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Buy Vintage Fishing Lures Online

Updated on October 23, 2015

Collecting Vintage Fishing Lures

Collecting vintage fishing lures has become a fun hobby for a lot of avid fisherman. There are a variety of options for collectors. Some hobbyists collect by company, others collect lures grouped by material, design, or color of lure. Some lures are sold with their original box packaging. A great place to look for old fishing lures is at garage sales, estate sales and flea markets, but you will find a large selection listed on Ebay. Ebay has long been a fantastic marketplace for buying and selling all kinds of vintage fishing equipment.

Check out the sections below for some of items you can add to your collection that are for sale on Ebay right now. Buying vintage lures on Ebay is very popular so if you see something you like you should place a bid now so you don’t miss out. Ebay makes sure their sellers provide great customer service so you can rest assured that you will receive a great shopping experience on Ebay.

Shopping Guide For Buying Vintage Fishing Lures

If you are looking to buy collectible old lures, Ebay is a great place to shop. Ebay has a huge selection from all the major manufactures such has Heddon, Shakespeare, Creek Chub and Paw Paw.

Take a look on the right to see a sampling of vintage lures that are for sale right now on Ebay. The current price is shown which is often reflective of the final selling price range. Ebay is a fun place to shop for vintage fishing lures and other used fishing tackle.

If you are looking for a certain lure, you can type the name of it in the search box on Ebay and it will bring up all of those particular lures available for purchase. You may also like to shop by material or color.

Vintage Fishing Lures Collection

Heddon Lures

The Heddon company is the grand daddy of old fishing lures. The original company was the first that started carving wood pieces known as plugs sometime during the 1800's. The craftmanship of Heddon was outstanding and they really worked when used to catch fish. One of its earliest pieces was a frog and their earliest underwater minnows are a highly prized lure. If you can find a vintage Heddon in its original box, you will have found yourself a real winner in the world of collectible lures.

Creek Chub Lures

The Creek Chub Bait Company or CCB Co. was founded in 1916 and manufactured lures until 1978 when the company closed. Some of their most famous lures are The Pikie, The Wiggler and The Shur-Strike. They were one of the biggest producers of wooden, glass-eyed fishing lures. Creek Chub Bail Company lures are some of the most valuable and highly collectible lures on the market today.

Paw Paw Lures

The Moonlight Bait Company in Paw Paw, Michigan was founded in 1908 by Horace Ball and Charles Varney. They sold handmade wooden lures that were shaped and painted to catch big fish. The Paw Paw bait company bought them out in the 1920s. Some of their most famous and collectable lures are the Wiggler, the Zig-Zag and the Shiner. Many were made for night fishing and still glow after all these years.

Shakespeare Lures

Shakespeare fishing lures were innovative in their time and influenced the modern fishing era. Shakespeare first developed a wooden fishing lure with a treble hook in 1900. Although its prime product was fishing reels, after World War I the company introduced a complete line of fishing lures. The Sea Witch, Barnacle Bill and the Jim Dandy were three of Shakespeare's most famous lures and are sought after by collectors.

Vintage Fishing Lures For Gift Giving

Avid fishermen can appreciate the care and detail that went into the design of these early fishing lures and love to receive them as gifts. A unique fishing gift idea would be to give them a gift of a book on collecting vintage lures and a few of the lures to get them started. You could be starting them on a lifelong hobby.

Vintage Fishing Lures For Decorating

Some people buy vintage fishing lures for decorating a den, bar or other fishing themed room. Maybe you have a cabin on a lake that you need to give some personality to. You can use the old lures to accessorize or to make a display for hanging on the wall. It really gives a nice vintage look to any décor especially when combined with other vintage fishing tackle.

Vintage Fishing Lures
Vintage Fishing Lures

Vintage Fishing Lures For Fishing

Some people actually prefer fishing with the older fishing lures. Maybe they used them when they were younger and it brings back memories of their youth. Or it’s possible that they may have heard stories about your Dad using the same kind of lure and about the fish he caught on a specific lure. You may think about the history of the fishing lure that you are using and imagine the fishing that has been done prior to your use. Whatever you reasons are for buying vintage fishing lures, you will get the best selection on Ebay. Check out the items now, place your bid and soon those lures will be part of your fishing history.


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    • gss profile image

      gss 7 years ago from Florida

      As an avid fisherman, I love the idea of buying and collecting vintage fishing lures. The creek chub is one of my favorites. Thanks for a nice hub.

    • Sandyspider profile image

      Sandy Mertens 7 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      Interesting hub.