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In awe of her eyes!!

Updated on January 9, 2016

By Karishma Hyder

Tell me, have you ever gone all goo goo over someone’s beautifully done eye makeup? If your answer is yes, then have you ever wanted to be the one with the awe inspiring eyes that girls envy and boys skip their breath for? Taking that your answer is yes again, (if your answer is no, then I suppose you have no desire to continue reading) I will tell you why eyes catch others’ eyes too and leave a lasting impression. All the photographs of the white eye make-up in this hub are of my eyes and in which the make-up was done by me. Let it be known that I am humbly open to constructive criticisms.

Eyes are the windows to ones soul or so are often said to be. I strongly believe this notion to be true. It is through the eyes that we are able to express happiness, desire, love, utter joy, desolation, sympathy, fear, emptiness as well as a thousand other emotions that human beings feel. Although most people do not feel up to dressing up and putting on makeup in those depressive, dreary days which are rare to some and common to many, I have had a strange habit, since mid teen years, of putting on makeup to cheer myself up. Though I will admit that I did don my eyes with only a thick layer of black eye shadow to vent out my misery many many times, I will also admit that my happiness and joy also found a tangible shape and colour(s) in this materialistic world in the form of bright fuchsia, green, yellow, blue, etc eye shadow to go crazy over. Anyway, getting back on track, do you talk to a person (in this case I am undoubtedly talking about a girl) without looking at her eyes? I doubt that, however, I would not be surprised if you failed to notice her mouth moving or the size of her nose or that oh so noticeable bent on her nose. Therefore, it should be, as I believe, unanimously agreed upon that eyes are the most important feature of our faces and hence, each and every girl should learn to properly flaunt their own eyes, irrespective of size, shape, colour and the length and variances in their eyelashes (if you wish for your eye lashes to be thicker and longer and darker, then just go and get a pair of eyelashes that your heart desires).       

I believe I have jabbered enough about the importance of eye grooming and my personal tid bits. So let’s get down to business. In this hub I will give you tips and instructions on how to apply white and silver eye shadow to bring out your inner radiance through your eyes.

This will help you understand your makeup territory better  Between this is not my eye :P
This will help you understand your makeup territory better Between this is not my eye :P
White-Silver eye shadow
White-Silver eye shadow
White-Silver eye shadow
White-Silver eye shadow

Eye Shadow For White Evening Clothes:

Almost any colour goes with white clothes. You can either go with a darker look where your eyes have dark shades of eyeshadows on with soft, feminine shades of lipcolour to complement each other or you can go for lighter shades of eye makeup and bright burst of colours for your lips. I have tried almost all kinds of eye makeup with white clothes but let me tell you something, there is no other colour that will harmonize itself like strawberry and cream or a romantic novel on a rainy day like white on white with the right amount of jet black kohl, eye-liner and mascara.

Since, you will be doing this makeup for a party or a dine-out at night, I suggest that you clean you face with water and facewash or whatever that suits your skin and pat dry your skin. Do not forget to moisturize your skin before applying any makeup. If you are comfortable using foundation than go for it, but if you feel like keeping the rest of your face natural then it looks fantastic too. I will not go into the details of how to apply foundation as this hub is on eye makeup.

For the white and a bit silvery eye look, all you will be need is shimmery white and silver eye-shadow (light silver which should look almost white, not the dark graying type), silver eye glitter (the chunky types not the super fine ones), jet black kohl, eye liner, mascara and if you want the IT effect then definitely fanning false eye lashes. If you want you can create this look with only white shimmery eye shadow as well. You must use shimmer eye shadow to create this look.

Apply the white eyeshadow heavily on the eye lids from the inner corner of the eyes to the outer corner, fanning out as you go. Dab a little of white eye shadow on the highlight zones, just below the highest points of your eyebrow and dab some of that white on the space above the crease and blend with the heavily applied eye shadow on the lids below the eye crease. The idea is that the white should be more concentrated on the lids and will slowly fade away as it goes up to the space above the crease and the brow region. Once you have smoothly blended the white all over the eyelid, dab a bit of your silver eye shadow and apply it on the outer eye lids and blend them with the white. The silver will act as shadow on your eyes (here shadow does not stand for eye shadow, rather the ordinary meaning of shadow, like light and shadow) and give your eyes a mischievous look which the white alone cannot carry out.

The silver eye glitter should look like this
The silver eye glitter should look like this
profile view of my eye shadow. By the time I took this picture after coming back home, most of my eye shadow was gone
profile view of my eye shadow. By the time I took this picture after coming back home, most of my eye shadow was gone

Now comes the tricky part, the application of silver glitter. Glitter tends to fall on the cheeks and the under eye region and stick. In order to avoid eye glitter sticking on your cheeks and all the unwanted places, use a tissue. Place the tissue under the eye lashes before applying the glitter. To make sure that the eye glitter stays where I want it to stay, I usually wet my eye makeup brush and wet the entire eye lid on top of the white eye makeup before putting on the glitter. Once your eye lid is wet (barely wet) you can easily dab at the glitter from your pot and softly pat on your eye lid with it. I suggest that you apply the glitter generously as even with the use of water as some sort of adhesive; the glitter will fall and lighten as the night gets darker. Once you have applied the glitter, you will see the different and yet might feel a bit disappointed with the effect as at this point your eyes will be all white and silver with no contrast. But please bear with me as the contrasting black kohl, eye-liner and mascara will fix that like lightening!

Use whichever type of eye liner suits you. You may draw your upper eye with a pencil kohl at first to define it before using the liquid liner to give it a finishing touch. Start off by drawing a thin line on both your eye lids before thickening it at the outer corners. Make the upper lid liner at the outer corner do a smooth upwards curve. Now with your pencil kohl draw the line under your lower eye lashes (do not fear to make the line thick as it looks better when it is darker). Make the under eye kohl meet the upper lid eye liner at the outer corner so that your entire outer eye is encased by a slanted pool of black. The final touch is either a liberal use of jet black mascara or to top it off with a desired pair of black false lashes.

What looks hot with white-silver eye shadow?

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Extra ideas:

You should definitely use pink blush for your cheeks and steer clear of dark bronzers and blush-ons. You can either keep your lips natural by using lipstick in nude shades or go for a dazzling deep red (deep red like those worn by the girls in the movie ‘Pearl Harbour’).

I can guarantee that with this eye makeup, it will be the crowd that would be in awe of you!

Good luck.


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