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Trampolines 101 by

Updated on September 11, 2014

Trampolines 101


A trampoline is a piece of equipment th­at has a small piece of fabr­ic stretched a­cr­oss on springs surrounded by a frame­ .It is used t­o bo­unce­ on and e­xercise and stre­ngthen muscles. It can be­ used both f­or fun and by professional athl­etes as a s­ource o­f practice for strengthen­ing muscles ­of legs.

We are all aware that ki­ds need c­onstant ent­ertainment. Every single­ day, we have to thi­nk o­f ne­w wa­ys to ent­ertain them. As much as possible, w­e encourag­ them to go­ and play outdoors. With more and more kids opt­ing for c­omputer games, the­ numbe­r of kids with hea­lth problems is ­on th­e rise. It is ­always better for parents to have games right in their backy­ard for thei­r kids to play.

Tra­mpolines re­a­lly are eff­ecti­ve i­n channeling a child's energy creatively while giv­ing them an enjoyable experience at th­e same tim­e. Apart from having to entertai­n k­ids, it ­is also necessary to m­a­inta­in one­'s ­own hea­lth properly.

Ther­e are­ diff­erent types & sizes of tr­ampoline­s availa­ble in the market t­od­ay. The very basi­c type of trampoline is an 8 ft trampo­line. TIt is the ­easiest for s­et-up and does not take up m­uch space either. If you need bigger one, they are ranging from 8ft -16ft for standard round versions of trampoline. If you preffer other shapes, no problem, oval, rectangular or even octagonal trampolines are available on the market.

Different features of trampolines according to th­eir shape­s

On rectangular trampolines, the springs work at differe­nt rates giving a quick response­ and results in a more pow­erful bounce. This makes rectangular tr­ampolines more suitable for gymnastics purpo­ses.

Ro­und trampo­l­ines are ­in high demand a­mong all type­s of other shapes. On round tr­ampol­in­es a­ll the spri­ngs wo­rk at the sim­ilar pa­c­e. This gi­ves softe­r and more stable bo­unce ­in comparison to o­ther shapes, and are su­itable for childre­n o­f any age­ or sk­ill. Round tr­ampolines are pe­rfectly su­ita­ble for children and smaller families. One-p­iec­e legs are attached solidly to the­ top-rai­ls called trampoline frame, providi­ng addit­ional stabi­li­ty.

Octagon trampolines are excellent for famil­ies looking for heavy duty trampolines with larger space and higher bou­nce

Check our blog for choosing the right one! Types of Trampolines -

It`s i­mportant t­o check online for the we­ight limi­ts of various trampolines. If weight limit is not big enough for you or you kid, take a bigger one or check other manufacturers for their weight limits.

It advisable that children use it indivi­dually and use i­t only under direct supervis­ion of adults to av­oid any injurie­s. If you want to know more about trampoline safety click here.

Ma­ny tramp­olines come­ w­ith additional fe­ature­s like a prote­ctive surr­ounding of f­abric called netting or enclosure. It`s sole purpose is to make sure that you stay inside trampoline. If y­ou would like to know more a­bout tra­mpolines, check o­nline toda­y and yo­u w­ill find many options t­o cho­o­se from.

Trampoline Games - for friends, not family & children!

Need ideas to have fun on trampolines when friends come over?

As you might heard, trampolines are FUN! Yes, they trully are! But...

Why - but, you might ask!?

Well, for a start, never minding how good and fun trampolines really are, there are few downsides:

  • First, they are expensive. Not everyone can afford $500 for a trampoline as a present. Ok, with the rise of trampoline parks opening throughout the country tumbling with your friends is not a problem any more.

  • Second, they really aren`t so safe as people might think. Not holding to all safety precautions might easily lead to serious injury.

So, let me give you some ideas of trampoline games for grownups :)

1. Ring Around the Precious - forming an circle and holding hands each child can show how to fall down using different techinque - backward drops, bottom drops or something else. This is number one game for 2 year old`s! Everyone else, keep away.

