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The Iconic Jerseys of the Tour De France

Updated on July 9, 2015

Who is your favorite past champion of the Tour De France?

Who is your favorite past champion of the Tour De France?

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The meaning of the color of the Jerseys of the Tour de France

The Tour de France is probably the most well known cycling race in the world. This bicycle race takes place in France over three weeks in July. Teams of riders compete for stage wins and the overall Yellow Jersey designating the leader of the race.

Even though the team jerseys may change from year to year, the main five jerseys do not. If you are looking for a gift for a cyclist, this page will help you determine the different types of Tour de France jerseys..

The main five jerseys are:

The Yellow Jersey - Designating the overall race leader

The White Jersey - Designates the best young rider

The Red Polka dot Jersey - Designates the King of the Mountains

The Green Jersey - Designates the Points Leader

The Rainbow Jersey - The current world champion can wear the rainbow jersey

National Jerseys - The current National champions can wear their national jerseys in ordinary states and the national time trial champions can wear their natioanal jerseys in time trial stages.

I vaguely remember being at the Tour De France in the late 70's. I didn't even know what was going on as the race was concluding in Paris that year, just a lot of traffic on Sunday. Now I love watching the daily stages on TV, the strategy of the race is very interesting.

The Tour de France Yellow Jersey

The Tour de France yellow jersey is worn each day by the leader by time of the Tour de France. The winner of the first stage automatically wears it during the second stage. The team whose rider has the jersey, is typically the team the leads each stage as they want to protect the leader and possibly help increase the lead.

The Tour de France Green Jersey

The Tour de France Green Jersey is worn by the sprint points leader. In most stages, there are certain points where riders can earn points towards the Green Jersey. The finish line provides additional sprint points on stages that don't finish at the end of a climb. Teams position their sprinters for the end of the race to earn these points and of course win the stage.

If you've never seen the end of a sprint stage in the Tour de France, it is as exciting as any ending to a sporting event.

The Tour de France Polka Dot Jersey

The Tour de France polka dot jersey designates the best mountain climber. In most stages, points are give to the riders that cross various designated peaks. Peaks are rated with the highest climbs receiving the most points and given to the most number of riders. Less difficult climbs are given less points with only two or three riders receiving them. During stages with climbs, riders will go out early to earn points and then fade at the end of the stage.

The Tour de France White Jersey

Like the yellow jersey, the white jersey is based on the best time out of all the rookie's in the race. Teams work to protect teammates with the white jersey as being on the podium in Paris is a great achievement.

What do you like most about the Tour de France?

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    • profile image

      drkrimage2 2 years ago

      the strategies, the way they work together, the strength, I have been riding for a long time, my wife is not a sports person but loves the 24days of the tour. I am in awe I love this sport.

    • IanTease profile image

      IanTease 3 years ago

      The way that teams have to play out tactical moves at such high speed

    • johnshade lm profile image

      johnshade lm 4 years ago

      How interesting! I knew about the yellow jersey but had no idea about all the others. I watched the tour de france once near Tolouse, it was very exciting

    • profile image

      RuralFloridaLiving 4 years ago

      The drama, the scenery, the difficulty, FRANCE. Viva Le Tour!

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