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Vans Shoes

Updated on June 29, 2011

Vans Shoes

The well known brand Vans Shoes have become a highly popular form of footwear especially amongst skateboarders and other sports people. From their humble beginnings in a single shoe store in California Vans Shoes now encompasses several distinct ranges of very different footwear from the classic Vans skate shoes through heavy metal band endorsed and artwork designed shoes to fully vegan friendly shoes containing no animal products.

The article on this hub page describes the history of Vans Shoes, as well as looking into what types of shoes and sneakers are available in the many footwear ranges and what makes them so sought after. They encompass the whole skateboarding sport as a kind of footwear mascot and have become part of the trend itself. So lets look at this interesting marque and see what makes them so popular.

History of Vans Shoes

Here's a look at the fascinating histrory of Vans Shoes, how they got started and who was responsible for the whole thing.

The Vans Shoes company, the brainchild of Paul Van Doren, was originally founded back in the 1960s. Paul Van Doren had a very simplistic idea of making a variety of shoes and then selling them from his own shop direct to the public. That way, by selling direct from the manufacturer, he cut out the middle man allowing him to keep his prices low and still make a good profit. This idea became reality in the form of the Vans Shoes business, a business that was officially launched on the 15th of March, 1966.

Paul Van Doren, along with his three partners, brother Jim Van Doren and friends Gordy Lee and Serge D’Elia opened the very first Vans Shoes store in Anaheim, California.

Despite the fact that this day marked the official launch of their Van Shoes business and the offer to the public was three distinct styles of Vans Shoes , the partners had only actually managed to make one display versions of the proposed Vans Shoes. However, undaunted by this oversight and too give the shop the appearance that it was actually ready for business, they put on the bold face of stacking all the shoe racks on the walls of the store with empty shoe boxes to make it look like a fully working Vans Shoe store!

Of course, following that opening day, the partners got to work making more shoes and before too long those once empty shelves became filled with the first designs of what was later to become several full ranges of designs and styles to suit many different tastes.

Modern Style Ranges

These days, Vans Shoes come in many different stykles and designs çgrouped together into several distinct ranges. These fall into the categories of:

Classic Vans Shoes

Vans Shoes Limited Edition

Vegan Friendly Vans Shoes

Vans Band Shoes

Vans Skate Shoes

There are many different designs and styles of Vans shoes within each of those categories and it would be impossible to list them all here. Suffice it to say there are some notable individual styles such as the hugely popularrise Rise Against Vans Shoes, the classic and limited editions which encompass some really impressive heavy metal band endorsed shoes such as the Geoff Rowley Motorhead Edition, Germs, Johnny Ramone and some really snazy Iron Maiden endorsed shoes too.

The Vans shoes themselves have become almost iconic amongst the skateboarding fraternity and a whole promotion campaign was based around the skateboarding culture and its prominent members.This places them firmly in the realm of the sports genre of shoes, although there are many different styles and designs other than the out and out sports shoes that are now so popular.

Vans Shoes are made to suit men, women and children of all ages with a vast array of different styles and types from sports shoes to slip-ons making them highly versatile as well as stylish footwear for all generations.So you don't have to be a sports person, or even a skateboard fan to wear Vans Shoes. You can simply wear them because they're comfortable, good looking, stylish shoes for wearing anywhere!

Where to Wear Vans Shoes

Where to wear Vans shoes is not such a difficult question to answer as they have been taken under the wing of the skateboard aficionados and have positively stamped their brand name on the whole sport of skateboarding. So you'll see them on the feet of many of the skateboarding competitors in the serious competitions as well as the skateboard enthusiasts at the local skate park.

But that doesn't mean that Vans Shoes are only for wearing at the skate park. There are so many stylish designs in the various ranges that you can realistically wear your Vans Shoes just about anywhere that casual and smart casual apparel is accepted.

So whether you're just loafing about in your comfy classic Vans slip ons, or mooching around in your stylish and highly desirable Classic Vans Shoes, or even buzzing about on your skateboard in your carefully selected Vans Skate shoes, you're always going to look pretty cool.


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  • profile image

    effalicious 7 years ago

    I love my Vans, some of the best shoes I have ever owned.

  • LazarDRod profile image

    LazarDRod 8 years ago

    I love my pair of vans, they're great for skating.

  • honestway profile image

    honestway 8 years ago from Spain

    The Vans shoes slip ons are very comfortable for wearing around the house.

  • jonixk profile image

    jonixk 9 years ago from Lisbon

    At least they seem very comfortable. This are the kind of shoes that i need.

  • honestway profile image

    honestway 9 years ago from Spain

    Hey Jonix, I believe they're big in the US, although they are creeping in here too.

  • jonixk profile image

    jonixk 9 years ago from Lisbon

    Terry, never heard of Vans shoes until today :) Thanks for sharing it, now i'm not a Vans Shoes ignorant, lol

  • honestway profile image

    honestway 9 years ago from Spain

    Vans shoes are certainly popular, I'm sure of that!

  • I love ... profile image

    I love ... 9 years ago

    My son, all of a sudden, is really into Skating and Skate shoes. I am guessing Vans are one of the better brands hey?

  • honestway profile image

    honestway 9 years ago from Spain

    Thanks for dropping in Eileen.Vans shoes are incredibly popular right now.

  • Eileen Hughes profile image

    Eileen Hughes 9 years ago from Northam Western Australia

    These sound great will have to check them out. Thanks for sharing

  • honestway profile image

    honestway 9 years ago from Spain

    That's great Edwyn. Vans shoes are so popular especially amongst the younger generations! Glad you liked the hub page.

  • Edwyn Prose profile image

    Edwyn Prose 9 years ago from USA

    What a great hub page! My grandson loves Vans shoes as he's big into all the skateboarding thing and I guess the right footwear sorta goes with the territory!

  • honestway profile image

    honestway 9 years ago from Spain

    Thanks Dan, glad you liked it! Yep, Vans Shoes are totally cool and I'm hoping if I write about them enough they might send me some free stuff, hint, hint...

  • Dan Scraper profile image

    Dan Scraper 9 years ago

    Hey, Vans Shoes are uber cool items of footwear my friend! Love the hub!

  • honestway profile image

    honestway 9 years ago from Spain

    Cool as cool can be!

  • increaseurmileage profile image

    increaseurmileage 9 years ago

    Van's shoes are stylin