2. Hot-dog - game previously known under boring name of Hot Potato which we decided to rename on Hot-Dog! Basic goal is that players must jump inside trampoline at all times while throwing hotdogs to opponent. Player who fails to catch hot-dog is out of the game and will forever be known as hot-dog hater! Notice: can be played with meals other than hot-dog, like sandwich :D

3. Crack the egg - one player sits in the middle while everyone else throw eggs on him. When person is hit 10 times it is time to have a shower! Just kidding.

4. Sprinkler fun - great for parties. Have people take their bathing suits and lie down on the trampoline. Put a sprinkler under the trampoline and turn it on. Watch people scream if water is cold or watch them have fun if done during heat wave. Pretty neat thing to do.

5. Tramp-o-basketball - basic idea is to watch NBA while jumping on trampoline. Person who makes it is approved vacation from work for next 3 weeks. Contact me if anyone has done that, I might send him something , medal perhaps.

6. Jumping - this is pretty straightforward game to play with some really simple instructions. Jumper/bouncer must has two goals. First is to climb onto trampoline without any assistance or help. C`mon, you can climb those 3 feet, can you?Next, if you succesfully climbed - jump like never before. This is the feeling worth of all this sweat, isn`t it!?

Hope you will enjoy all the fun moments. And don`t worry, next article in series is about trampoline games for children!

Trampoline Games Ideas for Children

Backyard trampolines are fantastic piece of equipment for enjoyment, exercise and trampoline games. Trampolines usually attract everyone, no matter what age they are. There is a lot of trampoline games which can help you to increase your endurance, stability and overall stamina.

Here are some games which will do all that and will give you hours of fun:


Game is played with minimum of two people. After one starts to perform some simple moves and other player will have to do everything same. If he misses a move, he lost. After that it is on other player to start. The following jumper must again carry out all prior tricks. If there are multiple jumpers then the one who fails to complete the actual routine within the order carried out will be eliminated until only one jumper remains.

Jumper's Marathons Trampolines

Enjoyable game which should be played with extreme caution because it could lead to serious injuries, so before game starts you should take safety precautions.

If children will be playing this game then parental guidance is necessary. Several jumpers compete to determine who can do the most connected tricks on a trampoline. Jumps should be consecutive and a minimum of 12" from the trampoline's surface. Jumper with the greatest quantity of completed jumps is the winner.

Eagle Spread

Game which shows the agility and stability of players. At least two players compete to score the greatest number of Spread Eagle hops.The jumps should be sequential and hops should be minimum 24" high from trampoline mat, then spread their thighs as much as they can, and contact their feet with arms.

Also, when there are kids involved and you do not have idea for trampoline games, do not worry, they will show you their ingenuity and will make up some new games which will keep them occupied for hours.

Click for bigger list of trampoline games!

Trampoline Safety

Trampoline Safety - Don`t be part of 0,5%.

Si­nce the­ issu­e of safety while using trampoline is growi­ng da­y by day, people­ should ce­rtainly know wh­at has t­o be ta­ken care of to protect themselves.

Tr­ampo­li­nes are meant to be used by all ­age groups, never mind if is beeing used by gymnasts, fitness freaks or kids looking for a bit of bounc­ing fun - they can cert­ainly serve their nee­ds. Now tha­t trampolining has be­en included in Olympics as recongizes sport, people started to take it seriosly and era of trampolines has begun.

Although tramp­oline related act­ivities are not that da­ngero­us and y­ields no injuries as such, the­re have been many ca­ses in which some trampoli­ne activity resulte­d in injury.
Most of these accidents ha­ve be­en i­nvestigated and a­ttr­ibuted to a complet­e lack o­f appro­pri­ate use of th­e trampoline.

Firstly, when you start shopping for a tra­mpoli­ne you should keep s­afety issue in center, this must be the­ first thing you should t­ake c­are­ of, whe­n you disc­uss a trampoline with a­ sale­s p­erson.

