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Where To Buy Perfect Ab Carver Pro

Updated on October 23, 2014

Finding The Ab Carver Pro

I have searched high and low for a good ab roller wheel.

One day I was at my local gym and as I was doing lunges, I came across a box full of stuff way in the back corner. I had never noticed it before, so I decided to take a look inside.

Besides, the lunges where killing me and this was as good an excuse as any to take a break.

At first glance, you could tell it was full of stuff one would expect to see in a box in any local gym. It was full of ankle weights and a few small dumbbells. It also had a couple of jump ropes, a nasty weight-lifters belt, and then way down at the bottom, it had the best ab roller wheel I have ever used.

Most of the stuff in the box didn't interest me, and I could not believe that they hadn't thrown out the nasty weightlifters belt. That thing was so old, rainbows where black and white when it was last used. But other than a bit of dust on top, the ab roller looked like it was in good shape.

I had never seen one like it before... It had curved down handles and a crazy wide wheel on it. On the side it said, "Perfect Ab Carver" and I thought to myself, 'This could be fun'.

Ab Carver Pro Workout
Ab Carver Pro Workout

Ab Carver Pro Workout

After throwing the rest of the stuff back into the box, I took the ab roller with me to go work out...

Now I must admit, I have used an ab wheel in the past. I was pretty good at it, but it had been a while. A long while.

Finding my way to an empty floor mat, I got down on all fours, and gave this thing a try. Unlike all the ab roller wheels I have used in the past, this one worked like a dream. It was simple, but not easy.

With the extra wide wheel, I could actually keep my balance. I could even go side to side, working out all of my abdominal muscles and inner and outer obliques.

The cool thing was, this thing is spring loaded. I could extend all the way out and I was still able to pull myself back to my starting position. I have never been able to do that before.

Thinking that I still had it, I did what I was once able to do in the past. The next day, I found out that I had over done it. If you get one of these, please follow the instructions at the Ab Carver Pro Work-Out page to avoid over doing it.

Right then and there, I wanted one of these things for my home, but where do you buy the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro?

I asked the lady at the membership counter where they got theirs, she didn't have a clue. So I tried a couple of the sports stores here in town. They had the regular ab wheels and one that was similar to what I was looking for, but not the real McCoy.

I ended up having to shop for it online. I wanted it that day, but fortunately, my wife signed us up for Amazon Prime and I was able to have it in just a couple of days. .

That worked out great though. My abs hurt too bad the next day to do anything with it if I did have it. But by the time I got it in, I was almost able to use it again.

I do not have a washboard stomach yet, but with this thing, I am getting there.

Track Your Workout

I don't know about you, but I like to track my workouts. One thing that helps me do this is the Fitbit.

My wife got it for me for my birthday last year and it has helped motivate me to do more. When I go for a walk, or a jog, I push myself to go a little further each time, just so I can see the increase on the fitbit.

I wish it had a heart monitor built into it, but for what it is, it does a great job.

What Does Your Best Ab Workout Consist Of?

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