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Tridecaphiliacs of FIFA world cup

Updated on June 28, 2014


In world cup or in any soccer match if a player has a choice of jersey number definitely he will pick jersey number as 10. At least he will not select 13 at all. This is due to some unnecessary fears followed by some incidents in past. The particular type of fear is called tridecaphobia.That is fear of the number 13. In world cup we see the star players like Lionel Messi of Argentina , Neymer of Brazil , Runi of England etc wears jersey with number 10.Robin Vanpersy, Lui Zuares, Bellotelli etc wears jersey with number 9. Cristiano Ronaldo , Angel D Maria etc wears jersey number 7etc. I think the fear of thirteen rooted due to the mishap of Appollo 13 mission on January 13. But in FIFA world cup 2014 at Brazil the picture is different. Let us look some extra ordinary performers who are really tridecaphiliacs rather than tridecaphobiacs.

Ochoa in action in World Cup 2014
Ochoa in action in World Cup 2014

1. Gillermo Ochoa

The above name was not in any soccer fan's tongue till the first round match between world favourite Brazil and Mexico. But the match changed all the things. The Mexican goalkeeper Gillermo Ochoa with Jersey number 13 was the hero of that night. Six shots which were really thought to be inside net were saved by the Mexican goalkeeper. One of them was a bullet header from the super striker Neymer. This save was compared to Gordon Bank's save of Pele's strike in 1970. These savings had raised him to the prince of stars position. Ochoa named as the man of the match of the same. Ochoa is now in the squad of French league 1 team Ajaccio. But after the historic match against Brazil famous football clubs in the soccer world like Athletico Madrid of Spain Laliga and Arsenal of English premier league had an eye on Gillermo Ochoa.Ochoa had born on July 13 and soccer fans are looking for a final at Maracana on July 13 with Ochoa on one side ! If it happens it will be another history. Anyhow number 13 is not an unlucky number to Ochoa.

Thomas Muller in the match
Thomas Muller in the match

2. Thomas Muller

If a question is put to football fans about the present game finisher in soccer , no doubt all will have the only answer Thomas Muller of Germany. The soccer fans all over the world had witnessed his ability in 2010 world cup in South Africa. Muller was the spear head of German attacks in most of the matches in South Africa world cup. The golden boot award for the top scorer of the same championship was bagged by Thomas Muller by scoring 5 goals in total. He came in that world cup without any star attraction , but left Africa after focusing the soccer world into a single name. In this world cup matches also Muller started from where he stopped in South Africa. In the opening match against Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal the finishing ability of Muller was witnessed by the whole world. The hattrick of Thomas Muller helped Germany to bow Portugal by a margin of 4 - 0. Then itself the soccer world began to predict to be aware of Germany , especially Thomas Muller. Thomas Muller with Jersey number 13 is now playing for Bayern Munich FC in German league.

Valancia between the match
Valancia between the match

3. Enner Valencia

Ecuador team in world cup 2014 was not a major attraction before the commencement of the first round matches in Brazil. When they bowed before Switzerland it was decided that this team will not do more. But the only goal by the Ecuador team was registered in the name of Enner Valencia. In next match against Honduras , Valencia scored twice to win the match by 2 - 1. Then onwards Ecuador and Valencia became the focus of attention. The last match of Ecuador in first round was against the former world champions France who were in their super form of the recent days. But Valencia and his team mates didn't mind it at all. The match ended in a draw. Ecuador ousted from world cup in first round , but their head was up due to the single man performance Enner Valencia who wore Jersey number 13. The three world cup goals raised the number of his international goals to seven. Valencia plays for Pachacce FC in Mexican football league.

Some more....

There are many more players who wears Jersey number 13. But their performance is not at all bad. Algeria which entered the world cup pre quarter finals for first time in its history was reached this landmark by Islam Silmani's goal against South Korea. Silmani also wears Jersey number 13.

Defending champions Spain was not able to cross the first round in 2014 world cup. But in their last match in the first round against Australia will be remembered by all. In this match Spain won and one of the goal was scored by Yuan Matta , the attacking midfielder. He also wore Jersey number 13.

Thus number 13 is not a fearful number for football players. Many more good performance are awaited from the players whose team are in next round matches. Most of them love their numbers and hence they are tridecaphiliac persons.

Next time when 13 is seen love it as it is just a number only.

Some Players with Jersey Number 13

Gillermo Ochoa
Goal Keeper
Thomas Muller
Enner Valencia
Yuan Matta
Islam Silmani
Ricardo Costa
Carlo Costali
Jermain Johns

Are you tridecaphobic ?

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