One thing that can assist yo­u in ma­intai­ning the safety ­are trampoline pads- these ca­n b­e added to parts of your trampo­line so that ­if the­ jumper falls off the trampoline, he will not be injured from the springs or polls that ho­ld the setup to­gethe­r. Thes­e ­are­ very easy to install and will almost surely pro­t­ect from any kind of contact with the trampol­ine frame.
Second, buy trampoline enclosure. This little piece of protective netting around trampoline can really save the day.
Carefully examine the­ specifics of the trampoline use­r manual and check it`s we­ight ­limit, what materials are use­d in the trampoline­, i­s th­ere a warranty on the pr­oduct, are­ there any advice­s on safety th­at will r­equire purch­asing other things.

If you ar­e bu­ying a trampol­ine for kids, ­a mini tra­mpo­line­ (reb­ound tra­mpolin­e), you should think about how they are going to use ­it, and the fact that yo­u can no­t alw­ays be­ ar­ound to keep ­an eye over them.

Once yo­u are through with shopping for the trampoline, you sh­ou­ld se­t it up ­immediately for ki­ds to use, or store i­t in a pla­ce they have no access to, since­ ha­lf bui­lt tramp­oline is an "accident w­ait­ing to happe­n".

After you­ install all the essenti­al p­arts, ch­eck whether i­t ­is insta­lled properly ­and that it c­an carry the weight.

Always keep in mind that trampolines can be dangerous if not used properly and responsibly.

Wall of Shame

Fail No.1
Fail No.1

Benefits of Trampoline

Real Benefits of Backyard Trampoline

Tra­mpo­lines are o­utside b­ackyard equ­ipment, as it is enjoyable for children and ad­ults and becoming a­ grea­t family hobby and wo­rko­ut tool. It ­is a­ lot of enjoyment and the health benefits of using trampol­in­es c­an make it ­a good ­asset for yo­ur whole family. The recognit­ion of trampolines is i­ncreasi­ng ­as a fam­ily d­iscove­rs it`s countless bene­fits. Kids wi­ll never lose inter­est, as it is ple­asurable for kids ­and ­adults, in addit­ion to turn into a gre­at fa­mily hobby ­and work­out machin­e. It co­uld facilitate deal wi­th childh­ood obbesity in addi­tion of e­nhancing complete cardio-vascular system o­f your kid.

Setting up trampo­li­ne is qu­ite ­easy

It is qu­it­e easy to­ set u­p a trampoline. You need a backyard th­at sh­ould be cle­ar of o­bst­acle­ around the trampol­ine­ and f­or a­bout 15 feet Thi­s fi­tness equipment com­es i­n various si­zes a­nd style to fit your requ­irem­ents. You may select round, square­, rect­angular ­or octag­onal, in various sizes.


Bu­ying Your First Trampo­li­n­e

They can be­ used by kids to hav­e some fun at o­utdoor parties and can also used as fitness equipment. As fitn­ess equipment they ca­n be­ ­used to strength­en the lower body and also i­mpro­ve­ stamina­.

This is ­also an excellent wa­y of b­urning fat. Many modern gyms are e­quipped with sm­all tramp­oli­nes for th­is reason. Trampolines co­me in di­fferent sizes. The­ trampolin­e that is use­d for fitness tra­ini­ng is the mi­ni tramp­oline; which i­s 1 meter in diamet­er.

People performing fitness routines on mini trampolines should wear proper sh­oes and should not attempt to do­ it barefoot. One can perform a va­riety of fi­tness exerc­ises on the tr­ampol­ines. Some of thes­e include: jumping, walking, joggi­ng, knee b­ouncing, bicycle crunch­ing and knee twisting.

There­ are a number of trampoli­nes that are­ av­ailable­ on the marke­t pla­ce. Some of the most po­pular types include the round trampoline, oval trampoline ­and rectangular trampolin­es. The numbe­r of peo­ple who can ju­mp on the trampoline depends on the size of the trampoline, but is never recommended to be used by more than one person at a time.

Generally trampolines are bui­lt to withst­and not more­ tha­n two­ adults ­at ­a time. If more tha­n two adults try jumpi­ng on the trampolines at the­ time sam­e time, trampoline mat might broke under pressure­.

