - Pros & Cons

  • Pros:-
  • Toe Strength & Flexibility

ToeSox Full Toe With Grip Yoga/Pilates Toe Socks are one of the few available fitness accessories that target the toes.

Wearing Toesox regularly during yoga and Pilates sessions will increase your toes' strength and flexibility. As a result your feet will gain greater stability, which is a major benefit not only in terms of fitness but in reducing the risk of falling. The latter is of particular benefit to seniors.

  • Excellent Grip:

If your feet perspire, causing you to slip during yoga or Pilates sessions, you're really going to love ToeSox Full Toe With Grip Yoga/Pilates Toe Socks. Their non-slip sole does an excellent job of improving grip, so slipping on your mat while exercising will be a thing of the past.

  • Durability:

Another positive of ToeSox Full Toe With Grip Yoga/Pilates Toe Socks is that they will see you through many workouts. Although not cheap, you should get at least one year's consist wear out of them. This makes them far better value for money than cheaper socks that start to wear after a few washes. Toesox Toe Socks hold their color very well too, even after repeated washing.

  • Comfort:

Athletic socks are often thick, and they can twist and bunch up. This makes them uncomfortable, restrictive and far from ideal for working out in.

ToeSox Full Toe With Grip Yoga/Pilates Toe Socks are different. Their organic cotton construction is very thin and super soft against the skin, making the socks extremely comfortable. Molding to the feet as they do, twisting and bunching will not be an issue.

Because they're made of breathable fabric, these ToeSox socks will help keep your feet cool and dry throughout a Pilates or yoga session, even when the temperature is high.

  • Cons:-
  • Cost:

The one negative of the ToeSox Full Toe With Grip Yoga/Pilates Toe Socks is that at around $15 they are somewhat pricey for a single pair of socks. While they're well worth the money and they will outlast a lot of other brands of yoga and Pilates socks, those on a tight budget may have a problem justifying the initial outlay.

More Yoga and Pilates Socks on Amazon

ToeSox Half Toe Toe Socks, Medium, Holiday Red Stripe
ToeSox Half Toe Toe Socks, Medium, Holiday Red Stripe

If you like the feeling of having your feet on the floor as you exercise, these ToeSox Half Toe Sox are a great alternative to the Full Toe ToeSox.

Coming with all of the features of the latter including foot protection, support and a non slip sole, these socks will allow you to exercise with your feet covered and your toes free.

ToeSox Women's Grip Half Toe Low Rise Socks, Small, Black
ToeSox Women's Grip Half Toe Low Rise Socks, Small, Black

Prefer the look and feel of a low rise anklet?

These ToeSox Grip Half Toe Low Rise Anklets come with the same desirable features of ToeSox Full Toe and Half Toe socks. The only real difference is in their appearance.

Check 'em out!

ToeSox Women's Grip Full Toe Bella Socks, X-Small, Black
ToeSox Women's Grip Full Toe Bella Socks, X-Small, Black

These super cute ToeSox in the Mary Jane style are adorable.

They offer the same fit and qualities as the other socks in the ToeSox range, with a different look again.


ToeSox Full Toe With Grip Yoga/Pilates Toe Socks - Summary

If you want added security during yoga or Pilates workouts, ToeSox Full Toe With Grip Yoga/Pilates Toe Socks are a great choice. The sock's toe separation will give you greater stability, and the non-slip soles will give you the required grip for an effective workout.

The socks come in a variety of colors, so there's sure to be something to match your yoga or Pilates workout gear. Another great thing about these socks is that they are color fast, so they will stay looking as good as new for a long time.

They are a little on the expensive side which may put some people off purchasing them, but if your budget can stretch to afford a pair, you'll be impressed with how well ToeSox Full Toe With Grip Yoga/Pilates Toe Socks perform.

With close to 300 Amazon customer reviews for Toesox Full Toe With Grip Yoga/Pilates Toe Socks published as I write this, with the overwhelming majority of purchasers giving the socks 5 stars out of 5, these grippy socks are definitely worth considering if you're into yoga or PIlates.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you found this review useful and informative. Your comments are welcomed and appreciated, so please feel free to drop me a line.

Drop me a Line!

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    • FatLossDiva profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @RadaFrancis LM: Yes, they are a good idea, and very comfortable to wear.

    • RadaFrancis LM profile image

      RadaFrancis LM 

      5 years ago

      great idea. My toes are always sliding around during yoga

    • FatLossDiva profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @flinnie lm: They're so cute. Great colours, too.

    • flinnie lm profile image

      Gloria Freeman 

      5 years ago from Alabama USA

      I like these fun, cool, colorful toe socks. Nice.

    • FatLossDiva profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @WriterJanis2: Great colours, aren't they?! :)

    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      5 years ago

      What cool socks!


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