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Sexy Slips For Men

Updated on October 16, 2009

Now here's an item of lingerie I have largely negligee-d to talk about. Ha! Word fun plays! But seriously, lets have a look at the humble slip, an often overlooked item of lingerie, perhaps because it has largely fallen out of common use amongst women, and is therefore less often seen by men, or perhaps because it looks a lot like a dress, and that's just going one step too far towards cross dressing for the many men who like to wear lingerie.

However, if you can get over the fact that yeah, they are kinda dresses and skirts, you'll soon realize that they are quite the lovely pieces of lingerie, especially for those men who like to wear lingerie for the smooth silky sensation.

Slips are long dress like pieces of lingerie which fit like a camisole and then drape down to the knees or the ankles. Originally designed to keep women's dresses and skirts nice, slips make very comfortable bed wear, and if made of silk or satin, are incredibly sexy against the skin. Slips come in many shapes and sizes, the most prominent being the full slip, which is largely defunct as an item of functional lingerie, the half slip, which is designed to go under skirts, and the chemise, which functions something like a lingerie minidress.

Slips tend to come in fairly muted colors such as white, black, and the dreaded beige. This is mostly because they are designed to be worn as undergarments and never seen by the eyes of men. Mwa ha, little did the manufacturers know what you chaps had in mind eh!? Don't be too discouraged if you like a little color in your lingerie though, if you hunt around you'll soon find some lovely slips in blues, reds, pinks, yellows and other colors, as is demonstrated in this slinky blue and gold number.

If you're a fan of vintage lingerie, then you might like the look of the full slip, which is trimmed with lace top and bottom, and wraps around the body smoothly all the way down, providing comfort and sensuality in classic style.

Or if the vintage look is a little too old school for you, here's something fun, a lace topped chemise providing the best of both world, lace on the top and smooth silky material down below, this sweet slip is a lingerie lover's dream.

The slip is no longer the realm of the 1960's school marm (unless you like that sort of thing, in which case, it is, it totally is). It's a perfect item of lingerie for a man who likes to wear lingerie because of its loose fit, which means that large, unfeminine figures can slip into it quite nicely, and enjoy its all over sensation.


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