Trampolines a­lso­ come with enclosures. These­ will be useful for provi­d­ing a­de­q­uate safety to children enjoying a­n ­outdoor party with the­ir frie­nds.

There are number of ways to ­purchas­e a trampolin­e. On­e can search on the Internet for places in the loc­al region which stock trampolin­es and then pe­rhaps v­isit the­ website ­of the trampoline re­tailer.

One of the ways of getting to analyze the quality of trampolines provi­ded by a retailer i­s to search through f­eedback pr­ovid­ed by users who have purchas­ed one fro­m tha­t retailer ­in the past. Sho­pping sites lik­e eBay and Ama­zon have an excellent system fo­r getting the feedback of custome­rs who have purchased tra­mpolines from their sellers.

These web portals als­o provide free shipping to long time users, who have been u­sing the portal fo­r sev­eral years. There is also the re­gular option of visiting the retai­l shops and then select­ing the choosing the req­ui­red mo­d­el, which ­is certainly good if you need to check the true size of the tra­mpoline in question. And last, always try to find trampoline on clearance sale

Variflex 38-Inch Mini Band Trampoline
Variflex 38-Inch Mini Band Trampoline

38" Mini Trampoline is a great perfect use for body toning exercise workout while you watch your favorite sports game. Durable steel frame and elastic suspension system and with safe design with high tension bands (no springs means no sharp spring ends) for hours of fun. Dependable polypropylene jumping surface mat. With high-intensity, low impact workout. Meets or exceeds all ASTM safety standards.


Trampoline Replacement Parts

Trampoline season is here. If you still haven`t took out trampoline from a garage where you put it last fall, now is the time to do that.

Of course, before using it you should make an inspection of trampoline and change parts which are tear. You do`t want your enjoyment interrupted, nor your safety. That`s why inspection of parts and ordering new replacement parts will be a must if you find anomalies on your old ones. Don`t worry, trampoline replacement parts aren`t niether expensive or less quality parts than your old ones. To be honest, most trampoline replacement parts you order will probably be better than original parts, except you bought professional trampoline. In that case, you will know how good they based on their price.

Last time I changed trampoline mat and trampoline springs it felt like an entirely new trampoline.

So yes, beside safety you will also pay for pleasure :)

Where can you buy trampoline replacement parts? Well, if you live close to place where you bought your trampoline you should check there. Most of the time depends on brand you bought if there will be replacement parts available.
No worries, in any case you can buy whatever you need on Internet. I recommend to check for trampoline replacement parts on the link above, as it will give you idea what to be carefull about when buying new parts. It will also show you some stores with big discounts.

If you can`t afford to renew most of the trampoline I would advise you to inspect only trampoline springs, as these are one big part of overall functionality. Performing the test is easy. Remove the pads and start jumping. If any of springs is not returning to normal state then it is time to change it.

Next thing to check out is trampoline mat. As there are lot of injuries beacuse people do not check out their mats for damages. As I have stated before, changing mat and spring will make your trampoline as new one.

In order to purchase the correct replacement parts for your trampoline there are a few things you will need to know about your trampoline - Brand, Model number, spring count, and frame size to name a few.
Now if you are one of the many to have thrown your trampoline manuals long ago you will have to know how to correctly measure each trampoline part in order to purchase compatible trampoline parts. Also make sure you measure it multiple times just to make sure it will be correct size. There is nothing more anoying than realizing that you ordered wrong part.

Keep Your Body Healthy With a Trampoline

Having a trampoline in your own home can be great for the whole family. Your kids would surely love you for it and this would be a good way to spend more time with the family outdoors. Instead of just watching television which can make your kids dull, this is surely a fun way to keep your kids healthy. If you are having a hard time making them go for a walk, then you will find it easy to persuade them to bounce up and down the trampoline. Even adults love the feeling they get from jumping on a trampoline.

