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What is the Safest Trampoline for Kids? (and 2 Best Deals Under $600)

Updated on May 21, 2014

BooBoo and Darifo

No more jumping on the bed!

Kids love jumping. If you’ve ever noticed your little boy or girl tirelessly jumping up and down on the bed, it is because of this very reason. They’re blooming with so much energy and jumping helps them to make use of it in a playful way.

However, this does not mean you should allow or encourage them to jump on the bed or couch though. It can damage the furniture and/or cause accidents.

My nephews aged 4 and 5 (the cuties on the right) love jumping on the bed and on anything cushiony so I bought them their own trampoline from Amazon last year.

You wouldn't believe the amount of times the little one used to fall off the bed or couch while jumping and got hurt badly. This is one of the main reasons I bought them their own back yard trampoline. Now it is the first thing they look forward to as soon as they come back from school.

I couldn't find the W R Sports trampoline (the one I bought) on USA Amazon so I've done some research and picked out 2 of the safest trampolines you will find on the USA Amazon. These have all of or more best features than the one I bought and have also received excellent feedback from customers.

This NOT very safe.

Modified by author.
Modified by author. | Source

What makes a trampoline the SAFEST for your kid?

Net or no net? Unless you want your child to put “no pain no gain” into practice, there is absolutely no reason why you should buy a trampoline without a safety net. It is very important especially if you have children under the age of 7 and if you have more than one child wanting to jump on it at the same time.

Welds: Don’t buy a trampoline that shows visible welding spots as it’s prone to damage and easily breakable.

Frame Durability: Trampoline frames made out of thick UV coated Galvanised steel material is much stronger and rust free.

Pads: Look for a trampoline with thick and UV resistant pads.

Trampoline bed: Is it made out of UV resistant material? If it is, it will last longer.

Trampoline ladder: Most trampolines don’t come with a trampoline ladder but it is useful to buy one separately to make climbing safer and easier for young children. Make sure the ladder is also made out of UV resistant material.

How many legs? Trampolines with at least 4-6 legs are more stable.

Deal NO 1: My First Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline Combo with Enclosure - 88"

Key Features

Key Features
Frame made out of durable, blow molded Plastic
Suitable for: Age Under 11
Free Shipping
Durable pad cover for safety springs
PE Netting safety enclosure supported by heavy steel poles

So how good is it?

As the name says, it is the safest first trampoline you can get for children under the age of 11. Most of the customers who've purchased it said their 2-6 year old kids love it very much.

The safety net is made out of a high quality PE netting and supported by durable steel poles so there is no way your little guy or girl would fall over. The poles are padded nicely and the springs are fully covered. It provides more than enough space and safety fun for their age group.

If you don’t have a pleasant weather in your back yard but still want your child to be able to have some trampoline fun, this one will do it as it can be used both indoor and outdoor.

The price is also pretty decent and affordable for its quality because cheap can often mean poor quality when it comes to these kind of stuff.

Some interesting customer feedback:

“Our 4-year old is a sensory seeker and this provides a great outlet for her energy. Dare I say she sleeps better at night after jumping?”

“It is the best investment I've ever made. it's great for the days when the weather keeps you indoors.”

“Our son has autism and he uses this every day and it has been saving our beds and furniture, so he has a place to jump now.”

Read their original feedback and more on the product page.

Watch these 3 cuties having fun on their My 1st trampoline.

Deal NO 2: Skywalker Oval Trampoline and Enclosure with Wind Stakes, 17-Feet

Key Features

Key Features
4 Galvanized windstakes
Suitable for: Spacious backyards/Older kids
Galvanized steel frame
Free Shipping
High quality Enclosure net made out of UV resistant polyethylene.
Maximum weight: 230 Pounds
Extra wide UV protected spring pad

This trampoline is the best size for older/multiple kids.

This will be the perfect trampoline to go for if you have kids aged above 6. It is spacious and sturdy enough to support the high energy of both younger and older kids.

Do you have a pretty big back yard to accommodate this trampoline comfortably? If yes, totally go for it.

It comes with 4 galvanized windstakes for extra stability against harsh weather conditions.

The only downside that a few customers mentioned on their reviews is the instruction manual wasn’t clear, or at least not as clear as they’d like it to be. No worries though because you can pick up plenty of assembly tips from the customer feedbacks that will make your job easier.

Here are a few of their feedbacks:

“My 11 year old son loves it for football, and it's great for gymnastics too for the teens.”

“I would definitely recommend to kids between 7 and 14....the ages of my kids :)”

“It is safety and look great, we love that trampoline, the instructions for assembly was easy and good”

You can read their original feedback and more on the product page (right).


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