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Triton Boats Review

Updated on March 7, 2012

Triton boats are built with unibody construction. When under power, the entire boat moves as a single unit, greatly reducing vibration that can result in transom failure. Unibody construction provides superior strength, while reducing performance-robbing weight.

Triton boats feature an advanced nautical design, marine materials, boat construction methods and safety engineering in the entire fishing boat industry. There is no wood in a Triton boat. The company's innovative engineering and construction approach enables every Triton hull to carry a lifetime warranty, plus a three-year warranty on most Triton-installed components. And, most important of all, each boat is designed and built with complete safety in mind.

Company Headquarters Location:
15 Bluegrass Drive
Ashland City, TN 37015 1-888-887-4866

Triton Boat at the plant

Wood-free Composite Construction

Most fiberglass fishing boats are built with wood in such strategic areas as the stringer system, transom, deck and floor. Over time, wood can rot, leading to structural failures. Even wood thoroughly encapsulated with fiberglass still contains water and can expand and contract over time, which may lead to delamination. It's impossible to bond wood and fiberglass chemically. Also, wood softens when wet, causing fasteners to pull loose. For these and other reasons, there is no wood in a Triton boat. Triton uses advanced Tri-Core composite construction. Tri-Core, a high-tech, super-strong polyurethane core material used in high performance aircraft, can never rot, bonds chemically with fiberglass, and is unaffected by climate changes. In addition, structural tests show Tri-Core to be lighter than wood, yet stronger than most wood/fiberglass laminates.

Triton Boats strong and durable    

A Rock Solid Boat

Every Triton features a full-width transom, running all the way from port to starboard. Many competitive boats have much narrower transoms - some only 24 inches wide! The full-width transom means the weight of your outboard is distributed over a much wider area, to absorb stress more effectively. The Triton transom is crafted from Tri-Core and fiberglass, which are bonded chemically, unlike the simple mechanical bond our competitors hope to achieve with wood. It connects directly to the stringer system to form the industry's strongest and most rigid "skeleton", every Triton boat is built to last a lifetime. Deck and hull are chemically bonded with automotive-strength structural adhesive.

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70 mph, TRITON TR22

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