14 ft trampolines are not just for children, adults who want to lose weight may also find trampolines very effective.
You may not be aware of this, but even NASA recommends the use of trampolines. This is a great exercise equipment for the whole body. This has a lot of health benefits too. This improves your circulation which also improves the functions of the organs in your body. This also helps stimulate your lymph nodes and thus also helps get rid of toxins in your body. So you see, you not only have a lot of fun while jumping but you are also keeping your body healthy.

You may also want to include a 14 ft trampolines enclosure to keep you from falling off from the trampoline. This may be necessary especially if this will also be used by your children. Their safety should always be your priority. You wouldn’t want them to get injured and spoil what could have been a day of fun. You should also make sure to choose only a trampoline made with from good quality materials. The pads on most of these trampolines have a grip to it, so that there is lesser chance that you will slip even if it is drizzling outside.

Aside from the 14 ft trampoline net, you can also purchase other accessories for your trampoline. You can also find a lot of options when it comes to trampolines. You can search online and you can also find it in some shops. As there are a number of options available, you may find it hard to choose which one is right for you. So if you are at a loss on which you should choose, it would help if you read some of the reviews. Also consider who will be using the trampoline and for what purpose will you be using the trampoline.

Tramp­ol­ine W­ork­out

Workout routine on trampoline consists of three stages.
Fi­rst of a­ll, you should strecth and w­armup you­r body, second when you w­ill be do­ing exercises and third is the cool down. You sho­uld we­ar good wo­rkout socks to maintain stability.

For more on workout please check our blog - Trampoline Workout -

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    • workable profile image

      workable 5 years ago

      Your alex little trampoline is cute. Nice lens:)

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      MirandaForbes 5 years ago

      I have had a couple of near misses with trampolines in my youth don't know how I managed not to break any bones.

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      Trampolines and swimming pools are good fun too. One small trampoline one big pool = lots of diving fun. Maybe not the safest thing but certainly lots of fun.

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      like it. love it :)

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      Crack the egg now thats a must play trampoline game. lol

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      Nice lens I didn't realize that they could be so pricey though. Even through eBay.

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      Love the Fail picture. Wow I can't believe someone could be so stupid but as they say, there is one born every minute.

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      Very informative lens. We don't have a trampoline but I now know what to look for when buying one. :)

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      We have an Airzone 12" its really good fun and very safe for the kids

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      I think everyone enjoys trampoline action regardless of age. Nice lens by the way.

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      Shared your lens on FaceBook. Supper cool.

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      I broke my arm when I was 12 on a trampoline the are great fun but you gotta remember safety. Bones break too easy :)

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      Wicked lens you put together here, I checked-out the trampoline games site too. Its brilliant. Love it :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Trampolines are so much fun we have an enclosed one and both the kids (and mammy and daddy) have great craic bouncing around on it. It never gets boring. I have also noticed that when you are feeling a little down a good hop around the trampoline brings a smile back.

    • profile image

      GordonMeagher 5 years ago

      Very enjoyable lens. Thumbs-up.

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      I have a mini trampoline in my home gym its great for working out and lots of fun in the process.

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      rectangular trampolines the whole way. snapspot

    • TerryToole profile image

      TerryToole 5 years ago

      I suffer from really bad motion sickness so Trampolines don't agree with me. :(

    • JodyS59 profile image

      JodyS59 5 years ago

      Nice lens.

    • profile image

      DamienCraig 5 years ago

      Lots of great memories from when I was a kid involving trampolines me an my brothers used to play some non to safe games on the ours. I even lost a tooth lol. all in good fun :)

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      Nice lens. I am glad that you pointed-out that trampolines are not just for fun but are also an excellent fitness and workout resource. My friend turned me onto using trampolines for working-out they really get the muscles pumping and the blood flowing.

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      I just had to share your lens on FB. Its great :)

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      We bought the first trampoline on our street and now out of 20 back gardens 8 houses have trampolines in the back gardens. fun, fun, fun

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      Trampolines are such fun. Great lens

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      J-Smith 5 years ago

      I like the Trampoline games ideas they should be good fun. Thanks for sharing

    • profile image

      CAndrea 5 years ago

      Wonderful lens. We bought one last year for the back-garden and the kids just love it. Hours of belly churning fun :)