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Youth Baseball Gear

Updated on October 10, 2014

Little League Baseball Gear

Baseball is America's favorite pastime. It is a sport that can be played by boys or girls of all ages. What better way to spend a sunny afternoon than at your local ball park rooting for your favorite team while munching on a hot dog. Sounds like bliss to me.

Baseball was not born here in the United States nor was it invented by any one person. Baseball has evolved over the years. We can go back to the 14th century where a game called Lapta was played in Russia. It consisted of 5 to 10 players on each team with a "pitcher" throwing a ball at a "batter" who would try to hit the ball and then run to the other side and back again without being hit by the ball. Sound like fun? Thankfully the game has progressed into what we see today. It has been "America's Favorite Pastime" since 1856.

In it's early beginnings this game was called base, base-ball, goal ball and round ball.and the equipment was fairly simple. The equipment included a bat, a ball and a baseball glove. There were no helmets or protective gear. The glove was a simple layer of leather with or without fingers. Rules back in the 1800's permitted the catcher and the 1st baseman to wear a glove of any size or weight, all other players were allowed to wear a glove but it could not weigh over 10 ounces and could not be over 14 inches in circumference around the palm of the hand.

Things have certainly changed! This has all been brought to my attention because I have a grandson who will be playing Little League baseball, for the first time, this year. I've been out shopping, with his mother, to get the equipment that is needed. Amazing things out there to protect your child while playing the great American sport of baseball.

Batting Helmet

This is an essential piece of equipment. Helmets come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Make sure your child is wearing a good helmet while batting. This is not an option. Your child, boy or girl, will need a helmet when batting and running the bases. A good fit is very important. Helmets come in a variety of colors. You'll definitely find one your child will want to wear.

Sliding Pants and Heart Guard Shirts

Is your child a good runner? If so, he will probably be stealing bases and these pants will give him some peace of mind. Sliding pants are padded in all the right spots and give protection when sliding into base.

Also, heart guard shirts. I must for boys and girls. These shirts have a padded area over the heart in case the child gets hit in the chest with a ball.

When it comes to watching a sport being played which is your favorite?

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This Girl Can Play Ball!

You really need to watch this video. This girl is awesome!

The Baseball Glove

There are a variety of gloves to choose from. You will want to make this selection once you know what position your child will be playing. There are different gloves for the catcher, 1st baseman, pitcher and outfielders. Getting the right glove for the position and one that fits the childs hand is important. And, remember you can purchase right and left hand gloves for the perfect fit.


I like sports of all kinds and it has been especially fun watching the grandchildren play. It doesn't matter to me what sport they are playing as long as they are having fun. The interaction with other children and playing as a team will only serve them well in the future.

Did you ever play baseball? If you did, you will remember the sting of the bat when that baseball hits it. These gloves help take away that sting and they are also good for protecting the hands when sliding into a base.

Should girls be allowed to play sports with boys or should they only be allowed to play on girl teams? I have some mixed feelings about this and I am very interested to see what you think.

Is it okay for girls to play sports on the boy teams?

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Get a Bat of your own

You can't play baseball without a bat. Yes, the team will have bats but you will also need some practice swinging that bat at home. I notice in the dugouts that most of the boys had their own bats. I guess this is because you get use to the feel of it and do better when you have your own. Not sure of the logic but if it works...well, get a bat of your own.

Baseball Shoes


There is nothing better than a good pair of shoes on your feet and that includes sports shoes. Baseball shoes are designed for running bases and chasing after fly balls. I was told by a doctor, when my children were young, that they only had one pair of feet for the rest of their lives and you should treat them well by putting them in good shoes. I guess that has stuck with me because I think this should be included when you are buying sports shoes. By a good fitting pair.

A Hitting Machine

Notice he wore no batting gloves.

The Pitchback Net


Here is a great helpmate to your young baseball star. This net helps with hitting and catching skills. Set it up in the yard and see how much fun your children will have while learning new skills.

Having Fun

You are only a child once! If your child plays baseball make sure he/she is having fun.

It's always nice to know when someone has visited your lens. Let me know you were here and leave me a note. Thanks for stopping by.

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